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The Masonic Plan

The sacrilegious Hindu worship ceremony conducted at Our Lady of Fatima’s Shrine in Portugal — precisely where She appeared six times, and on the Sacred altar stone where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered — was no mere coincidence.

This short article shows you why it happened and what is behind it all. As you can see, it has been well planned. And the failure or success of this plan at this point in history is up to you and me.

by The Fatima Crusader Staff

Pierre Virion, in his book Soon a World Government, a Super and Counter-Church? quotes some Freemasonic documents that demonstrate that the secret societies mean to establish on the whole planet an apparently democratic world government and a One World religion. Both the world government and this worldwide religion will be controlled by Freemasonry.

Masonry Wants to Control All Religions

The Freemasonry magazine Le Symbolisme published in 1962:

"Do not let people say, my brethren, that Freemasonry is the counter-church. This was only a phrase suited to the occasion; basically, Freemasonry wants to be a super-church which will bring all churches together in her bosom."

Note that Freemasonry does not want to destroy all differences between the various religions, but wants all religions to "respect" one another; to unite together as so many brothers despite their different beliefs; to consider their belonging to the same family as superior to loyalty to any other ideal, doctrine or deity. "Unity in diversity" is its slogan. This is clear from what Freemason Yves Marsaudon wrote during Vatican II in his book L’oecumenisme vu par un Franc-Macon de tradition (Ecumenism Viewed by a Traditional Freemason):

"In our times, our Brother Franklin Roosevelt claimed for all men the possibility of ‘adoring God, following their principles and their convictions.’ This is tolerance, and it is also ecumenism. We traditional Freemasons allow ourselves to paraphrase and transpose this saying of a celebrated statesman, adapting it to circumstances: Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Israelites, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, free-thinkers, free-believers, to us these are only first names; Freemasonry is the name of their family."

Masonry’s Plan: "Religious Feeling"
to Take Primacy Over Dogmatic Truth

Freemasons want all religions to have something in common that will be considered more important than doctrine. This common "something", then, will have to be experience — a direct contact with a "divinity" — and this personal experience will be said to be more "religious" and more important than doctrine.

The religious experience that Freemasons want as the common point of unity of all religions, is Spiritism. Innumerable Masonic documents point to the fact, and even in many cases expressly state, that for very high Masons, the highest science and religion of the future is theurgy — a form of Spiritism. According to The American College Dictionary, theurgy is "a system of magic practiced by the Egyptian Platonists and others professing to have communication with and aid from beneficent deities".

Masonic Ecumenism aims at making Spiritism the common form of religious experience within each different religion. It strives to make the doctrines particular to one or several religions appear so unimportant, that the common people will be encouraged to live according to any doctrine that suits their fancy. According to Masons themselves, the Roman Catholic Church, up until the opening of the Second Vatican Council, was the sole Church that still had yet to find its own form of Spiritism, before the Masonic goals in Ecumenism could be attained. The 33° Freemason Yves Marsaudon wrote in plain terms:

"With the Protestant churches there is no problem wanting to be solved, no more than there is any problem between Masonry and the Synagogue. The difficulties exist only with the Roman Church alone."

What True Catholics Must Do to Save Their Souls

In order to remain faithful to Jesus Christ and to save ourselves, we Catholics must hold onto infallible Catholic dogma. We Catholics must insist upon unchanging dogma, so that we are not and cannot be swallowed up by, or transformed into, this Masonic super worldwide counter-church. With the continual implementation of the Masonic plan, faithful traditional Catholics of the true Catholic Church will be fought by false Catholics, neo-Catholics, modernist-Catholics and by Masonry. Ecumenism (Masonry’s child) and its followers (ecumenical Catholics) — in their attempts to absorb or transform the true Church into this false look-alike Conciliar Catholic church — end up in open persecution of faithful Traditional Catholics. Traditional Catholics are already marginalized and disparaged. Notícias de Fátima, a local Fatima newspaper on friendly terms with the Fatima Shrine, falsely equated faithful Catholics with the "Taliban". (See "Fatima Newspaper Defends Guerra’s Betrayal" in this issue.)

Why Our Lady’s Third Secret
Warned Against Vatican II

This, in fact, is what the Second Vatican Council brought about. It is well known that the Council was hijacked by progressivist theologians and bishops whose goal was to implement a "new theology". They succeeded in their efforts, so that now, the perennial dogmas and practices of the Catholic Church are falsely considered "outdated". It has left the Church vulnerable to infiltration by enemies. It also has paved the way for unworthy, trendy bishops and theologians — such as Hans Küng and Cardinal Walter Kasper — to maintain positions of prominence and worldwide influence. It is this robber Council, and the novel spirit that flows from it, that allows bishops and Cardinals who promote heresy to maintain the dignity and prestige of Catholic authority. This even applies to many in the highest echelons of the Vatican.

This is what Our Lady of Fatima came to warn the Faithful against in the Third Secret. She warned against an evil Council to come — one that would appear after 1960. She also came to warn against changes in the Mass, which leave the Church vulnerable to heresy as well.

The long-range goal of Masonry is to subvert the Church by seducing Catholics — through the Council’s "new theology" — to join with other religions in an interreligious spirit that plays down religious differences for the sake of the unity of the human family. By doing so, these poor, misled Catholics are led, little by little, to deny the Faith and embrace the new Conciliar religion — all the while believing themselves to be Catholic. Yet, by adopting the new Conciliar mind-set, these people are actually being assumed into the Masonic Religion of the New World Order.

Masonry is a Pagan Religion With Pagan Rituals

Freemasonry is a pagan religion. It is Freemasonry that is behind the Ecumenical Movement. The French Freemason Yves Marsaudon boasted, "One can say that ecumenism is the spiritual son of Freemasonry." He went on to praise the ecumenism nurtured since Vatican II as a triumph of Masonic ideals. "Catholics", he said, "... must not forget that all roads lead to God. And they will have to accept that this courageous idea of freethinking, which we can really call a revolution, pouring forth from our Masonic lodges, has spread magnificently over the dome of St. Peter’s".

We can see, then, that this pagan religion of Freemasonry — this anti-Christ religion — to which all other religions are being seduced to belong to through the means of "interreligious collaboration" and "unity in diversity", is leading to the One World Religion of anti-Christ.

Thus, with the pagan ritual held at Fatima on May 5, 2004, with the public telecast approval of the Bishop of Fatima and the Rector, Guerra, we can see clearly:

  • • This is where Vatican II is leading us.
  • • This is the goal of ecumenism.
  • • This is what Vatican officials today apparently approve, at the very least by their silence.
  • This One World Religion, in its various forms, leads all to embrace a form of paganism. This is what Hinduism is. Hinduism embraces contradictory ideas and techniques and worships false gods. Each individual has his own "given path" to God, whether it be through Hinduism, Mohammedism, Catholicism or African Snake worship. This pagan religious indifferentism is likewise a central tenet of Freemasonry. This pagan mind-set of Masonry leads eventually to the paganization of entire nations, through Masonry’s powerful influence in many governments. Masonry itself is paganism. It worships the Canaanite gods. The highest degrees of Masonry lead ultimately to explicit worship of satan, according to Pope Leo XII.

    The Danger Today

    In February 2004, Buddhists were allowed into the Sanctuary at Saint Adalbert’s Basilica in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In October 2003, Father Arul Irudayam, Rector of Our Lady’s holy Shrine of Vailankanni in India, boasted that Hindus now perform their pagan rites inside the Shrine church. More and more, pagan religions are invited to enact their heathen rituals inside Catholic churches, all in the name of "interreligious dialogue". This lethal cancer has now infected Our Lady of Fatima’s holy Shrine in Fatima, Portugal. The Rector and the Bishop of Fatima, and even members of the upper hierarchy of the Church, unwittingly or not, are playing a key role in leading Catholics into the Freemasonic One World Government and One World Church.

    Masons may think they have successfully broken through their final barrier, the Catholic Church. But the devil, his servant Freemasonry, and those in the Catholic hierarchy who promote this new interfaith religion make their own fatal mistake. They have not realized, or have chosen to forget, that Our Lady is the conqueror of all heresies, including Masonry.


    Meanwhile, what can we do now to save ourselves and our loved ones?

    Our Lady of Fatima has promised, "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me. It will be converted and a period of peace will be given to mankind." Masonry and its plan to destroy the true Catholic religion will eventually fail. But before we see the Church’s victory, there will probably be the chastisement from God spoken of by Father Paul Kramer in "The Third Secret Reveals the Great Chastisement" in this issue.

    It is up to each faithful Catholic to reform himself spiritually; to find other Catholics of like mind; to pray, fast, do penance. They must arm themselves spiritually, intellectually, mentally and do all that is necessary for this coming confrontation. We must prepare ourselves, our families and friends for the temporary triumph of the forces of anti-Christ. In many ways, these forces have already succeeded.

    We urge you to join the Ambassadors of Jesus and Mary, (see "Fatima, Faith and Fidelity in Action") who by the grace of God and through prayer, sacrifice, perseverance and fidelity will stand up and be counted and defend Our Lady of Fatima, the Kingship of Christ on earth and our One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.

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