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< This is the site of a mass burial. In this cemetery, 250 people were buried. Photos were taken of the dead before burial, so that relatives could later identify their loved ones.

> The devastation of the homes and the temporary shelters near Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu state.

< The sea wall, built to protect against high tides, was reduced to rubble, and the nearby lighthouse toppled from its base.

> The strongest-built homes were not immune to the 50-foot-high waves of the tsunami.

< Father Ratchagar, Executive Director of the Archdiocese of Pondicherry's Multipurpose Social Service Society, gratefully receives a check from Mr. Anthony Sebastian, Manager of our India office, for the Tsunami Relief Fund. The donation was from Our Lady's Fatima Apostolate. Mairead Clarke, from the Fatima Center's Head Office, and Father Ratchagar's assistant are also pictured.

> Mairead Clarke, from the Fatima Center's Head Office, assists in the distribution of rice, the staple food of the people who were affected by the tsunami.

< These stacks containing bags of rice, supplied with donated funds from Our Lady's Fatima Apostolate, were provided to many of the people devastated by the tsunami.

> Fine nylon netting, used by the fishermen, so tangled and torn as to be useless. The Fatima Center will help some fishermen obtain new nets.

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