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A Layman speaks out:

Why the Third Secret Must be
Released NOW!

Following is a Letter to the Editor sent in by R. Zisk which speaks for itself.

1960 has passed and Russia was not converted and the prophecy of Fatima began.

The sexual revolution took place and pornography took hold in the United States and the World. Child pornography and pedophilia and child abuse came to be and is now on the rise all over the world.

Contraception has resulted in a fifty percent divorce rate, because marriages are not good and many marriages take place only out of lust for their mates.

The drug culture and alcoholism began to infiltrate our society and I have heard that there are now drug addicts in John Paul II’s Poland. Terrorism is on the rise and violence is spreading throughout the world in many forms. Murders, child abuse, killing innocent babies in the womb, road rage, just to mention a few.

Many Catholics have left the Church and belief in God has waned to a low point. So our secular society is in a battle with good and evil choices to be made by the people.

Many Christians are contracepting and not having enough children to keep up and carry on the Christian population. While the Islams and Moslems reject contraception and have six or eight children in each family and are planning to take over the other religions and the world.

Our governments are legislating and passing unjust laws that deny God’s existence; threatening Catholic and Christian beliefs. Canada’s Hate Crime Laws invalidate God’s laws about homosexuality, which is opposed to pure and true Christian family life values.

In Missouri’s latest elections, a referendum on embryonic stem cell research with cloning of human fetuses has been accepted. Cloning a human embryo can reproduce a human body, but I believe it cannot create a soul for the new body, which may result in the coming of the Anti-Christ into the world as a clone until satan enters him. I think the Catholic Bishops should investigate and make a decision as to whether a cloned embryo will have a soul.

I have exposed some of what I believe is Prophesy that has occurred that Our Lady of Fatima warned about in Portugal in 1917.

The solution is for Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI to obey and properly fulfil Our Lady of Fatima’s requests in union with all the bishops of the world, on the same day and hour. To specifically mention the country of Russia in the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as She told the seer Sister Lucy, and to request that all Catholics obey her requests. Russia has not yet converted to the Catholic Faith and their society is perverting instead with alcoholism, drug abuse, abortion, with the culture of death and spreading child pornography throughout the world via the Internet, to mention some.

As anyone can see, the era of peace in the world which Our Lady of Fatima promised us, has not occurred yet. I have spoken only of some of the ills and I ask you to listen to what Sister Lucy said. I ask all of you to decide on the truth about what is happening here. The choice you all have to make between God or the Devil.

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