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We have said enough about it in order to understand that nothing is so important, so necessary, so urgent, than to make known without delay, to all the faithful of the Church, the complete and integral text of Mary’s Secret, in its limpid truthfulness and in its prophetic richness and its Divine transcendence. It would be proper here to cite the numerous and solid reasons which underline the urgency of this disclosure. I shall be content at the end of this presentation to mention the principal points.

Why Reveal the Third Secret

1. “Because the Blessed Virgin wants it.” We know indeed that Her will has not changed in the least since the moment of Grace of July 13, 1917 when She revealed it to the three shepherds nor has it changed since that January 2, 1944, when appearing to Sister Lucy in her convent at Tuy, She asked her to write down the text of it. Our Lady wills that this prophetic oracle be unveiled, that it be known. And Sister Lucy, Her messenger, has continued to want this public disclosure and as much as she has been permitted, she has urgently requested it from those in authority, this we know.

2. For the good of souls. For contrary to the falsehood so often repeated, the Secret is not intended exclusively for the Holy Father. Like the two preceding ones, it is destined for all the faithful. As sons of the Church, we are all children of Mary. We all have the right to know the salutary warning that Our Heavenly Mother addresses to us in this very perilous hour, in order to help us — we ourselves, our children, all those dear to us — to keep intact and alive in our hearts, the true Catholic faith received from our forefathers.

3. As long as this Secret is not revealed, the peace of the world will remain tragically threatened! I will explain myself. We believe strongly, that as long as Russia is not consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as God requires it to be, Russia will not be converted. And as long as she will not be converted, liberated from its atheistic and persecuting Bolshevism and from the grip of satanic forces which enslave it, the risk of a nuclear apocalypse will remain a terrible threat for the world.

God has willed that the peace of the world depends, in our century, on the ardent filial obedience of the Pope and of the bishops to the commands of His Most Holy Mother who appeared at Fatima. Now, this act of faith, of confident docility towards the Immaculate Mediatrix, through which our pastors shall carry out the consecration of Russia, presupposes also, and I shall even say first of all, the acceptance and the public disclosure of the Secret. It is a lesson of history: Since 1960, the deliberate, contemptuous concealment of the Secret of Our Lady has gone hand in hand with the stubborn refusal to precisely carry out with exactitude, Her other requests. On the other hand, the publication of the Third Secret will be the clear sign that the Church has officially recognized the Divine authenticity and importance of the Fatima Message in its entirety. One of the major obstacles to the Consecration of Russia shall in that case be set aside!

4. Finally and especially, for the good of the Church. While the Church, without a doubt, is going through the most serious crisis in her history, while heresies of all sorts are taught and propagated, poisoning everywhere the people of God, while her “self-destruction” continues without let up since 1960, and when the “smoke of satan”20 has penetrated into the holy place, to use some expressions of Paul VI, it would be a very great pity and certainly even criminal to continue to neglect, to disregard, to despise the salutary words of the Virgin Mary — concerning precisely this ‘crisis of faith’ that we are undergoing. Since the Queen of Heaven as early as 1917 had foretold the danger and since She had certainly indicated the real causes of it, and moreover, since She had proposed the effective remedies, is it not a terrible shame that these remedies intended to be publicly made known in 1960 have yet to be revealed to us? Is it not scandalous that for 30 years, millions of souls have been suffering in this “diabolical disorientation” and have been running the risk of being lost eternally without the pastors of the Church deigning to accept the extraordinary aid that Heaven is offering them?

We Must Repeatedly Beg the Pope

There now are so many reasons which make it a duty for us to continue to address to the Holy Father our repeated supplications for the disclosure of the Secret of Fatima: It is for the honor of Our Mother, for the salvation of our brothers, for the peace of the world, for the renewal of the Church. Let us not be told, as a recent false report tries to make us believe, that the Fatima Secret cannot be unveiled because “It would risk being misinterpreted!” Is it possible that the Queen of Prophets who foresaw and announced in 1917 so many then unforeseeable events that we have since witnessed, would have failed to foresee this risk, to the point of making Her Secret completely useless for the Church? This is unthinkable! No, Her Secret is clear, with neither the least ambiguity nor difficulty in interpretation, we can be certain of it. Let us dare even to say it! Would it not be rather because of its too great clarity which is making our pastors uneasy? Let us therefore pray untiringly so that the Holy Father can receive from God the light and the strength which will permit him to finally conquer all obstacles. It is already late, but Jesus tells us through Sister Lucy, “It will never be too late to have recourse to Jesus and to Mary.”

The Third Secret was confided to the three children
of Fatima to be given to the Church at the time
indicated by Our Lady. Our Lady told Sister Lucy
it was to be revealed at the latest to the faithful by
1960. We know now that the Third Secret concerns
the whole Church and, in a very special way, the
Holy Father. Because of this revelation, the three
children offered special prayers and sacrifices for
the Holy Father.

Finally, and with this I shall conclude, if the Holy Father cannot yet decide to make public the final Secret of Our Lady by exercising his personal authority, could he not, should he not at least allow complete freedom to the Prefect of the Holy Office or to the Bishop of Leiria, or to the seer herself, to obey the expressed command of Our Lady that the Secret be made known to the faithful?

The Third Secret “On the Index”?

For it is an astounding fact, that for more than 25 years, the Secret of Fatima and it alone is in some manner on the Index.21 Sister Lucy, and she alone is compelled to silence. On November 15, 1966, Pope Paul VI abrogated articles 1399 and 2318 of the Code of Canon Law, which prohibited the publication of books and pamphlets which propagate without authorization new apparitions, revelations, or prophecies still not approved by the Church. And this abrogation is now in the new code.22 So that since 1966 anyone can publish and spread among the Christian people the most fantastic revelations. Any deception, and devilry, nothing is prohibited anymore. Everything is authorized to be published and the ‘prince of lies’ skillfully takes advantage of this license by multiplying throughout the world, false apparitions and fraudulent messages, which spread freely everywhere and lead astray countless members of the faithful. Only that Message, the Secret of Fatima which is most certainly and most unquestionably from God, is the only Message which is scandalously prohibited from being published.

The conclusion imposes itself: It is high time to also let the seer of Fatima speak. And through her the Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and our Mother, our all loveable and all loving Mediatrix and Coredemptrix. It is urgent to listen to Her since, “She alone will be able to help us” as She Herself informed us on July 13, 1917.23

Our Last Hope — Our Lady of Fatima

Her three Secrets reveal to us in fact Her threefold power and Her threefold mission which God has entrusted to Her. God wishes to manifest in a most striking way in our century, this mission of Our Lady. It is through Her, through the vision of hell and the revelation of Her Immaculate Heart, the first terrible and marvelous Secret that He wishes to convert souls, all souls, and to save them, because She is the ‘Mother of Mercy’ and the ‘Gate of Heaven’. It is through Her — the commands, the promises, the threats in Her Second Secret, that He has been seeking to save Christianity, to spare us from horrible wars and Communist slavery! For He has established Her as ‘Queen of Peace’. Moreover, it is through Her, through the prophecy of Her Third Secret that He wishes to conquer today that “diabolical wave” surging upon the Church, the impiety that has taken hold, even in the Sanctuary and all the dark forces that have propagated and encouraged the modern apostasy, for She is the ‘Defender of the True Faith’ and She alone has received from Her Son the power to conquer all of the heresies in the whole world: ‘Cuntas haereses tu sola interemisti in universo mundo!’

Our Great Hope!

And this threefold mission of the Immaculate Mediatrix which Her great Secret reveals to us, is also the unshakeable basis for our inconfoundable hope. Yes we can be sure of it when Her Secret will finally be completely unveiled and recognized as authentic, when Russia will finally be solemnly consecrated to Her, and the reparational devotion of the First Saturdays of the month is officially approved, the faithful and powerful Virgin, ‘Virgo Fidelis’, ‘Virgo Potens’ will accomplish Her wonderful promises.

Filled with joy, we shall then witness the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, preparing the universal reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Russia, delivered from her demons through a remarkable miracle of conversion, will return to the sheepfold of Roman unity. A period of peace will be granted to the world. The Catholic faith will be preached to all nations. And countless numbers of souls shall go in joy to the Fountains of Salvation in the One Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church of Christ under the guidance of a single Shepherd!

Yes, this hour will come, but we ourselves must hasten it
by carrying out with love all the requests of Our Lady
from this moment onward.

For She has need of us. “Modern times”, St. Maximilian Kolbe used to say, “are dominated by satan and they shall be so even more in the future … The Immaculate One alone has received from God the promise of victory over satan, but being in the glory of Heaven, She needs us today, to work together with Her. She seeks souls consecrated entirely to Her and become in Her hands a force to conquer satan, and to become under Her direction effective means for establishing the Kingdom of God.”


20. Pope Paul VI lamented the “self-destruction” of the Church in a speech he made on December 7, 1968. In a homily on June 29, 1972, he referred to the “smoke of Satan” having entered the Church. See The Third Secret, page 849, Notes 1 and 2.

21. This refers to the Church’s Index of Forbidden Books, which has since been abolished.

22. The new Code of Canon Law was promulgated on January 25, 1983.

23. The three parts of tthe one Fatima Secret were given on this date. We could call them (in a manner of speaking) three secrets.

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