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The Only Way to World Peace


by Coralie Graham, Editor

The Fatima Center held its Only Way to World Peace Conference in Botucatu, Brazil from August 19 to 25, 2007. This is the text of the opening welcome address.

Good morning! I hope everyone had a good rest and is comfortable here. We’ve done our best to make sure we’ve taken care of all your needs. This is our 8th World Peace Conference for Our Lady of Fatima. Our Pilgrim Virgin Statue always accompanies us because it is, after all, about Her; it’s not about us. I’m Coralie Graham, editor of The Fatima Crusader which is the largest magazine on Fatima in the world consistently working on publishing the full Fatima Message to bring about the fulfillment of Our Lady’s urgent requests.

I wish that we could get our magazines into all of your languages. We are trying to do that but there’s a little thing called “money” that doesn’t always permit us to do so.

We Have Choices!

As I’m sure most of you — if not all of you — know, Our Lady came to Fatima and She gave us choices. We can have peace in the world or we can have war. We can have annihilation of nations, or we can survive. We can suffer under atheistic dictatorship or we can have freedom of our religious rights and our One True Catholic Faith. These are the choices Our Lady gave us.

Our Lady of Fatima also gave us the solution. All we have to do is follow it. She had one simple request. And that is for the Holy Father together with all the bishops in the world, to consecrate specifically Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

It is so simple. It is a ten-minute prayer, but we have to ask ourselves, then why isn’t it done? It’s not the Fatima Center who’s asking for this, Our Lady asked for it.

How do we know it’s true? Because She came to Fatima to give us this Message. And we know it’s true because God endorsed it. God, Himself, endorsed the Fatima Message through the Miracle of the Sun.

God Endorses Fatima

Our Lady promised the three child seers at Fatima that there would be a miracle so all would believe. Seventy thousand (70,000) people witnessed this miracle where the sun zig-zagged in the sky, gave off all colors of the rainbow, fell to the earth and, as instantly, returned to the heavens. Meanwhile they had been standing in pouring rain, mud up to their ankles. When the sun receded back into the heavens, they were suddenly dry and clean.

Now that is a stupendous miracle from God Himself. So then why is the world still waiting for a ten-minute prayer especially to bring peace to a war-torn world?

This is what our work is about. We will not let the Message of Fatima be silenced. We will not let Our Lady be silenced. We will stand to the end, until we bring about the fulfillment of Her requests and the ultimate triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

A ten-minute prayer! She didn’t ask for a million dollars. She didn’t ask us to climb a mountain or swim an ocean; She asked us to pray. It’s not impossible.

Some people like to say, “well you can’t all pray on the same day.” Look at the television. They have all kinds of programs all day and all night. So some of us are up at three in the morning in our country. And others are up at five in the morning in their country. And to others, it's noon. There’s no reason why together, all the Catholic bishops of the world cannot — at the same time in union with the Holy Father — pray this simple prayer.

There’s much opposition against Fatima, especially Our Lady's consecration request. Our eminent speakers will teach you and help you to understand — Why Our Lady is being ignored and why the Fatima Message has not been fulfilled.

Our Lady Chose You!

Our Lady chose you to come here today. You’ve all gone through (I’m sure) a lot of personal obstacles to get here. Opposition perhaps? Missed planes? You know, when you do something for Our Lady of Fatima, the devil has a way of getting in there and trying to make it difficult for you. Our Lady is the One that brought you here today. You may have thought it was your idea. Many were called: few were chosen. She brought you here today. And She brought you here for a reason.

At the last Bishops Conference we asked everybody in attendance to pray a Hail Mary and look upon Her Holy Image and into Her eyes. I invite you to do the same. She’s going to tell you in your heart what you are to do. Why did She bring you here? What does She expect of you?

Our Joint Obligation

You see, once we know the Fatima Message, it is our obligation to do what we can to bring it about. We can’t ignore it. Many people in the world, in all walks of life, even religious, have ignored it. We cannot. We cannot be Catholic and ignore the words of the Mother of God that have been endorsed by God, Himself. We have to work towards bringing about the fulfillment of Her requests in whatever manner we can. We’re praying that each of you, when you go back to your own parishes, your dioceses, that you will be able to take our literature and scapulars, and spread them amongst your people.

We must all unite together. We cannot do it alone. But we can do it together! We’re Catholic! We know how to pray and the devil can’t fight that.

Uniting our efforts together and making sure Our Lady is listened to and heeded, that’s what we’re here for. And as I said, that’s what our speakers are here to do.

Before we begin the conference, I’d like to read you a little poem that I think is quite appropriate. It was written anonymously some years ago. It’s called “Listen to Me.” The person who wrote it is implying, if Jesus were here today, standing before you, what would He say? We cannot presume, but I think what it says here really hits home.

Listen to Me

Just stop a while and listen to Me, I have a question to ask of thee. Why are you ignoring My Mother?

I chose Her to be My very own, and greater perfection was never known. Why are you ignoring My Mother?

I was born through Her so we all would be spiritual members of one family. Why are you ignoring My Mother?

I’ve sent Her to you with a Message Divine, not once or twice, but many a time. And still you’re ignoring My Mother.

Like a wreath of graces Her Rosary, She’s given to Her loving children as a key to Heaven. And still you’re ignoring My Mother.

She came with My message to La Salette, but those requests have not been met. Why are you ignoring My Mother?

I sent Her again, to the cave at Lourdes, but just as before, you spurned Her words. Why are you ignoring My Mother?

To the fields of Fatima again She came, for prayers and sacrifices in Her Son's name. And still you’re ignoring My Mother.

I sent Her to earth from Heaven above, so you would give Her your honor and your love. And still you’re ignoring My Mother.

When you ignore My Mother, you ignore Her Son, Because to Me, She’s the dearest one. Why are you ignoring My Mother?

You’d better amend and do not tarry, the ideal way to Jesus is Mary. So stop ignoring My Mother.

I think it pretty well says it all. We know that there are plenty in the world that are ignoring Our Mother. Our job is to get rid of the ignorance, to get rid of ignoring Her, and obey Her requests.

We are Worried About our Children!

Another one of the reasons why I opened the Conference today is I’m going to ask you to pray three Hail Mary’s with me for all the benefactors of this Conference. It is they who have sacrificed and sent alms so we could rent all this, and pay for all of the flights and the food and accommodations. It’s not the Fatima Center, it’s all the dear parishioners all over the world who have sacrificed so that you could be here.

You see, they're worried about their children. I’m here speaking on behalf of the mothers and the grandmothers, the fathers and the grandfathers and all dear friends of Our Lady who are very concerned about the welfare of our children. There’s an astronomical siege of diabolical influence out there. Only Our Lady of Fatima has the solution. So that’s another reason why these people have “dug deep”, as we say, and sent funds because they need you.

We need you. Please help us save our children. Please now join me in praying three Hail Mary’s for all those who sacrificed so much to enable us to bring you and this Fatima Conference together today.

God Bless you and Our Lady protect us.

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