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First Saturday of the month
Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

This special edition of The Fatima Crusader is being sent to you through the prayers and generous sacrifices of many thousands of faithful Catholics across the U.S. and Canada.

Perhaps you heard about Fatima when you were going to school and, like myself, thought you knew all about it.

It was only after my 12 years in university and after my ordination to the priesthood I discovered that I really didn't know, as I ought to, the marvelous message of love, of warning, of hope and triumph that Fatima is.

With surveys showing that only 3 percent of all Catholics really know the Fatima Message, I feel very blessed today to send you this small magazine in which you will find the story of Fatima told in all its beautiful simplicity.

Through Fatima we experience the love of our Heavenly Mother. It is a rich message and a profound prophecy for our time. And the Holy Spirit in the Holy Bible tells us not to despise prophecy (1 Thes. 5:19)

That is why I have spent the last 16 years of my priestly life working full time, all year long to bring the full Message of Fatima to everyone.

Pope John Paul II says, "The Message of Fatima is addressed to every human being". "The message of Fatima is more relevant and more urgent than 65 years ago."

Our world is troubled by the moral degradation spewed out of our TV sets and on the movie screens. Many things in our society more and more promote sin. As a result we are threatened by pornography, drugs, abortion, crime, violence, hatred, divorce, etc.

Many solutions have been offered by government agencies, social welfare groups and educators. Often they become part of the problem by funding programs and ideas that Our Lady of Fatima warns us only lead to wars, sin, death and hell.

As you will read, Our Lady told us at Fatima that "Only I can help you." In the struggle to protect our children, our families and our souls, this promise from Heaven is more vital and precious than ever!

Today, all need to read, learn, understand and appreciate Our dear Mother Mary's simple yet profound message for our time. It is a message of hope, joy and peace.

I have made this special issue in order to re-introduce you to Fatima. Even if you have heard of it before, please read this issue with a fresh look.

You will discover in the authentic Fatima message a strength, support, solace and guide in these difficult times.

As you read, I pray that Our Lady will touch your heart as She did mine and make you want to help Her save so many lost souls.

Through spreading Her Fatima Message to others and coming to know it and live it better yourself, you will make your own salvation more and more secure. In fact Our Lady promises you eternal salvation just for fulfilling Her Five First Saturday request. See “The Apparitions of Pontevedra” .

Help reach out to others, as others have helped us reach out to you. Help by your financial support (if you can) and by your prayers and sacrifices.

If these things are not possible now, perhaps you can send us the names and addresses of other Catholics who would profit by this 'Special Issue'. Please do what you can.

St. James in Sacred Scripture says, "He who can do good and does not do it, does evil." (James 4;17)

May we all meet in Heaven. Let us be diligent in praying the Rosary every day — as Our Lady of Fatima so frequently asked us to do.

I urge you to share the story of Our Lady's promise of peace and protection with your own family and friends. Additional copies of this magazine are available and FREE upon request.

God bless you and your loved ones and may Our Lady bring you ever closer to Her Divine Son, Jesus.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. SPECIAL FREE OFFER. Please send the attached reply form for more free information, a free subscription to Our Lady's Fatima Magazine, a free Brown Scapular, and a free vial of miraculous Fatima water drawn from Our Lady's own well in Portugal.