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Last Chance for World Peace

of Russia
is Essential

Bishop Paul Khoarai Dicocese of Lesotho

I came here for many reasons, because I am praying for this movement and I have been healed through the spiritual graces of Our Lady. So I have to thank Our Lady.

Now for the question of Consecration. I would ask that we should go back to what we have agreed. Speaking about the Consecration asked for by Our Lady, She is asking for one thing: the Consecration of Russia. There is nothing wrong with consecrating other countries but the main consecration which is essential is the Consecration of Russia. Otherwise we would not accomplish what Our Lady is asking for.

“The devil is working, 
He is using Russia.”

For me, the Consecration of Russia is the key to everything. Other things may come but we must not lose sight that Our Lady is asking for the Consecration of Russia. I don’t agree that there should be other consecrations. Others should be secondary. This is my main point: that we should insist on the Consecration of Russia, and there are reasons for that. There may be difficulties in other countries, but the devil is working, he is using Russia. Our Lady wants us to tackle the problem, the heart of which is Russia. So my petition is that we should make it clear that we have come here to get the Message of Our Lady, Who wants mainly the Consecration of Russia. Other consecrations are not forbidden but they are secondary.

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