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Fatima and the Revitalization of the Faith

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L.; S.T.D.(Cand.)

This is an edited transcript of Father Gruner's concluding talk given on August 24, 2007, which according to observers was one of the best of his seven talks he gave at the Fatima: Only Way to World Peace Conference in Botucatu, Brazil. Although it is particularly addressed to priests and bishops, most of the doctrinal and spiritual elements in this talk are timely reminders for all of us living in this vale of tears at this time.

Pope Benedict XVI, when he came here to address the bishops of Brazil, and the bishops of the rest of South America and Latin America, spoke of the need to revitalize the Faith. Now it is certainly important for us to first of all realize that there is a problem today throughout the Church with regards to a lack of faith.

Dogmas of Faith Reaffirmed at Fatima

During Her appearances at Fatima, Our Lady Herself said that “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved etc.” All the Fatima scholars take it to understand that this sentence implies that in other parts of the world, the faith will not be preserved during this time of apostasy.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon us priests to do our part, first of all to preserve it in our own hearts, and also as Dr. Hickson points out, to serve those who are most defenseless, those who are most innocent.

The attack on the faithful today by these terrible weapons of modern warfare is bad enough, but the attack on people’s minds and the attack on people’s faith is tantamount to blinding someone. For when we are blind spiritually we lose all sense of direction, we suffer diabolical disorientation. It is by keeping the faith and holding on to the definitions of our faith that we maintain our sight. It is worse still — if we lose the Catholic Faith — we lose our souls if we die unrepentant of this sin.

What are these dogmas that are under attack? Well if you look again at the story of Fatima we see many of the articles of faith that are presently under attack being affirmed through Our Lady’s Message.

Reality of Angels

First of all, with regards to the very existence of angels, when the Dutch catechism was introduced in 1969 or 1970, one of the first corrections that were pointed out was that it is of the faith, even if it is not defined, that angels exist. There is at least one priest here among you who is an exorcist. You hardly need to believe in angels when you perform exorcisms, as I, myself have done some 30 years ago. There is no other explanation for what you see, what you hear, than that the devils are present, and they are very cruel.

So the existence of angels is reaffirmed by the Message of Fatima in the three apparitions of the angel, and the existence of devils is also reaffirmed through the vision of hell. As Lucy tells us she could distinguish the souls of the damned from the devils, “Plunged in this fire were demons and souls in human form ... The demons could be distinguished by their terrifying and repellent likeness to frightful and unknown animals, black and transparent like burning coals.”

The existence then of the spiritual life consists of much more than anything we are able to see. We see things with our eyes certainly, but the spiritual world is more real, if we can call it that, than even that of the physical world. If we persist in thinking that there are no angels or no devil, then we leave ourselves vulnerable to a great attack, a sneak attack.

The Devil Exists and Attacks Us

The devil’s greatest lie to us has been that he does not exist. If you were to see a battlefield with hundreds or thousands of your companions all dead, and yet see no enemy, would you conclude that they all simply had a heart attack at the same time, or would you understand that someone had done that to them? Following that example, if we see that there has been a very intelligent attack on the Catholic Church, so that thousands and tens of thousands of our companions are basically spiritually dead, did it just happen all by itself?

Devil’s Poison

When Our Lady told Jacinta about styles of fashions, She didn’t say that certain fashions would happen, She said that certain fashions would be introduced. These fashions would be introduced which would offend Her Son very much.

Unfortunately, because there is so much ignorance on this subject, we tend to think that if everyone is doing it, it must be okay. However, the fact is these fashions are offending Her Son very much and they are losing many souls. That is because immodest fashions are an occasion of sin. We must understand that there is a catalyst for the introduction of this sin.

St. John Chrysostom asks the question, “Who is more guilty of the death of a person, the one who drinks the poison, or the person who serves the poison to that person for him to drink?” Is the person who drinks the poison guilty of his own death? No doubt that may be true, but St. John Chrysostom says the person who serves it to him is even guiltier, and that, he says, is what immodest clothes do.

Immodest fashions are serving — usually it’s to men but sometimes to women — to their eyes to drink in this poison that kills their souls. Our Lord says that if you look at a woman to lust after her, you have already sinned with her in your heart. These fashions often accomplish that; these fashions are in actual fact giving poison to our brothers and sisters. At the very least, it behooves us priests to point out that this is poison.

The Most Holy Trinity

What else was affirmed of the Faith at Fatima? We see certainly the Most Holy Trinity being affirmed, belief in the explicit Three Persons in one God being affirmed. We see that in two prayers that were given to the children, one by Our Lady, and one by the angel.

The angel taught the prayer “Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee most profoundly and I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the same Son Jesus Christ, present in the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges, and indifferences by which He Himself is offended. And I draw upon the infinite merits of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that Thou might convert poor sinners.”

Our Lady taught a similar prayer “O Most Holy Trinity, I adore Thee. My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament”. (This prayer is very brief and very rich in doctrine and devotion. We will develop this theme in another article.)

We have the devotion and the doctrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus reaffirmed again in the Fatima Message: “I draw upon the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart.”

His Sacred Heart has infinite merits because it is hypostatically united, that is, it is united in His Person, to the Son, and that His Heart is human but joined to the Divine Person, so all His acts bring about infinite merits.

Prayer is Necessary

We see the importance of prayer, that prayer is necessary, that it matters if we pray or we don’t pray. Even the children, who prayed more than many, were rebuked by the angel because they did not pray enough, “What are you doing? Pray! Pray very much! The Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs of mercy on you. Offer prayers and sacrifices constantly to the Most High.”

Our Lady insisted on a minimum of prayer, that we pray five decades of the Rosary every day.

Need for Prayers and Sacrifices for Sinners

Our Lady tells us that some souls do indeed go to hell. This refutes the notion of some so-called theologians who tell us that there is a hell, but we don’t know if anybody is there. Well the fact is, it is defined, I believe in the Council of Trent, that there are souls in hell. Not everyone is saved. God wills the salvation of all men, but not all men are saved, because if we don’t co-operate with God’s grace, then we are lost.

Many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray for them, and make sacrifices for them. Someone might say “how is it that if I don’t pray for a sinner, that sinner goes to hell. Is this just?” The answer is simply, the sinner goes to hell for his own sin, but for him to repent requires a grace, and that grace has to be won.

As St. Paul says, “I make up in my own body what was lacking in the sufferings of Christ.” So some souls will go to hell or not, depending on whether you pray and make sacrifices for them. Some souls will go to hell if you do not encourage others to pray and make sacrifices for them.

So my fellow priests, encourage your parishioners to offer sacrifices and prayers for sinners. Some sinners, who otherwise would go to hell, may be saved through their intercession.

You see this dramatically shown in the life of St. Gemma Galgani, for example. She died a hundred years ago and she offered her life, as far as she could, for sinners. Her confessor would not let her offer all of her life, so she would give away six months at a time. You see this sacrifice also in the life of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. A criminal who had committed murder was completely impenitent, he did not want to talk to a priest, and St. Thérèse of Lisieux offered prayers and sacrifices for him. As he was brought to the gallows he was still impenitent, but just as he was about to have his head cut off, he asked for a crucifix to be shown to him. It was the sign that Thérèse needed to encourage her in her vocation of offering sacrifices and prayers for sinners. It is in her diary of her soul.

True Faith in and Devotion to the Eucharist

There is the doctrine of the Eucharist itself that in the Blessed Sacrament God is really and truly present, that we should adore God in the Blessed Sacrament. When the angel appeared to the children, he brought the Blessed Sacrament to them, outside of Mass. It is the contention of the Lutherans that Our Lord is present only during the celebration of Mass. However, Catholic dogma defines the substance of bread is changed into the substance of the Body of Christ. This is known as transubstantiation. There is no other explanation of the Real Presence other than transubstantiation. And although the appearances of bread and the appearances of wine remain, there is no bread there, there is no wine there, it is the Body and Blood of Christ. And joined to the Body and Blood of Christ is His Soul and Divinity. So where the Body of Christ is, there is His Blood, there is His Soul, and there is His Divinity.

Therefore, it is not simply a pious act, but an obligation to adore Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The angel taught the children to do this. He also taught them the need for Reparation. God is offended in many ways, but especially in the Blessed Sacrament and there is a need to offer Him a sacrifice of Reparation, doing that consoles Our God: receive this Communion in Reparation and console your God, the angel taught them.

We Must Promote Confession

Besides Holy Communion and the Sacrifice of the Mass, we have the doctrine of Confession. In the request for the First Saturdays devotion, we are told to go to Confession at least once a month.

St. Padre Pio was asked by his superior to confess his regular penitents only once every two weeks, since people were waiting sometimes two weeks to go to Confession. It was only a suggestion of the superior, and St. Padre Pio was very obedient and very respectful, but he said to his superior, “I cannot do that. I am responsible before God for the sanctification of these souls and they need to go to Confession every week.” In serving the Message of Fatima, we are required to, at minimum, confess our sins once a month.

It is certainly a doctrine of the Faith that we are all sinners. Our Lord tells us in the Gospel that even the just man sins seven times a day, so there is need for Confession, for forgiveness. Of course we can obtain forgiveness for our venial sins by other ways, but there is a grace attached to the sacrament besides forgiveness of sins. It is the strength to overcome those sins that we confess sincerely, with the purpose of amendment.

Priest Must Work to Convert Sinners

The Curé d’Ars who, incidentally, is the heavenly patron for all parish priests, when he went to Ars for the first time, saw that the parish was in a poor state. There was nobody going to church, nobody going to the sacraments, and yet by the time the Curé d’Ars died some 30 or so years later, the parish had become a model for any parish in the world. The people came from miles away, even journeyed for days, to have their Confession heard by the Curé d’Ars, to hear his Mass and to reform themselves. It is well to recall the Curé d’Ars was told by the devil one day that if there were three more priests like him in the world, just three more priests like him, his kingdom on earth would be destroyed. One day when the Curé d’Ars was not in his bed, the devil, taking his revenge, burnt up the bed. You can still see pictures of his bed burnt by the devil.

When he discovered this, the Curé d’Ars rejoiced and said, “tomorrow we are going to catch a big fish.” He realized that every time there was an attack from the devil against him, it was a sign that there was some great sinner who was about to convert the next day.

However, not all sinners convert. I remember talking with the famous exorcist, Father Candido, in Rome. One day as he was exorcizing the devil, there was news that a great Communist leader had died. Usually, in exorcism, the exorcist must not do this, but I guess it was through a special grace, since Father Candido was a very prudent man, he said to the devil, “there must be great rejoicing in hell today because you have finally taken this soul.”

The devil said to him in rebuke, “Father Candido, you understand nothing. All the souls in hell are side by side, they don’t know who else is here, there is complete loneliness, and there is no rejoicing.” Father Candido told me that himself.

Pope John Paul II said at Fatima, to understand the Message of Fatima, we have to understand it, remembering the love of Our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who sees Her children in danger and comes to warn us and to offer Her help. And the help She offers requires that we co-operate with Her.

We Need Grace

I don’t know if you have ever had an experience of trying to help a drunken man who cannot stand up straight. Not only is he drunk, but he is also angry, and whenever you go to help him, he pushes you away. A moment later he falls again and hurts himself, only this time even worse. You go to help him and again he pushes you away. It’s the height of foolishness but perhaps it describes a very apt picture of many of the souls in our time.

They are hurting themselves badly, spiritually, physically, emotionally and economically. You try to help them, but what they need more than your help is a change of heart, and to change their heart you need more than just good will, you need grace.

In order to receive that grace we must pray and make sacrifices for sinners. As St. Padre Pio said, there is no other currency to pay for that. We need to let these simple but profound truths penetrate our minds and our hearts, and they can penetrate our minds easier than our hearts. The way they penetrate our hearts is by putting them into practice.

We Must Practice Our Faith

You know the story of Our Lord on the way to Emmaus on Easter Sunday. There were two disciples — one is identified as Luke the Evangelist by some of the Fathers — and they were on the way to Emmaus and they were sad. They were sad because the hope of Israel, their own hope, had been crucified and they didn’t have the faith to understand what was going on. And so Our Lord disguised Himself; He appeared to them in such a way as they perceived Him without recognizing Him. He explained to them the Scriptures, that Christ must suffer and die and rise on the third day. He explained it from the Old Testament, and their hearts were glowing inside them and they were very happy, but still they did not recognize Him.

When they reached their destination at Emmaus, Our Lord pretended that He was going to continue walking on, and they insisted with Him that He stay and that He eat with them. And it was when they showed Him this hospitality that their eyes were opened. Their eyes were opened because they started to do what the Gospel told them, they lived the message, and their hearts understood. Some of these things we will not understand until we actually do them, then we will understand afterwards.

Fatima Urges Us to Believe and Practice

The Message of Fatima tells us not only about the Trinity, but also about the Incarnation, about the Blessed Sacrament, the Real Presence with the necessity of prayer, and the necessity of devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

It also talks about the need for Reparation, not only Reparation for sins against Our Lord and the Blessed Sacrament but Reparation for sins against the Immaculate Heart. These sins will not be forgiven, and those poor sinners who fall into these sins will not be forgiven until and unless someone makes Reparation for them.

We also have an interesting insight into Our Lady’s Heart. Her idea — if you can call it that — of revenge is to actually convert those who offend Her, so that She can save them. This is a testament to the exquisite charity of the Blessed Virgin.

Modernism Attacks all Catholic Dogmas

However, the foundation to all or many of the errors we have today is the error of modernism. And modernism, as St. Pius X said, is the collection of all the heresies of the last twenty centuries. How can you unite all these heresies which contradict each other into one heresy? The answer is the denial of the mind to know the truth, and the denial that truth is objective and that the truth does not contradict itself.

Modernism Attacks Fatima

It is convenient today and tomorrow to say “well we are not sure about that so we can do what we want.” It is the modernist attack on Fatima that has prevented the Church from listening to Fatima. This modernist attack has come from the very top, through Father Dhanis, the Jesuit priest, who was promoted within the Vatican hierarchy the more he attacked Fatima.

His Jesuit brothers tried to point out the error of his ways, but his superiors took Dhanis’ side against the Jesuits who knew more about Fatima.

Father Dhanis began his attack on Fatima in 1944 by publishing two long articles on the subject. Father Dhanis accepts parts of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to the three children in 1917 as authentic; however, concerning the parts of the Fatima Message that were published later, he expresses doubts as to their authenticity.

Despite the fact that the entire Fatima Message is truly an indivisible whole without contradictions, Father Dhanis divided the Message into two separate parts, “Fatima I” and “Fatima II”.

“Fatima I” refers to the cycle of apparitions of Our Lady in 1917 which he grudgingly admitted to being authentic. However, he categorized all of the aspects of the Message that Sister Lucy revealed after 1917 as “Fatima II”, which he undermined and attempted to cast serious doubt upon by questioning whether they might have been an “unconscious fabrication” and “embellishment” by Sister Lucy.

The Bishop of Leiria invited him to come and speak with Sister Lucy and examine the documents for himself, but he refused. He preferred to stay in ignorance so that he could continue to attack Fatima. As the Archbishop of this city has pointed out, it is not the sign of a very honest mind.

This is documented for you in volume I of Frère Michel’s book, The Whole Truth About Fatima. In the French book it is at the beginning of the first volume, in English we put the same text in the last third of the book. However, it is this same so-called theologian who is quoted as the “best expert” on Fatima in the year 2000. As we all know, the best expert on Fatima is undisputedly Father Alonso, who spent 16 years of his life documenting the authentic history of Fatima. To date, 22 of his 24 volumes that he compiled have not been allowed to be published. He is certainly not a controversial writer, he did not enter into any polemics that have happened in the last 5 years, but yet his writings are still not published.

If everything were revealed on June 26, 2000, then there is no reason to hide his remaining 22 volumes. Of his other 2 volumes, they were edited so severely that they were reduced in size by half.

Pearl Harbor and the Third Secret

The Message of Our Lady of Fatima is a prophetic message, a message for our time.

The planned attack on Pearl Harbor was known ahead of time. The American military intelligence had already cracked the code and understood that the attack would take place on December 7th. Now the American Admiral in charge of the Fleet was never told this information. The planes on their aircraft carriers were turned inward so they could not take off, and they were in the most vulnerable position possible.

The President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, knew all along that the attack was coming. Whatever his motives were we will never know, but it is said that he wanted to enter the war and he needed an excuse. Certainly such a slaughter helped him to be able to declare war and not be opposed by the electorate. However, I would say as Commander in Chief, it was an act of betrayal. I am not making this up; senior admirals have pointed this out and written at great length about it, although it is not widely known.

Why do I talk about it here? It is because we have the intelligence from Heaven to tell you that you are in a war that has never before been seen throughout the whole history of the Church. We are the troops on the ground, and there is a defense offered us, and without this defense being taken, we will lose.

Pastors of Souls Need Heavenly Intelligence

Whatever happened with Pearl Harbor and the President of the United States not telling his troops is small compared to not releasing the Third Secret to us. You are all charged as pastors of souls, and as such are responsible for the salvation of the souls in your parish, that is your canonical obligation.

St. Alphonsus tells us that if a pastor has one of his parishioners trapped in a deep ditch, for example, and the ditch could cave in on him at any time, the pastor of that soul has the strict obligation in justice, not charity, but in justice to go down that hole at the risk of his own life, to give him the Last Sacraments.

That is how serious the charge is for a pastor of souls. If the pastor of one parish is responsible for the souls of that parish, the pastor of the diocese is equally responsible. The bishops also have that same responsibility and yet the pastors and the bishops are deprived of this intelligence information. This is not to preach rebellion, this is not to preach disrespect, but it is to point out very simply that you are deprived of some information. It is obvious that you are. Why, otherwise, would they hide these five thousand documents collected by Father Alonso from you?

Cardinal Bertone is Hiding Important Information You Must Have

If you have studied, as Mr. Ferrara has done, as I have done, as Solideo Paolini has done, the discourses of Cardinal Bertone, it is impossible not to conclude that he is hiding something. From his very own mouth, you can tell it.

This is not to start a campaign of any kind other than to pray, and get others to pray and petition for the release of the full Third Secret. We must pray for the Pope, and pray for the bishops, especially those in high places, who are suffering diabolical disorientation. Our Lord Himself, said to Lucy in 1931, “Make it known to My ministers, that given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My request, that they will follow him into misfortune.”

Then Our Lord said something which would help you understand. The question was not asked, at least Lucy doesn’t tell us, but the answer is implicit to a question that certainly I would have asked: “What about poor us? If the Pope and the bishops won’t do their job, they won’t consecrate Russia, that leaves us all very vulnerable. How about us, what can we do?” Now that question is not specified anywhere, but the answer is given by Our Lord, as if the question were asked. He said “It will never be too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.” It will never be too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.

We Must Pray Now More than Ever

We need to pray when we understand the situation we are in, when we understand that we are surrounded and on very dangerous ground, and that our leadership has misunderstood or not wanted to understand, or worse still — as St. Jude tells us — that some have been infiltrated among us or are not of our number. Pope John Paul II in his last discourse at Fatima, said that “the Message of Fatima is a divine warning, not to follow the third of the stars of Heaven who are struck down by the tail of the dragon.” He is basically saying that one-third of the Cardinals, one-third of the bishops and one-third of the priests are working for the devil.

It is not a pleasant message, but at least it is a warning. Not to say that today or tomorrow I couldn’t become worse than them, not to become proud and say “well I am not one of them”; but rather to recognize the danger we are in and the need to pray for their conversion, the need to pray for our own prudence, the need to pray for the souls entrusted to us that they are not taken in by this great deception that is going on before our very eyes.

The Great Apostasy Predicted in the Third Secret

As you may know, Cardinal Ciappi was a papal theologian to five successive Popes. He is the only priest, bishop or Cardinal who has ever served as a papal theologian for such a length of time, some forty years. He wrote the year before his death that, “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the Great Apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.” In those few words he explains volumes, but when he says “the Great Apostasy”, he is making reference to Scripture.

There is only one Great Apostasy; it’s the apostasy that precedes the coming of the Antichrist. The second thing he says is that the apostasy begins at the top, as Father Paul Kramer referred to in his talk the other day, when he told us of the prophet from the Old Testament, “who would believe our report that the enemy has entered in through the gates of Jerusalem?” The enemy has entered in through the gates of Jerusalem; the enemy comes from the top, from inside the Vatican. That’s the words of the prophecy in the Old Testament speaking about our time; it is the same as Cardinal Ciappi saying “the Great Apostasy begins at the top.”

What to do During Universal Apostasy

St. Vincent of Lerins tells us what to do when the apostasy is universal. We need to hold onto what the Church has always defined, and to what the Church has always taught and to what the Church has always practiced, and this is why Our Lady came with such an extraordinary message, and with the extraordinary miracle never before seen.

Some people understand that the Dance of the Sun on October 13, 1917, is a sign in the sun that Our Lord predicted would take place in the Last Times. We take for granted every day that when you wake up, whether it’s cloudy or sunny, you know the sun is there. The sun on that October day was not stable and it came plummeting down as if to kill the crowd and crush them, and burn them alive. That sun is a symbol, somewhat, of the institutions in the Church that we have taken for being always stable. Therefore, Our Lord tells us that when the crisis becomes worse and it looks like it’s going to crush us, remember it is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary, even in terrifying moments which I believe are not far away.

We must always maintain the virtue of hope. Hope is not hiding our head in the sand and not seeing the danger. That is being foolhardy, that is being not only childish but pretty stupid. Hope is recognizing the danger, recognizing the situation, and, yes, doing what we can in the concrete circumstances, but above all trusting in God’s help and Our Lady’s intercession.

As St. Augustine tells us, God never allows an evil to take place that He cannot draw a greater good out of, if we co-operate with His grace. Not every time an evil happens does God actually draw a greater good out. When this happens, it is because we have not responded the way God expected us to.

So we have seen and we will see great evils, but if we are faithful to grace we can draw the greater good out of it. And when all seems lost we must remember Our Lady promised, “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.” In the end, signifies after a great struggle, after a battle that may seem that we have lost and lost completely. It is during such times that the faithful need leaders, and therefore by virtue of our ordination, we priests have been put in that position. We cannot be thrown off by the one-third of the stars of Heaven, one-third of the clergy who are misleading the faithful.

As we have seen with Father Kramer’s talk, even in the Old Testament there were high priests who were explicitly at the service of the devil.

Masons in Bishops’ Offices

I remember visiting with Father Putti, a very courageous Italian priest, who published the names of 12 different Cardinals, who were purported to be Masons, in his little paper called Si, Si, No, No. Each month he put their name and said who they were — he gave a little biography — and how they were working knowingly for the Masons. At the end of his article he then published the date they entered Masonry, he gave their code name and their number. He did not do this out of pride or bad will, he did this to protect the Church. When he was criticized for doing this, he said: “First of all, I did what the law of the Church told me; I revealed their names to the authorities in the Holy Office. They never told me not to publish them.”

Secondly, when he was threatened with suspension or excommunication, Father Putti replied with a small statement to the Press: “Up until now I have only published the facts but I have not published the documents. If I am suspended or excommunicated I will publish the documentation.”

The very next day it was stated from the Vatican that there is no intention to suspend or excommunicate Father Putti. To this day, there has never been a denial that those 12 Cardinals that he named were not Masons. I went to him one day because he wrote something as follows: He told the story of Cardinal Garrone, and he told of all the bad things that Cardinal Garrone had done to Catholic education around the world. Cardinal Garrone at that time was the Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education.

He was in charge of all the seminaries of the world and Father Putti described the great destruction that he did in the 70’s, from the time that he took office, maybe in the late 60’s, until when I met Father Putti in 1976. However, this time he didn’t end his article with the conclusion ‘Cardinal Garrone is a Mason’; he didn’t say that, he didn’t give his code number, he didn’t give his name, and so forth, unlike the other 12 Cardinals. He ended the article as follows: “If Cardinal Garrone had been given a commission from an enemy of the Church, from satan, for example, or from the head of the Freemasons, he could not have done a greater job of destroying Catholic education around the world.”

So I said to Father Putti, “You do not state but you certainly imply that Cardinal Garrone is a Mason.” He said: “You read me correctly, you see I don’t have the documents on him; he is a French Cardinal and I only have access to the Italian Masonic registers. You see in Italy you have to register yourself if you are a Mason, in order to be in compliance with Italian law.”

Not all Italians do that, but some of the Masons do register themselves according to the law in Italy. However, he said: “I know hundreds if not thousands of priests and bishops who are Masons, but who have understood that they were wrong and that they have stopped participating and have stopped in doing any harm, so I don’t bother them. But for those who are practicing and are doing the work of Masonry, I publish their names.”

Pope Leo XIII pointed out that in Masonry, their god is the devil. At the 33rd degree they worship the devil, there is a whole expanse of literature on the subject. And so looking at Cardinal Garrone’s track record, Father Putti was morally certain that he was a Mason. He didn’t add a fact beyond what he knew; he never gave the code number because he didn’t have it. Now that all took place in the 70’s. Is it reasonable for us to assume this is all over now, since 1976? I don’t think so.

We Must Be Wise

It is well for us to be as innocent as doves and we should all be that way, but we must remember the second half of Our Lord’s injunction, “and be as wise as serpents”. To get through in this day and age, being in such a precarious and vulnerable position that we are all in as Catholic priests, we have to also be as wise as serpents; and we should not lose our charity or become bitter because there are some people in high places, higher than ourselves, who betrayed their sacred trust and who have put us in positions of danger.

Our Lord says at the time of the Great Apostasy that the charity of many hearts will grow cold. It’s understandable, but we must guard ourselves against that as well. So let us not give the victory to the devil, but rather entrust ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and by entrusting ourselves to Her, ask for Her protection.

That is why, for example, I always wear my Scapular of Mount Carmel. It’s a protection from danger, not only physical danger, but other kinds of danger, too, which are even worse.

We must try to understand Her Message. Even though I have been reading it, and researching it and publishing it now for 30 years, I still find new things in this Message. You would think I am either very slow or there are certain things we understand as we go along. I hope whichever it is that we continue to approfondire, as they say in Italian, to deepen our knowledge of the Message.

Hold Onto Dogma

The first attack on most of us has been the attack on dogma. And by attacking dogma we lose all of our other bearings. That is what Lucy stated in her letters from 1969 to 1971; again and again she came back to, “they are diabolically disoriented”. I don’t know if you have ever had the experience but occasionally because I travel a fair amount, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I forget where I am. I try to find the door, but instead I find the window. I feel a little disoriented, it doesn’t happen very often, and then I realize, “Oh, I am here and the door is over in that direction.”

That disorientation is somewhat symbolic of the disorientation that a number of bishops and priests have because they have lost the orientation the dogma gives them. They can be swept by any latest opinion or some newspaper report or whatever, because they don’t know what is fixed, what is certain and what is passing, or what is true and what is false.

Having a firm mind and heart rooted in dogma you won’t become disoriented, at least not for long. And Our Lady is implicitly telling us that outside of Portugal, the dogma will not be preserved in some places, maybe many places.

From our Catholic Faith as solemnly defined at the First Vatican Council and as taught by the Message of Fatima, we know this point: that is, we must — without fail and always — hold onto Catholic dogma. And the dogma we hold onto is infallible and cannot fail, and so everything else in our lives and in our world can then be seen in context.

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