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A First Saturday Meditation:

Enrich Your Soul

Pray that we may all increase in love for the Holy Rosary and for our Holy Guardian Angels. See, with your mind’s eye, as if you were there in spirit, the oratory of Our Lady at Nazareth.

Gabriel, one of the seven who stand in God’s presence, is God’s direct messenger of the Good News of Christ’s coming.

Although he had lived in adoring contemplation of God’s ineffable majesty, filled with reverence and love, in the Beatific Vision of the Most Blessed Trinity. And although he had joined with the Seraphim in their ceaseless chant of “Holy, holy, holy!” before God’s throne, acknowledging God’s greatness and their own nothingness and overflowing with love and awesome wonder, nonetheless, this holy angel-messenger now bows in new and reverential amazement before the splendor, the purity, the holiness, the beauty and the love of this purest of all God’s creatures.

He stands with bated breath before the marvelous masterpiece of God’s omnipotent love, Mary Immaculate, Who reflects so splendidly in soul and body, God’s perfections and Who is filled with all graces as the destined Mother of the Most High.

“Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women!” is Gabriel’s ecstatic exclamation. Unite your mind and heart with this awe-filled salutation of the angel who offers humble homage to Mary. Lesser by nature than this great angel, Mary is beyond all measure above him in grace. So filled with grace as to surpass all creatures, singly or together, She is prepared by God, Himself, to become His worthy Mother in the mystery of the Incarnation. Her sanctity, Her beauty and Her blessedness are known and comprehended by God alone.

Each time we recite the Hail Mary, we echo these words of Gabriel. Do we always echo his wonder, his reverence and his love? Should we not offer reparation for the casual and careless way in which we have too often saluted Her? Should we not offer reparation also for the millions of Christians, and even Catholics — who do not salute Her through the Rosary, or even through the Hail Mary?

Resolve to recite the Rosary daily. Place your resolution in your Guardian Angel’s care and ask him to join with you and help you.

Where will the scales of justice fall on our own judgement day? We must all pray the Rosary frequently and fervently and offer Communions of Reparation for our own souls and those of our loved ones.

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