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The Perestroika Deception Updated!

by Cornelia R. Ferreira

This is an edited transcript of an excerpt of a very powerful and enlightening talk given by Mrs. Ferreira on August 23, 2007 at the Fatima: Only Way to World Peace Conference in Botucatu, Brazil.

In his 1958 book, Masters of Deceit, FBI head J. Edgar Hoover recognized that Communism is a religion: “Communism is more than an economic, political, social, or philosophical doctrine. It is a way of life; a false, materialistic religion. It would strip man of his belief in God, his ... freedom. ... Under Communism, all would become ... slaves. ... America is now the prime target of international Communism.”

Communism is Together with Masonry

Communism is the religion of Satan, because Communism is the invention of Freemasonry, and the god of Freemasons is the devil. The Communist Manifesto was commissioned by the Illuminati to express Masonic ideas. The goal of Masonry is a Lucifer-worshipping socialist one-world republic totally controlled by Masonry: in other words, the kingdom of Satan on earth. J. Edgar Hoover was a 330 Freemason, so when he said that international Communism was targeting America, he didn’t reveal who was behind Communism, as many prominent Americans were involved.

The Cold War was a charade that hid the fact that the errors of Russia were being spread with the help of the West. American and European bankers tied to the Illuminati secretly funded the Bolshevik Revolution and built up Communist Russia and the Soviet Union. And the United States and its allies worked openly with the Communists, such as during WWII and through the United Nations.

Why Fatima is the Only Way to Save
All the World

That’s why Our Lady said the only way to save the world from enslavement was for Russia to be converted; which would only happen through its Collegial Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart. Obviously by “conversion” She meant conversion to Catholicism. In June 1929, She told Sister Lucy the moment had come for the Consecration to be done. Again, the choice of 1929 was significant, because it was precisely that year that Stalin started to mount “a socialist offensive on all fronts.”

But the conversion of Russia is the last thing Freemasons want as this would destroy their chief instrument of world control. Hence it’s not difficult to figure out who’s responsible for the myth that the Consecration is done and the changes in the USSR and Eastern Europe over the last two decades prove that Russia has “converted.” If the Church can be fooled into thinking the correct Consecration has been done, then it won’t be done, and the Illuminati will be able to continue using Russia.

Golitsyn Reveals Russia’s Strategy
for World Domination

But Our Lady can’t be blocked. In 1961, a high-ranking Russian KGB official and spy named Anatoliy Golitsyn defected to the United States to warn the West not to be fooled by changes in the Communist Bloc. For over 30 years he provided very accurate analyses and forecasts of Communist developments to the CIA. He also wrote two books to alert the public. The first, published in 1984, was called New Lies for Old (NLFO). The second, The Perestroika Deception (The PD), was published in 1995.

In NLFO, Golitsyn described Lenin’s strategy for achieving the one-world Communist government with Western help. He also forecast the changes in the Communist Bloc, including the economic and political reforms, the rise of Solidarity, the removal of the Berlin Wall, the re-unification of Germany, and the planned “collapse” of the Soviet Union. Interestingly, in a 1990 interview for Time magazine, Gorbachev, the instigator of perestroika, predicted those same changes, thus corroborating Golitsyn’s allegations that they were long planned (although had not taken place yet), and were not due to spontaneous uprisings or to the efforts of President Reagan, the Pope or the obscure Polish electrician Lech Walesa.

Golitsyn’s second book, The Perestroika Deception, deals mainly with the final phase of the long-range strategy of deliberate deception hatched decades earlier. Golitsyn said he wanted to help people who believe in the death of Communism to “recover from their blindness.” He described in great detail the confusion and errors that have been engendered in the world and in the Church by perestroika. His analyses expose the very events Our Lady of Fatima warned would take place if the Collegial Consecration is not done. Our Lady said nations will be annihilated. Golitsyn says that the West’s failure to recognize that perestroika is a “treacherous” ploy “threatens the very continuation of Western civilization,” as perestroika is intended to bring about the political and physical destruction of Western democracies.

The PD contains extensive documentation to prove that the changes behind the Iron Curtain were meticulously planned to follow Lenin’s strategy for achieving — with Western cooperation — a “New World Social Order,” a socialist, atheistic global society supposed to be run by the Russians and Chinese, by 2000 A.D. Well, there were a lot of strange activities in 2000 that seemed to indicate that symbolically the New World Order was born in 2000. Currently, there seems to be a struggle over who will run it: America or the Communist monster it helped produce? Is the child turning on the parent, or is it a psychodrama, a play, acted out to generate international fear, with the solution being increasing totalitarianism?

You Are a Direct Target of Psychopolitics

As part of its geo-political strategy, Communism has perfected the art of mind control known as psychopolitics. One of its techniques is to implant a stimulus in the minds of a wearied population that will produce a desired response, then to activate that stimulus when needed. The specter of nuclear annihilation has been thus used on and off to manipulate the world to clamor for international cooperation and prevention through global laws and policing, which is the way to world government. According to psychopolitical doctrine: “If a people can be conquered in the absence of war, the end of war will have been achieved without the destruction of war. ... The spread of Communism ... is by conquest of the mind. In psychopolitics we have refined this conquest to its last degree. ... If psychopolitics succeeds in its mission throughout the Capitalistic nations ..., there will never be an atomic war, for Russia will have subjugated all of her enemies.” Psychopolitics aims to: “change loyalties” or “destroy minds” quickly. It also seeks “to produce a maximum of chaos” so that “at last a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered Communist State, at last only Communism can resolve the problems of the masses” and “bring to Earth” through its “worldwide State” “the greatest peace Man has ever known”.

Perhaps the greatest success of psychopolitics was getting the world to believe that Communism had collapsed at the end of the 1980s. Yet, Golitsyn had predicted most of the dramatic events in NLFO in 1984, with 94% accuracy. He was trying to convince the West that this was all part of the plan for world government.

Perestroika Planned Since 1958

In his 1995 book, The PD, he demonstrates that perestroika was not a 1985 Gorbachev invention, but the final phase of a plan formulated during the years 1958-1960. Perestroika means “restructuring,” but not just of the Soviet system, but of the entire free world. It’s the Soviet strategy for a “Second October Revolution”. This is meant to be a TEMPORARY, non-violent World Revolution involving controlled fake democratization and disinformation. The plan is to use these two techniques to bring about the synthesis of Communism and socialism with a restructured capitalism into a Communist One-World Order. Twenty-two years after the start of perestroika, we see that Communism or its socialist cousin has made great strides in every country. Remember Hoover said that Communism is a materialistic way of life that strips man of his faith in God and of his freedom. We have rapidly approached this point over the past two decades.

Satan, Father of Perestroika

The key to understanding psychopolitics and perestroika is to remember their inspiration is Satan, the father of lies. The operating principle of Communism was given by Lenin: “The lie is sacred, and deception will be our principal weapon.” Golitsyn demonstrates that to fool Western populations into “buying” the concept of convergence with Communism, Stalinism was restructured into a “more attractive form” of “Communist democracy,” with the KGB playing a “key role in implementing the strategy”. Thirty years of rehearsal and experimentation in controlled democracy followed in countries such as Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania. This prepared the ground for the final phase — perestroika’s restructuring and the controlled false “democratization” of the USSR itself.

Perestroika involves first restructuring the mind, from anti- to pro-Communist thinking. Once that’s successful, then governments, laws, and financial systems can be easily restructured to enable a Communist takeover. Perestroika is thus just another psychopolitical game of mind-control. Its particular aim is to make Communism look so benign that you might think it had converted or died. It uses the principles of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937). Gramsci devised a new, improved model of Marxist-Leninism in order to fool the West. Gorbachev, who calls himself a Marxist-Leninist, was chosen to launch it.

Global Play-Acting

Perestroika is psychological warfare. One of its weapons is what Golitsyn calls “cooperation-blackmail.” It’s described as follows: A “theatrical display of ‘democratism’ [is] designed to convince the West that a decisive ‘Break with the Past’ has taken place.” This encourages the West to collaborate with so-called “former” Communists. At the same time, there is a blackmail threat of “a ‘return to the Cold War’ — or worse — if the West does not cooperate.” Of course, the play is meant to convince the public that a break with the past has occurred; Western governments act roles assigned to them in the play.

Golitsyn shows how every “crisis,” from Tiananmen Square in China to the fake August 1991 coup attempt in Russia, to the Chechen wars follow the cooperation-blackmail formula. The pattern is the same every time: The “new forces of democracy” are shown locked in mortal combat with the “conservative hard-liners” and the West is told that only its cooperation will help the “fledgling democracies” to survive. The Communist price for peace is thus the restructuring of Western thinking and policies to obey the Communists.

Fake Democratization

The way the controlled fake democratization takes place varies from country to country, depending on what circumstances in the country can be exploited. This was the plan of Lenin, as the following quotation shows. Note in this quotation that Lenin, the father of modern Communism, equates democracy with socialism and Communism, i.e., democracy is socialism/Communism. Bear this equation in mind when you hear Western powers or the UN say they are going to war against a nation to install democracy in it. This is more than an arrogant idea. What they mean is that they are going to install Communism.

“According to Lenin: ‘All nations will come to socialism. ... But all will not come in the same way. Each of them will bring its own traits into one or another form of democracy, into one or another variety of dictatorship of the proletariat [i.e., Communism], into one or another rate of socialist transformation’.”

So in Poland, says Golitsyn, “the specifics [that could be exploited] are related to the strength of the Catholic Church and of the trade unions. ... In East Germany, the specifics [lay] in the division of Germany into two states. ...” In China “the students have an old revolutionary tradition as the initiators of political movements and ... change.” The Chinese Communist Party itself started as a student movement. Therefore, the Party used students to pretend that even China was introducing “democracy”.

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