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Another Fatima Friend
Goes to His Eternal Reward

Most Reverend Saminini Arulappa, Archbishop Emeritus of Hyderabad, India, was called to his final judgment at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, February 13, 2005. May his soul rest in peace.

Beloved by the priests and people of the archdiocese, Archbishop Arulappa was mourned by all who knew him. Over 5,000 lay people, hundreds of priests and nuns, and many bishops, traveled long distances to pay their last respects at his funeral Mass.

The Archbishop was born on August 28, 1924 in a small village, 30 miles outside Chennai, in the Archdiocese of Madras and Mylapore. He was ordained a priest on May 6, 1950 and consecrated Archbishop of Hyderabad on February 13, 1972 by Pope Paul VI. On January 29, 2000, having reached the age of 75 years, Archbishop Arulappa retired from office.

Devoted to Our Lady

His great love of Our Lady, and his devotion to Her Rosary, were evident throughout his archdiocese.


A man of great vision, he saw himself as the father of his diocesan priests, and treated them as though they were indeed his sons. For the people of his archdiocese, he saw the great need for education, and particularly for the care and education of destitute children, as a means to break the cycle of poverty.


On one occasion he stated that we must educate the youth to be the leaders of tomorrow. To that end he founded schools and seminaries. His door was always open to hear the petitions and pleas of his people.

He was instrumental in founding the Fatima Center’s orphanage and in bringing about the realization of the new Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphanage building, opened in 1999, as well as our St. Joseph’s Medical Center for the orphans and the people of the surrounding villages. The Archbishop did encourage Father Gruner and the Fatima Center to build the Sacred Heart Convent for the nuns who teach the children cared for by the orphanage and who administer to and nurse patients at our medical center.


He was a man who had the courage of his convictions. He was not large in stature, but strong of will and with great knowledge. When others would try to intimidate him, or try to usurp his rightful authority, in his quiet dignity he would remind them that he must follow his conscience and fulfill the office for which he had been consecrated.

God chose to bring Archbishop Arulappa and Sister Lucy home together.

ARCHBISHOP SAMININI ARULAPPA of the Archdiocese of Hyderabad - a fervent devotee of the full Message of Fatima - was taken to his eternal reward on February 13, 2005, the very same day as Sister Lucy's death.

A beautiful tradition, shown above, where thousands who came to pay their respects and bid a final farewell to the beloved Archbishop, strewed his coffin with flower petals.

TOP: Our orphanage manager, Anthony Sebastian (left), Father Nicholas Gruner (center), and his bishop, Archbishop Arulappa (right), officially opening the Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphanage in 1999.

RIGHT and BELOW: Archbishop Arulappa's funeral was attended by our Fatima workers in India to pay homage to a bishop who remained loyal to Our Lady throughout his ministry.

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