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The Secret of Fatima … Revealed

by Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity

Since the Third Secret of Fatima has still not been officially revealed, it seems obvious at first sight, that we can know nothing of its content. This however, is only so in appearance. For if it is true that this vital secret remained absolutely impenetrable in 1917 when it was revealed by the Blessed Virgin to the three shepherd children of Aljustrel, or in 1944 when it was written down by Sister Lucy, or yet again in 1960 at the time when it was to have been publicly revealed to the world by Pope John XXIII, that is no longer the case today. Indeed, for more than 40 years, a number of certain facts concerning it have become known.

Bishop da Silva, from 1944
to 1957, was entrusted with
keeping the Third Secret. On
the envelope containing the
Secret — seen at the bottom
of this photograph — he
wrote with his own hand:

This envelope with its contents
shall be entrusted to His
Eminence Cardinal Manuel
(Cerejeira), Patriarch of
Lisbon after my death.
Leiria, December 8, 1945
† Jose, Bishop of Leiria

They form today an impressive mass of sure information from which the historian can precisely retrace its entire history and expose its essential content with a considerable degree of certitude. Such has been my double concern in writing my third volume of The Whole Truth About Fatima, which is completely devoted to the mystery of the Third Secret.

It is this minutely detailed demonstration that I shall attempt to present to you while simplifying it and summarizing much of it, for I must be brief. But I will tell you sufficiently about it, I hope, to show you how important this final secret of Our Lady is. How it is at the very heart of the Message of Fatima, and finally why it is urgent for the good of the Church that it be revealed to the world according to the command of the Blessed Virgin.

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