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Our Lady Will Protect Her Dear Ones

by Coralie Graham, Editor

How often have we heard that consoling endearment? And how often have we really taken it to heart and applied it in our daily lives?

Has Our Blessed Mother already showered graces of protection upon us and our loved ones?

Have we thanked Her — or have we ignored Her help as just a stroke of luck, a quick quirk of fate?

Today, I pay tribute to Our Lady of Fatima for Her loving protection over Her Fatima Center workers.

On September 21 our group embarked on a Jet Blue plane departing from JFK to Burbank for our Rosary Rally in Pasadena, California. Along with us was perhaps the most important cargo they had ever carried, the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Before the flight took off I sprinkled the plane with FATIMA WATER. During the flight, we all took the quiet opportunity to pray our Rosary.

We landed after what appeared to be an uneventful journey, the plane we departed refueled and was given the next Flight Number Jet Blue 292.

Within the hour a news report flashed across TV screens — “Jet Blue Flight 292 which had just taken off from Burbank to JFK, could not proceed because its wheels were jammed.” The plane was rerouted to Los Angeles, the airport with the longest runway.

Flight 292 flew over the ocean to release its fuel and then circled LA Airport. Finally, it was time to land. All emergency vehicles were on hand for a possibly horrible tragedy. As the plane touched the runway, the pilot performed the miraculous task of landing on the back wheels and keeping the jammed nose wheels from touching down.

In the end, the jammed wheels had to touch down before they could come to a full stop — only 50 feet from the end of the longest runway. The wheel assembly burst into flames as many of you may have witnessed on world news broadcasts.

Miraculously, no one was hurt.

Do you believe this was a quirk of fate? Do you believe it was only the admirable expertise of the pilot that averted a tragedy? Do you believe that the same tragedy might have been destined for our own flight 291? If so, on the shorter Burbank runway, the plane would definitely have crashed off the runway.

I believe Our Lady was with us and protected not only Flight 291, our flight, but also flight 292 under Her Holy mantle.

This is not the first time Our Lady has shown Her protection.

Twenty-six years ago, when Father Gruner was traveling with the Pilgrim Virgin Statue, they insisted on putting Her Image in with the rough cargo, not even in the more protected luggage compartment. Father worried and worried about damage or destruction of Her Holy Image and prayed for the safety of this holy cargo.

When the plane was flying over the clouds, he saw on a cloud, the shadow of the plane, and encircled around this image was a full circle rainbow, 360º. Father instantly knew, it was a sign of Our Lady to console him in his worry for Her safety.

Another Rainbow, Her sign She is with us

19 years ago, shortly after I began working for Father Gruner, I was on a flight to New York. On board, again, was the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady. I was gazing out the window at the beauty of the white fluffy clouds when I saw what looked like the shadow of a small toy airplane following along beside us. It was the shadow, of course, of our own plane.

As I watched, I saw a most stupendous event.

It was as if an invisible finger started to draw a slow circle around the shadow of the plane. But as the finger moved it left behind it a trail of rainbow. It was as if I watched an invisible hand draw a rainbow circle around our entire plane. The rainbow did not just appear, I watched it being painted.

Our Lady is here with us always. We must learn to identify the wonderful little favors She showers us with, the consolation, the strength and the hope She gives us to do better and be better in Her Name.

Yes, Our Lady does protect Her dear ones and as special recipients of this loving grace, it is our duty to do our part — to spread Her love, Her compassion, Her message of hope to the entire world.

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