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Crusader 78 Page 41     

Even the Smallest Person Can Change the Future

Edited transcript of a Speech by Jim Condit, Jr.

       Father Paul Kramer has adequately covered why we need to believe and obey; Iím going to augment why we need to promote the Message.

       In 1955 a priest by the name of Father Herman Kramer wrote a book called The Book of Destiny, which you can get from Tan books. And in there he covered Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse. He said that Chapter 12 talked about the Church in some future time (this is 1955 when he was writing), when the faithful clergy and laity would be, in effect, thrust out into the wilderness.

       In The Whole Truth About Fatima, I believe, Sister Lucy was quoted as saying that we are now living in chapters 8-13 of the Apocalypse.

       Well Father Herman Kramer seemed to say that this would happen in chapter 12 of the Apocalypse. The faithful clergy and laity would, in effect, feel like strangers in the normal churches, in the Catholic churches that many of us grew up in. We would be thrust into the wilderness.

       I think we all know here ó without getting real precise with definitions or starting big debates on how we are thrust into the wilderness ó I think you all know here at this conference what is meant by that. You donít feel at home in many of the parishes and former Catholic institutions, the colleges, with all the heresy and modernism. Xavier University in Cincinnati is nothing but heresy. I donít know if thereís one orthodox teacher left, there may be. So put the wilderness in the back of your mind for a second, weíll come back to it at the end of the talk.

The Great Sign ó 1938

       I brought "Rakovsky Interrogation: The Beginning of World War II and the Light of Fatima", an article we published a number of years ago. It shows that Our Lady even fulfills the little, minutest parts of Her prophecies. The "unknown light" She talked about that would herald the beginning of World War II came on January 25, 1938.

       And a lot of us might look at that and say, "Well golly, World War II started, really got going in September 1939. Couldnít She have been more exact? Wouldnít it have been better if the unknown light appeared on August 31, 1939, so we could really prove to the world that this unknown light was related to Hitlerís invasion?" Well, this article explains that even in the night that the light appeared, apparently there was a precise meaning of why it appeared that night.

       That night January 25-26, 1938 is the exact time that Stalinís agent was getting advice about starting WWII. You need to read this article ó or the book ó The New World Order by Deirdre Manifold that has a full chapter on this satanic agent.

       The point of my little talk here is that we donít have the rich and powerful right here in this room. So does it really matter?

       Itís good to get together with people that believe the same thing you do, but does it really matter if you or I go back and do something? Does it matter if we try to pray our Rosary more devoutly than we ever did ó for at least one day? Because weíre not rich and powerful. The point is, Our Lady fulfills Her promises. Letís put that in our mind too: Our Lady fulfills Her promises.

Physical Dangers in the World

        Iím just going to go over a few of them. What I say might cause you to say, "Conditís crazy." Iím going to give you the punch line, but believe me, there are mountains and mountains of evidence behind what Iím going to say. But these are some of the dangers that we face that not many other generations have faced.

       If any of you are on the Internet, go to Google (Googleís a search engine on the Internet) and put in "scalar weapons". They not only have firecrackers and nuclear bombs but everything in between.

       There could be a mini nuclear bomb that al Qaida puts off in Milwaukee, and it blows up 10 city blocks, and they say, "Oh, now we have to go to World War III." Weíre very vulnerable. It could be used by governments or just some idiot that gets hold of it. Maybe somebody becomes enraged because their family is killed and they get hold of something, and they could blow an area up.

       So weíre facing all these uncertain dangers, where even any individual or little group of individuals could cause massive destruction too.

Godís Judgement on America

       We know about partial-birth abortion, which doesnít affect us, but threatens the unborn. The reason they want partial-birth abortion is because they want the genes of that baby. They want to kill it, freeze it, and do research. Theyíre trying to unlock all the secrets of life.

       Itís coming out more and more. You can get stem cells from your elbow thatíll do the same thing. But thatís whatís going on with partial-birth abortion, and this is calling down a horrible judgement on America.

Super Criminals in High Places

       Christopher Ferrara talked about Russian President Vladimir Putin. A lot of times mankindís fate has been decided by the criminals who are taking over, who start fighting with each other.

       If you read the Rakovsky interview, youíll see that the banksters funded Hitler up the line because Stalin had betrayed them. Itís like the gangs, the hoodlums in Berlin and Moscow were trying to overthrow the gentleman banksters, the Rothschilds and so forth. Stalin challenged them so they funded Hitler up the line so that he would cause confusion and they could get rid of Stalin. Then Hitler became more of a problem. And then this fighting broke out and 50 million people died in World War II.

       Well, thatís happening in Russia now. I think itís perfectly accurate when Mr. Ferrara said that Putin is a thug, a criminal, a KGB agent. But he has recently rounded up some of the top Zionist billionaires; billionaires who have been financially raping the people of Russia since the "fall" in 1989. These are super criminals fighting.

Consequences to America
for Not Consecrating Russia

       What happens if the Consecration is not done and Russia is not converted? What happens if some nationalist generals, who in effect are pagans, say in their mind, weíre going to take out that America thatís been causing us trouble for 80 years? We know America backed the people that, most of the time, have been persecuting us Russians. Weíll take them out. And then all those missiles are launched.

       Thatís the way that it could happen if the Consecration isnít done. And theyíll think in their mind: weíre justified, because those Zionists and Freemasons in America have persecuted our country for the last 80 years. And they would be right.

       But if they were Catholic, they wouldnít decide to solve it by trying to blow away 100 million Americans.

       Anthrax, you know about that. Somebody exposes a vial and pretty soon 5,500 people are dead.

       So all these things we are facing with uncertainty.

       The financiers in our country are moving the jobs out of America so that when a young man wants to get married at the age of 22, heís working at McDonaldís and he canít support his wife. But you know who is coming along now to offer a good deal? The military. This isnít by accident.

The Draft Very Soon

       Pat Buchanan now has a new book out, called Where the Right went Wrong, which explains that a little group of neo cons up in New York and Washington, D.C. want to attack Iran, and right now a draft of every young American aged 18-26 is being prepared. This includes men and women, no exemptions.

       If you go to the web site www.bushdraft.com, itís all there. They are a little bit left of center, but they do a good job of telling you what bills are in Congress. There is a bill in the House and a bill in the Senate. They might quote the womanís requirement originally under civil service, mandatory civil service.

       Kerry said the other day, "If Bush gets in, heís going to start a draft." That was two days ago. The White House responded, "Thatís scare tactics." They didnít deny it, they just said, "Thatís scare tactics." Iím sure Kerry got a call from Henry Kissinger or somebody, who said, "What are you doing, you idiot? Youíre not supposed to say that in public." But Kerry must not like the fact that he is going down so hard, so he brings this up. This is definitely being planned, whether Kerry or Bush gets in.

Counting Votes

       The last thing Iíll say on this is voting. Are we going to vote him out? Even if we had a good candidate that was visible, let me tell you what happens. Four corporations count all the votes. They take all the votes away from us, except in New Hampshire. And whoever cuts the best deal with the top banksters, Bush or Kerry, is going to get in. It couldnít matter less how we vote.

       Now Iím not saying donít vote, because somebody looks at the real results, and if 98% of Americans vote for Kerry, theyíre going to say, "Oh, good, weíre ready to do the communist takeover now." So, Iím not saying donít vote. But when they have to switch just one or two percent, they can do it. We hit the computer; they go and finagle the result.

Corrupting Our Youth

       So, these are the kinds of forces of evil weíre up against. But there are also spiritual dangers. I was talking to a traditional-minded lawyer, (by which I mean pre-Vatican II). And I said, "I have kids and I hear in their friendsí and sometimes even in my own kidsí cars, the music that they listen to sometimes; theyíre most vile, these almost underground stations. They donít really advertise them where the adults hear them. I mean direct, explicit XXX rap."

       I said, "There were some dangers in Elvis Presley, but now when you look back on Elvis Presley", and I kind of fumbled for words, and this lawyer said, "He seems like a saint." Itís kind of true. Iím not saying he was a saint, but the vileness that theyíre pushing on our young people, which is deliberate, to corrupt them. It isnít a matter of preserving the teenagersí purity, Iím afraid, in America, itís helping them to the Faith and to get it back.

       This is as bad a devastation as anything else Iíve talked about, because the devil, ultimately, doesnít care if I die of a heart attack or whether I get killed on a plane. All he cares is that I die in mortal sin and that you die in mortal sin. So this is a serious problem.

Curse of Contraception

       70% or 80% of Catholics are using birth control. I have had people tell me, "Your family (my brother and sisters and our extended family) are the only ones that donít use birth control in the whole world." But see, most people have been brainwashed that they have to use birth control, so the minority that doesnít use it, they think is non-existent.

       Then there is the lack of knowledge of the Faith. The eclipse of the Church predicted by Our Lady of La Salette is at least partially in play. The eclipse of the Church refers to the fact that the clear teachings of the Church are not seen in our day and so people donít have a clear knowledge of the Faith.

       All of these things can be cured by obeying Our Lady ó the Rosary, Fatima, the Consecration of Russia.

       Itís the only way, the only way to cure it. Now, winding to a close here, on some talk radio program, somebody said, "God sees the truth, and waits." And the guy says, "Iím lucky Iím not God, because I wouldnít wait anymore." God sees the truth and waits. Thatís true. But God eventually acts.

God Acts

       Florida is finding that out right now. Pensacola has been punished; whole blocks are gone, whole parts of the city are gone. Pensacola has been one of the biggest battlegrounds of the pro-life movement versus abortion. The peopleís hearts remain hard, despite week after week after week of the protesting, "Please stop the abortion."

       Another more dramatic event took place there. It was a very important pro-life anniversary, on September 3 of this year, of a conflict between the pro-lifers and the pro-abortionists. A hurricane started to punish Florida on September 3, 2004, and they are still punishing them. When I was leaving this morning I glanced at CNN, and Jeb Bush was on there saying, "Get ready." I guess thereís another one coming.

       So, God eventually acts if people donít repent, and He has acted in Florida. This is not to say that the rest of America is any better, Iím just saying that He has acted in Florida and whole parts of the city of Pensacola are gone, from one day to the next.

       And thatís what Father Gruner talks about. Itís not only the spiritual, which is the most important, but it is also the physical. We have everything to lose.

J.R.R. Tolkien

       Now Iím going to close with an analogy from The Lord of the Rings. The author, J.R.R. Tolkien, was in World War I. He saw thousands die on all sides, and he was for some reason preserved. He realized in 1945 that Churchill and Roosevelt were criminals almost as bad as Hitler and Stalin.

       But he didnít think he could say that, and he would really have been looked at as crazy, if he had. So he wrote a Catholic analogy. He must have had some idea about the prophecies of Fatima, and Catholic Prophecy. He was a Latin Mass Catholic ó he signed a document asking: donít do the New Mass, itíll lead to heresy.

Humble and Unassuming

       In his books he uses this device: itís prehistoric times, there are elves, there are dwarves, there are men, there are hobbits. Hobbits are like little half-pint Irish people, and theyíre the heroes of the movie. Tolkien picked them because they were humble and unassuming; they werenít important people, the world paid them no attention. He picked them to do the thing that needed to be done, which was to destroy the ring.

       And there are orcs, the hideous orcs that look like demons out of hell, kind of half-human, half-demon.

       At one point, one of the elf ladies leans down after a big tension scene, and she looks at little Frodo, who is one of the little hobbits, who says, "I know what to do, but Iím scared to do it." She says:

       "Even the smallest person can change the future."

       In another part of the movie, one of the hobbits who has been separated from his friends who are still going towards the goal of the movie, looks up at the wizard, Gandalf. The wizard is kind of half-man, half-angel. He has a broader vision. He helps guide the other characters on what they should do.

       And, the hobbit looks up and asks, "Do Frodo and Sam have any hope?" These were the two hobbits going towards Mount Doom to try and destroy the ring. Gandalf looks down on him and says, "They never had more than a foolís hope."

       And, thatís like us here. We donít have any hope, humanly speaking. None of us are powerful. Weíre like the little hobbits. If thereís any rich people here, see Father Gruner or John and theyíll tell you how you can help more, but I donít think there are. We are like the hobbits. We have no power. It is a joke: I can see them sending a spy from the CIA to check this meeting out, who would run outside and say, "Iím going to get a meal, there is nothing in there that could possibly threaten us."

The Hope of the World
Rests With Fatima Ambassadors

       Well, the last part that I want to mention is at the end of the second movie, when a big battle has happened and by the skin of their teeth, the good guys win. But theyíve lost track of the two hobbits who are going towards Mount Doom.

       And, before I say this, letís remember that God doesnít need us; we can do nothing without God, but God usually works through men. And you might be sitting there thinking, well, you know, maybe itís the Rosary youíre going to say more devoutly that will give someone the grace in the hierarchy to hand something to somebody, that leads to something five years from now.

       Or maybe itís the Rosary procession that only five people show up to that youíre going to organize, that gives somebody the grace to hand Fatima literature to somebody else. I donít know how it would happen, but you know what I mean. God sees, we donít see. And, we donít see it all, whatís going to happen.

       But in the scene, the man and the elves and the wizard, they come up and theyíve lost the hobbits, who are somewhere, and Gandalf says (put the wilderness back in your mind now), "the battle that we just fought is over, but the battle for Middle Earth, or for the whole world is about to begin. The wrath of the evil forces is going to be terrible."

       And, he says, "all our hopes rest on two little hobbits somewhere out in the wilderness." And that is what we are doing here. Whether they realize it or not, all the hopes of 6 billion people, of mankind, rest on a few thousand ambassadors of Fatima. Thank you very much.

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