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No Sword Like It

by Reverend Lawrence Underdonk, C.Ss.R.

David slipped into the dark temple and looked around. “I need food,” he whispered to the high priest. “You can have the Holy loaves; that is all there is here.” “And do you have at hand a spear or a sword?” David added. “Here is the sword of Goliath, the Philistine that you killed with your sling. If you will take it, take it for we have no other.” And David smiled and said: “Give it to me.”

This Old Testament narrative is sometimes applied to the Rosary. Like young David, fleeing for his life from Saul, men are fleeing, not from a king and his army, but a more deadly enemy, satan and his enticements. Truly David’s words apply to us. We run to the Church and cry: “Have you at hand a spear or sword?”

She answers: “Here is the Rosary, the sword of the Woman Who crushes the head of satan with Her heel.” And well can we smile and say with David: “There is no sword like it. Give it to me.”

This most powerful prayer to Our Lady has indeed earned the title of “Sword”. For it is not only a powerful weapon in the hands of Her spiritual children against the attacks of hell, it has made the difference on many a battlefield on which Christian armies were engaged in mortal conflict with infidels.

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