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Fourth Glorious Mystery

Let Us Reflect:

The Blessed Virgin Mary is assumed, body and soul, into Heaven/.

“From the beginning, and before the world, was I created, and unto the world to come I shall not cease to be, and in the holy dwelling place I have ministered before Him. And I took root in an honourable people, and in the portion of My God His inheritance, and My abode is in the full assembly of saints. I am the mother of fair love, and of fear, and of knowledge, and of holy hope.” (Ecclus. 24:14, 16, 24)

Let Us Pray:

We offer Thee, O Lord Jesus, this decade in honor of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of Thy most holy and Blessed Mother body and soul into Heaven; and we ask of Thee, through these two mysteries and through Her intercession, the grace and the gift of true devotion to Her so that we may live a holy life and die a happy death and attain everlasting life with Thee.

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