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Fifth Glorious Mystery

Let Us Reflect:

The Blessed Virgin Mary is crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth. She is Mother of all men, and Mediatrix of all graces.

“And a great sign appeared in Heaven: a Woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under Her feet, and on Her head a crown of twelve stars.” (Apoc. 12:1)

“In Me is all grace of the way and of the truth, in Me is all hope of life and of virtue. He that hearkeneth to Me, shall not be confounded: and they that work by Me, shall not sin. They that explain Me shall have life everlasting.” (Ecclus. 24:25, 30-31)

Let Us Pray:

We offer Thee, O Lord Jesus, this decade in honor of the glorious crowning of Thy Blessed Mother in Heaven, and we ask of Thee, through this mystery and through Her intercession, the grace of perseverance and increase of virtue until the very moment of death and after that may we receive the eternal crown that is prepared for us. We ask the same grace for all the just and for all our benefactors.

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