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“Our Lady brought me all the way
to Spain for that one soul.”

Susan Vennari recounts this beautiful story
she witnessed at the Conference

Our Lady graced those who attended the Last Chance for World Peace Conference with little moments that touched their hearts, gave them insight, and inspired them. Sometimes a remark from one of the speakers struck the heart of the listener, other times a day-trip to one of the Fatima sites helped to reach the soul of the observer.

The group set out one afternoon to visit the Dorothean convent at Pontevedra, where the Child Jesus had spoken to Sister Lucy about the Five First Saturdays. The buses parked at a distance from the convent, and the group set out walking through the town toward the convent. A layperson and cassocked priest were talking, bringing up the rear of the group.

From a street corner, the priest heard a voice call to him. He turned and saw a derelict resting by a wall. Now the priest was American, but he spoke Spanish. He went over to the man and talked with him, while the layperson watched at a respectful distance.

The man was ill, and dying of cirrhosis of the liver. He asked the priest for a blessing. With the greatest concern for this suffering soul, the priest asked the man if he had been to confession. The man shook his head weakly, he had not.

Reaching into the pocket of his cassock, the priest pulled out a small stole, put it around his neck, and told the man, “I will hear your confession.” And so the poorling who had been bereft of hope or consolation whispered his sins to a priest who helped him dress his soul for the Eternal Banquet.

For many minutes after the priest returned to the group, his eyes were moist. When he finally spoke to his walking companion, he said simply,

“Our Lady brought me all the way to Spain for that one soul.”

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