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The following was the opening address to the 2006 World Bishops Conference in Tuy, Spain, October 6, 2006.

by Coralie Graham, Editor

Your Excellencies, Reverend Fathers, Holy Religious, ladies and gentlemen: My name is Coralie Graham, I am editor of The Fatima Crusader and I’m just one of Father’s helpers. He has many whom you have encountered here — trying to make your stay as comfortable as possible. But, why we brought you here is another story.

Our Lady came to Fatima with an urgent Message for the world and She gave it to three children. That Message was: “God asks the Holy Father to make, in union with all the (Catholic) bishops of the world, the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart.” A ten-minute prayer could bring true peace to the whole world.

There is no peace in the world yet some would have you think the Consecration has been done. Our eloquent speakers here will show you, fact after fact, why we know it’s not done. You are all very intelligent people and you can see for yourself there is no peace in the world. Our Lady does not lie; so it is pretty obvious Her Fatima requests have not yet been obeyed.

It’s a ten-minute prayer. It’s not a billion dollars; we’re not expected to climb mountains or swim oceans; a ten-minute prayer can bring true peace to the world.

In bringing the children here today it reminds us that it is our duty as adults, and I would presume as shepherds of your flocks, to protect our children. You know what will happen. Some of you already have wars in your own land. We have been very lucky in Canada and the United States, although it started with 9/11, but I believe more is yet to come.

None of us are safe. None of us can say, “well it won’t happen to me, it won’t happen here.” It can and it will.

Our Lady warned us about the annihilation of nations. How could we not obey Her with such dire consequences? How could we ignore Her? But She has been ignored and rejected ever since 1917, because Her simple request has still not been obeyed. The wars are getting closer to all our homes, no matter where we live. And you can see what’s happening around the world with the drug problems, the abortion problems, the pornography; all kinds of evil, sinful things.

Those of you here, I believe were chosen by Our Lady. You are Gideon’s army.

And why am I here today, specifically myself? Because I am representing the mothers and the grandmothers, the fathers and the grandfathers. We’re worried about our children and I speak on behalf of all of them who have written to us and, frankly, have donated so that you could be here. They want you to know, thoroughly, the Fatima Message, to realize that some of the things you have been hearing about Fatima are not really the facts. And most of all, they want you to understand the dire consequences of not obeying the command God sent us through His Holy Mother and to beg you to do all you can to bring about the fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima’s requests.

When you go home you may have learned something here that you didn’t know. Or maybe you had already heard it but now understand it more fully. And now you can help your associates and your spiritual children know, understand and work towards the fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima’s urgent Message.

God created the Miracle of the Sun so that we would believe; so we wouldn’t think “Oh, it’s just another fantasy of three children.” He wanted us to believe, so we would react, so we would do what She asked.

Still, today, Our Lady of Fatima’s requests have not been heeded, the Consecration of Russia has not been done.

What does it take? It takes for every single one of us in our own walk of life to do whatever we can to promote the Fatima Message and to distribute material to those who don’t understand, and try to teach them. We have brought a large variety of Fatima materials in various languages to help you. We can also ship more Fatima materials to you free, to give out in your dioceses and your parishes, to your family and friends, and neighbors.

How many of us have worries about our families; if only they would listen and know the truth! We’re all worried about our friends and neighbors and loved ones around the world, especially the children. We owe it to our children to protect them. It is our responsibility to ensure they have a sound Catholic environment to grow up in. But look at today’s world. What kind of future is this going to hold for them? We have got to bring about the triumph of Our Lady of Fatima.

You will learn many things here to assist you. We have very eloquent speakers who have researched the Message of Fatima and world events in depth. They have done their homework well in our endeavor to pass on to you the saving Message of Fatima in its entirety.

As well as informative, Fatima itself is very edifying. Picking up on the edifying spirit of those who have embraced devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, I’d like to read to you a couple of letters I received.

One of them is to Father Gruner from a bishop in India. He says:

“For so many years you have been praying, working and encouraging people all over the world to respond to the plea of Our Lady of Fatima. Her urgent request was that Russia should be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. I have been continuously receiving all kinds of literature on this subject from your office during the years I was the Auxiliary Bishop. Even now, when I have retired, you have not failed to continue sending me such materials. For this I thank you. Though I cannot come, I pray to Our Lord and to Our Lady for peace in this stricken world of ours. May the Holy Spirit enlighten our Holy Father in this regard. My prayers and good wishes to you and to all your collaborators. May Our Lady of Fatima bless you all.”

I have another letter that I think will be very edifying for you to hear. This letter is representative of the overall spirit of all those who sacrificed to make it possible for you to be here. You can imagine, flying people from all over the world and the hotel accommodations, it adds up to quite a large sum. We could not have done it alone at the Fatima Center, but all of the people together, who wanted you to be here, helped, because they want you, they need you to help their children. Here is a glimpse into their hearts:

“I would love to come to the Conference and on the pilgrimage but it’s just a little bit more to sponsor a bishop who might need financial assistance. Rather than come myself, I want him to gain the benefit. God bless your generosity and all those who are extending a hand like bright angels.”

This is the spirit that brought you here: this spirit of the people who are praying and sacrificing and giving of themselves. That woman wanted to come but she says it’s more important that you come because you are the ones that can help our children.

In closing, what I really want to impress upon you is that these people are begging you to come here and learn what you can. And do whatever is necessary to bring about the triumph of Our Lady of Fatima so there will be true peace in the world. But not only true peace, the fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima’s requests also brings with it the salvation of souls. Every day we wait to do what we can to bring about the Heavenly command to consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, more souls are going to hell. Ultimately that’s what it’s about. Yes, we want peace, but it’s the salvation of souls that Our Lady really came for.

It’s time to take off the gloves, jump out of the fox holes and get in the battle to defend Our Lady of Fatima and bring about Her triumph. God bless you.

A statue of our lady of Fatima
On the last day of the Conference, we were graced by the presence of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Our own Pilgrim Virgin statue had been rejected by the airline and was unable to accompany us here. Following is a short commentary given:
“We have a new visitor today. She appears to have chosen to be here today, the Fatima Feast Day, to send you off. I’ll leave it to you to know in your heart why She managed to come the last day. It’s quite unusual how we got Her. We lost our way coming from the Shrine last night. It was late and all the shops were closed but one. We went in and asked if they had any wood statues of Our Lady of Fatima. “Yes, we have one, it’s very, very special. It was hand-carved by a relative of the sculptor that made the statue that is in the Capelinha.” (It also happens to be of the same family who made our own Pilgrim Virgin Statue. Her image is on the nametag you are wearing over your heart right now.) We were told the statue was already spoken for, but it seems Our Lady had a different plan. She was not claimed, and thus, She is here with you today. She seems to have chosen to be with you. Look into Her eyes. Perhaps, She has something to tell you and only you, in your heart."
— Coralie Graham, editor of The Fatima Crusader

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