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The following articles (from the Fatima Perspectives section of this website) will help you understand what caused Ground Zero and what we can do to prevent further such disasters.

Many leaders in the Church and Government are still in denial, but it becomes clearer that the policy of terrorism of Russia, embraced as a policy under Lenin and continuing through Gorbachev, is still in place today. China too, which sees the USA as their number one enemy, also supports, promotes and exports terrorism. Ground Zero is only the beginning. Our Lady warned us of annihilation of entire nations if we do not obey Her Fatima requests.

The Russian - Chinese Connection to Ground Zero

by Christopher A. Ferrara, September 25 —

Well, it didn’t take long. Already the Russian connection to the terrorist attack of September 11 is beginning to emerge.

In an article for EWTN (September 19, 2001), Steve Mosher reports that "Evidence is now emerging ... which suggests that China has been providing assistance" to the Taliban, the militant Moslem regime in Afghanistan which shelters Osama bin Laden and made possible his "holy war" on the U.S.

Mosher notes that while China has formally condemned the attacks, "actions speak louder than words." Mosher observes that "One sign of China’s growing closeness to the Taliban came last December. The U.N. Security Council voted 13-0 to place an embargo on arms sales to the Taliban until they closed bin Laden’s terrorist training camps in their country, and extradited him to stand trial abroad. Beijing, however, abstained."

Very curious. But more curious still, "while most members of the international community have spoken out against Al-Qaeda’s terrorist training schools, China has remained curiously silent, despite its known concern about Islamic terrorism in its own western provinces." Mosher asks: "Has some sort of private accommodation between Beijing and the Taliban been reached?" I would bet the farm that the answer is yes.

According to Mosher, "Beijing has continued to hold secret negotiations with the Taliban. One result of these negotiations has been a recently-signed contract between China’s Huawei Technologies Co. and the Taliban which calls for Huawei to build an extensive military communications system throughout Afghanistan."

Bingo. As we know, in addition to signing a military contract with the Taliban, China has also signed a military and "friendship" pact with the Soviet Union. In a recent column ("Russia and China Becoming Bosom Buddies") I noted that according to the official Voice of Russia radio station, Russia and China "have identical or similar positions on all key international problems." Indeed, the very goal of the "friendship pact" is "to establish a ‘New World Order’ … which would challenge the perceived ‘unipolar’ world dominated by the United States."

Father Gruner and Fatima: "The Moment Has Come", Our Lady's television program, brought prayers, compassion, Rosaries and Scapulars to recovery workers down at Ground Zero.

So, let us follow the sequence of events: 1) Russia signs a friendship pact with Red China, whose foreign policy goals are identical to Russia’s, including a New World Order to challenge America’s dominance; 2) Russia pours weaponry and military technology into China, which is in fact Russia’s largest military client; 3) China lends military assistance to the Taliban, which 4) shelters the Muslim fanatics who killed 3,000 Americans on September 11, and 5) China, Russia’s great friend, abstains from an embargo on weapons sales to the Taliban.

If this is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, I would hate to see the defeat of the Immaculate Heart (if that were possible). But rest easy, folks, the Vatican has its priorities in order: Father Gruner was declared "suspended" by "the Congregation for the Clergy upon the mandate from a Higher Authority" — for nothing — within hours of the worst terrorist attack in world history, and the whole Church has been warned not to attend his apostolate’s conference on Fatima and world peace.

God help us.

Ed. Note: And why would they do all that? Because it is the party line of Cardinal Sodano. See Father Paul Kramer’s article "The ‘Party Line’ in Relation to Fatima" in this issue. Be sure to also read the subsequent articles by Christopher A. Ferrara documenting the connection between Russia, China, and the terrorist attack of September 11.

The Russian Connection to bin Laden: More Evidence Surfaces

by Christopher A. Ferrara, October 3 —

On October 2, 2001 the St. Petersburg Times, citing the Washington Times, reported that "U.S. intelligence agencies have uncovered information that Russian criminal groups have been supplying Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda terrorist group with components for chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons."

The story goes on to note that "the Washington Times, citing U.S. officials speaking on condition of anonymity, reported last Wednesday that bin Laden is believed by U.S. intelligence to have a secret nuclear-weapons laboratory inside Afghanistan. This is believed to be one of the sites sought for U.S. military strikes, the newspaper said. There is no hard evidence that bin Laden or his followers have actually produced chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. But bin Laden has worked with Russian mafia groups in obtaining components for weapons of mass destruction, according to officials familiar with the intelligence reports."

Further, a former State Department counter-terrorism expert, Larry Johnson, said "the contacts between the Russian mafia and bin Laden could be related to drug trafficking and that such cooperation would not be surprising."

But how is this possible? As we "know," Russia was "consecrated" to the Immaculate Heart in 1984, and has since been undergoing one "miraculous" transformation after another. The communists have been transformed into ex-communists, and many of these have been transformed into members of the Russian mafia. Russian society has been transformed from a closed Soviet state to an open sewer of abortion, child pornography, alcoholism and suicide.

With all of the "miracles" that have occurred in the "former Soviet Union" over the past 17 years, I suppose we should be grateful that bin Laden is not actually based in Moscow. But apparently he is getting plenty of help from the "converted" Russians in the "converted" Russian mafia.

And when the nerve gas and anthrax weapons bin Laden develops with Russian assistance begin exploding in Western cities, what will the Fatima revisionist dupes tell us then about Russia’s conversion? No doubt they will remain as silent as they were when the Twin Towers fell. For nothing, it seems, can compel them to admit that they are wrong, and that the unprecedented acts of terrorism now erupting in the world might well have been avoided had they only told the truth about Fatima.

As each day passes, as the violence increases, the dupes of Fatima revisionism will be haunted by the words of Our Lady of Fatima, which they tell us belong to the past: "If My requests are not granted, Russia will spread its errors throughout the world ... and various nations will be annihilated." God help them and us.

Russian Nerve Gas Found in Afghanistan

by Christopher A. Ferrara, November 21 —

On Tuesday, November 20, 2001, the Madrid Guardian published a report that bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network "had been preparing terrorist attacks with the lethal Sarin nerve gas before its infrastructure in Afghanistan was destroyed." The report was based on the discoveries of a Spanish journalist who found vials of nerve gas at a hastily abandoned terrorist camp outside Jalalabad. The same journalist was later murdered.

According to the Guardian, "El Mundo correspondent Julio Fuentes, who was last night reported dead after a convoy of journalists was attacked on the road to Kabul, found 300 of the phials at an abandoned Al-Qaeda base known as Farm Hada, 20 km south of Jalalabad." The report by Fuentes noted that the vials of nerve gas were contained in "boxes of 10 which bore, in Russian cyrillic script, the words ‘SARIN/V-GAS’. The phials were about seven centimetres long and contained a clear, yellowish liquid. The Farm Hada base had been abandoned in a rush and was strewn with empty test tube racks, landmines, grenades and artillery shells."

The Guardian article notes that the Sarin nerve gas was also used by "the Aum Supreme Truth cult in its attack on Tokyo’s underground rail system in March 1995. That attack killed 12 people and left nearly 1,000 ill."

In recent weeks evidence has surfaced that the highly sophisticated, weapons-grade anthrax spores which have been sent through the U.S. mails originated in Russian laboratories. The U.N. has also issued a warning about possible dissemination of weaponized smallpox, which the Russians were testing as part of their bioweapons program. And now a box of Sarin nerve gas vials bearing Russian lettering has been found in an Afghan terrorist camp.

Our Lady of Fatima warned us that Russia would spread her errors throughout the world. The Sino-Russian alliance, recently sealed with a "friendship pact" between President Putin and Premier Jiang, insures that Russia, through China, will continue to provide weapons and technology to terrorists around the world. And now Russian anthrax and Russian nerve gas, like Russia’s errors, are spreading throughout the world. Will it be Russian suitcase A-bombs next?

According to the Fatima revisionists, Russia was "consecrated" to the Immaculate Heart more than 17 years ago, on March 25, 1984. Russia, of course, was never mentioned in the ceremony at the Vatican on that date. But the Fatima revisionists tell us we need not be all that precise in carrying out instructions from the Mother of God. She said Russia, but a consecration of the world is close enough, they claim.

Here in The Fatima Crusader we will keep asking the pertinent questions until an honest answer is given: Where is the conversion of Russia promised by Our Lady if Russia were consecrated to Her? Where is the period of peace She promised? Where is the promised triumph of Her Immaculate Heart? Our Lady cannot lie to us. Someone else is lying. And we know who it is.

China and bin Laden: Perfect Together

by Christopher A. Ferrara, November 15 —

While Cardinal Sodano and his Vatican apparatus look for a way to sell out Taiwan in exchange for the "privilege" of diplomatic relations with the diabolical Red Chinese regime, news reports indicate a direct link between China and the Taliban.

As reported in WorldNet Daily on October 22, 2001 (citing the DEBKA Intelligence Files), "military sources in Dushanbe and Bishkek, capitals of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan respectively, report at least 15 Chinese fighting men on the side of the Taliban, were killed in last week’s U.S. bombing over Kahandar and in a separate incident on the ground." WorldNet Daily notes that according to DEBKA "this report was confirmed by Pakistani sources in Peshawar, who discovered the Chinese presence alongside the Taliban from their own intelligence reports ..."

The details of the report by DEBKA appear to be irrefutable. According to the report, Taliban leader "Al Masri appears to have been caught by an American bombardment, just as he was leaving Kahandar for Jalalabad after meeting Taliban leaders. Those leaders warned him as he left that U.S. Special Forces units were operating in the southern and western outskirts of the town. Because they thought the size of his bodyguard insufficient, they offered a detail of their own men to see him safely past the danger zone. Among that armed escort were five Chinese fighters. A Special Forces unit waylaid the group and detonated explosive charges, one of which hit Abu Basir’s vehicle and a second, the escort vehicles. Most of the escort was killed, including three of the Chinese guards."

And that is not all. According to DEBKA, relations between China and bin Laden go back several years. The British daily, Guardian, carried a report that "three years ago, China paid bin Laden several million dollars for unexploded American cruise missiles left over from the U.S. attack on his bases." The article quotes a "senior Al-Qaeda agent in Europe, whose account is contained in the transcript of a secretly taped conversation between two bin Laden adherents." These two associates of bin Laden reportedly confirmed bin Laden’s close ties with China and described how the huge sums the Chinese paid for the unexploded U.S. missiles helped him finance his next three years of Al-Qaeda operations.

A glimpse of the onset of the annihilation of nations Our Lady warns us about.

This is the regime the Vatican apparatus is falling all over itself to please with papal apologies and "technical solutions" to the problem of the Church avoiding any "interference" in China’s "internal affairs." This is the regime which signed a friendship and military alliance with Putin’s Russia only weeks ago, based upon the two nations’ shared foreign policy goals, including of "a new world order" to offset American dominance. And, as we can see very clearly already, 9/11 is serving as the pretext for the advance of that New World Order through expansion of United Nations authority, Russia’s reentry into Afghanistan as our "ally," and measures here at home which threaten to turn America into a quasi-police state

Has anyone noticed that all things now seem to be tending toward that one-world regime of godless authoritarianism which will herald the arrival of anti-Christ? Now more than ever the world needs the Message of Fatima. Yet, in what has to be one of history’s greatest outrages, it is not any external enemy of the Church, but Vatican bureaucrats who are trying to bury the path to safety marked out by Heaven itself at Fatima, only weeks before the Bolshevik revolution put the world on its present course to ruin.

"Attack America" — Beijing Smash

— from the November 12 issue of the weekly magazine Human Events

The hottest-selling video in Beijing these days is the grotesque, state-produced "Attack America," which glorifies the September 11 carnage in New York and Washington and tells viewers: "Blood debts have been repaid in blood ... Who until now has dared to avenge the hurts inflicted by unaccountable Americans?"

According to the Electronic Telegraph, "Attack America" — which splices films of New York September 11 with footage from Godzilla — is a particular favorite of Red Chinese President Jiang Zemin, who "has obsessively watched and re-watched pictures of the aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center."

Vatican Reportedly Prepares China Sellout

by Christopher A. Ferrara, September 28 —

Now that Fatima is behind us (according to Cardinal Sodano), Vatican diplomacy marches on. On September 27, 2001, reported that The Far Eastern Economic Review, a Hong Kong foreign relations journal, has revealed that "the Vatican and Communist China are prepared to enact diplomatic relations." In other words, the Vatican Secretariat of State, in yet another "triumph" for Ostpolitik, seems about to sell out Taiwan for the sake of "better relations" with the diabolical, blood-drenched Red Chinese regime.

The Review, citing ecclesiastical sources, reports that "the Vatican and China will hold a series of meetings in upcoming weeks to end the impasse over the role of the Catholic Church in China. It reported that as part of the deal, the Vatican will have to break relations with Taiwan, which China regards as a breakaway province."

The Review rightly notes that the apparently pending deal, "would also weaken the stance of half a dozen predominantly Catholic countries in Central America that maintain ties with Taiwan."

The Review’s "ecclesiastical sources" state that "the process will begin on October 14 when Catholic scholars from around the world gather in Beijing for a conference to mark the 400th anniversary of the start of Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci’s mission to China in 1601." What a mockery. Catholic "scholars" meeting in China, as guests of bloody Red Chinese tyrants, to commemorate the life of a Catholic missionary — in the very midst of China’s persecution of the Catholic Church! The article goes on to note that "a similar ceremony will reportedly take place in Rome later in the month, where Pope John Paul will offer some form of apology for historical wrongdoing by the Catholics in China, primarily a close connection with European imperialism."

Cardinal Sodano, please say it isn’t so!

But apparently it is. notes that "among the problems to be resolved by the change in relations is the status of the Catholic Church in China. The Communist Chinese government requires Christians to worship only in state-controlled associations including the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, which eschews any connections to the Vatican or the Pope. Many Catholics worship in churches that, while openly loyal to the government association, secretly pledge allegiance to the Pope, forming a de facto underground Church."

There’s that same nonsensical claim again: that "Catholics" who worship in China’s communist-controlled, pro-abortion, utterly schismatic pseudo-church are "secretly" loyal to Rome. Please! One cannot be secretly loyal to Rome while openly adhering to an organization that publicly renounces allegiance to Rome and promotes forced abortion. The truly loyal Catholics in China belong, as they always have, to the persecuted underground Church, whose bishops and priests are being surveilled, beaten, arrested and imprisoned even as the "Catholic scholars" plan their October junket to Beijing.

CWN’s report, quoting the Review, notes that "the process is designed to be well underway by October 20 when U.S. President George W. Bush begins a two-day visit. ‘This would allow Beijing to deflect U.S. criticism of its human rights record.’"

Cardinal Ignatius Kung, the great martyr under Chinese communism, preferred life in prison to even the slightest compromise with the devils the Vatican now seems poised to recognize as China’s legitimate rulers. The Cardinal must be moaning in his grave.

But for Cardinal Sodano and his collaborators at the Vatican, it’s just another day at the office: Condemn Father Gruner, recognize Red China, bury Fatima. Quite an agenda. And we can see the fruits of that agenda in the current condition of the Church and the world.

At this point, we can only pray that these plans to sell out Taiwan and the loyal Church of the underground hit a snag, or that the Review is simply mistaken in its report.

Plans for Sell-out of Taiwan Accelerate

by Christopher A. Ferrara, November 16 —

Back in September I noted that (see "Vatican Reportedly Prepares for China Sellout") according to, the foreign policy journal Far Eastern Economic Review has reported "that the Vatican and China will hold a series of meetings in upcoming weeks to end the impasse over the role of the Catholic Church in China. It reported that as part of the deal, the Vatican will have to break relations with Taiwan, which China regards as a breakaway province."

As part of this deal, said the magazine, Pope John Paul II would have to "offer some form of apology for historical wrongdoing by the Catholics in China, primarily a close connection with European imperialism. According to the schedule worked out by both sides, relations between the two states will be much improved by the end of next month."

So far the plan — which appears to be yet another "triumph" in the making for Cardinal Sodano, the Vatican Secretary of State — is proceeding on schedule. The papal apology to Red China was delivered on October 24, 2001. Yes, Cardinal Sodano had the Vicar of Christ apologize to the Red Chinese regime for the "wrongs" supposedly committed by Christians back in the 19th Century.

The apology came in the form of a written message allegedly sent from the Pope to a conference in China to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Catholic missionary Matteo Ricci’s arrival in Beijing. According to the Sodano plan, the Pope apologized for "the unfortunate fact that the work of members of the Church in China was not always without error, the bitter fruit of their personal limitations and of the limits of their action."

Meaning what? Meaning, apparently, that Catholics were guilty of colonialism in the 19th Century: "In certain periods of modern history, a kind of ‘protection’ on the part of European political powers not infrequently resulted in limitations on the Church’s very freedom of action and had negative repercussions for the Church in China." Cardinal Sodano ("the Higher Authority" behind the persecution of Father Nicholas Gruner) had the Pope say: "I feel deep sadness for these errors and limits of the past, and I regret that in many people these failings may have given the impression of a lack of respect and esteem for the Chinese people on the part of the Catholic Church, making them feel that the Church was motivated by feelings of hostility towards China. For all of this I ask the forgiveness and understanding of those who may have felt hurt in some way by such actions on the part of Christians."

Note well: Cardinal Sodano has actually had the Pope lower himself to apologize to the current Chinese regime for the "errors" and "hostility" of unnamed "Christians" — at the very moment that same regime is brutally repressing the Catholic Church in China.

I seem to remember from my study of the suffering of the Church in China that thousands of Chinese Catholics were killed in persecutions during the 19th Century, and that even after a certain tolerance was extended, the Boxer movement (a secret Mason-like group of Chinese nationalists) continued to kill Christians.

But this apology, owing to its vagueness, has been interpreted by the media as an apology for the suppression by European powers of the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 — during which missionaries (mostly Protestant) were slaughtered by the thousands. Why is the Pope apologizing for the actions of "Christians," most of them Protestants, more than a century ago, in the midst of Red China’s persecution of the Catholic Church today? Ask Cardinal Sodano, who has no doubt engineered this entire fiasco. More on this in later columns.

More on the Papal Apology to China

by Christopher A. Ferrara, November 17 —

As the Vatican Secretary of State continues to pursue Ostpolitik with a papal apology to the diabolical Red Chinese regime, we Catholics can only wonder whether the Pope, crippled by Parkinson’s and loaded up with painkilling drugs, retains any effective control over the daily administration of Vatican affairs. For nothing could be more humiliating to the Vicar of Christ than this piece of trash issued in his name.

I feel obliged to attribute this disgraceful text to Cardinal Sodano, the Vatican Secretary of State. It has all the earmarks of current Vatican diplomacy — currying favor with the powers of the world at the expense of truth. Consider the following declarations in this apology to Red China on October 24, 2001:

"The Church must not be afraid of historical truth and she is ready — with deeply-felt pain — to admit the responsibility of her children."

What responsibility? Of which children? For which supposed wrongs? This is precisely the sort of open-ended mea culpa the Red Chinese will exploit endlessly to the detriment of the Church and the loyal Catholics of China who have been driven underground.

"This is true also with regard to her relationship, past and present, with the Chinese people. Historical truth must be sought serenely, with impartiality and in its entirety."

This is really too much to bear. Now the Vatican Secretary of State has the Pope apologizing for the present "responsibility" of "her children" for wrongs committed against Red China — at the very moment the Red Chinese regime is arresting, imprisoning and torturing Catholic priests and bishops. What sort of lunacy is this?

It is even worse. Here is what the text of the papal apology says about the current regime of China: "It is no secret that the Holy See, in the name of the whole Catholic Church and, I believe, for the benefit of the whole human family, hopes for the opening of some form of dialogue with the Authorities of the Peoples’ Republic of China. The Chinese people, especially in more recent times, have set themselves important objectives in the field of social progress. The Catholic Church for her part regards with respect this impressive thrust and far-sighted planning. The Church has very much at heart the values and objectives which are of primary importance also to modern China: solidarity, peace, social justice, the wise management of the phenomenon of globalization, and the civil progress of all peoples."

Far-sighted planning? Solidarity, peace, social justice? Does the Vatican Secretary of State think that these words are appropriate to describe a regime that practices genocide of the unborn and vicious persecution of the Bride of Christ? This is an outrage.

And then there is this: "Historically, in ways that are certainly different but not in opposition to one another, China and the Catholic Church are two of the most ancient ‘institutions’ in existence and operating on the world scene: both, though in different domains — one in the political and social, the other in the religious and spiritual — encompass more than a thousand million sons and daughters."

The attempt to posit some kind of equivalence between the "two institutions" — a pagan nation and the spotless Bride of Christ — is nothing short of obscene. And to say that the Holy Catholic Church and Red China are "not in opposition to one another," well one struggles to find the words to describe such a despicable lie.

And what will the Church gain in return for all of this self-abasement before a satanic communist dictatorship? Some paltry diplomatic concessions by the devils who now tyrannize China? No wonder Pope Paul VI was torn by doubt over whether he was betraying the Gospel by continuing to pursue Ostpolitik during the tenure of Archbishop (later Cardinal) Casaroli, second in command in the Vatican Secretariat of State. If this shameful bowing and scraping of the Church before pure evil is what Ostpolitik requires to keep it going, then Ostpolitik itself is a work of the devil.

I cannot believe that Pope John Paul II, who has spoken so often of "human rights," would personally author this detestable and degrading apology — this insane tribute! — to the worst violator of human rights on the face of the earth, and perhaps in all of human history.

May God save His holy Church from the work of Cardinal Sodano, the Vatican Secretary of State — the same Cardinal Sodano who is a pseudo-pope and who mercilessly hounds Father Nicholas Gruner while he supplicates the devils of Red China. Nothing — nothing — can justify this sullying of the Bride of Christ.

Death of the Catholic Church in China

by Christopher A. Ferrara, November 18 —

The neo-Catholic, Fatima-revisionist establishment is constantly telling us that many members of the schismatic "Patriotic Catholic Association" in Red China are "secretly" in union with Rome even as they openly maintain their adherence to a schismatic pseudo-church which condones forced abortion and whose constitution prohibits allegiance to the Pope.

This, of course, is a lie. It is a new version of Catholic fidelity to go along with the new version of the Message of Fatima which this crowd is trying to foist upon the Church: a consecration of Russia without any mention of Russia, and a conversion of Russia without any conversion.

Now obviously there cannot possibly be any such thing as "secret" loyalty to Rome on the part of those who consent to belong to a "church" founded by the devil himself — for that is what the PCA is. It is a "church" founded by communists and controlled by communists, who hand-picked the PCA’s bishops, all of whom were consecrated without a papal mandate; a church that endorses genocide in the womb. Whoever would belong to this "church" is betraying the Gospel.

Early this year a sad development in China received very little notice in the press. On January 10, 2001, a true Catholic bishop in China died at the age of 92. As reported by RNS news service "Matthias Tuan In-min, the last Chinese prelate installed as a bishop before China’s Communist regime forced the Roman Catholic Church underground, has died in Beijing. He was 92." Bishop Tuan was named a bishop by Pius XII on June 9, 1949, shortly before communist forces established the Republic of China. "The regime outlawed religious observances, imprisoned many priests, nuns and laity and closed Catholic institutions."

In 1957, the Red Chinese set up the PCA to replace the Catholic Church in China.

Tuan was the last bishop regularly consecrated for the true Catholic Church. Bishop Tuan in turn consecrated his assistant, Bishop Coadjutor Joseph Hsu Zhihsuan, who will take over the "underground" diocese of faithful Catholics who worship in private, living in fear of arrest or imprisonment.

So, as the apparatus of Cardinal Sodano prepares for a sell-out of Taiwan and the underground Catholic Church in China — which, please God, will never actually come to pass — Catholics should mourn the passing of Bishop Tuan, whose loyalty to Rome was never "secret," but open and courageous.

Meanwhile, a question for the reader to ponder: Why does the neo-Catholic establishment speak of the "secret loyalty" of the members of the PCA, a church which condones abortion and rejects the papal primacy, while happily denouncing as "schismatics" any Catholic who so much as attends a chapel maintained by the Society of Saint Pius X in order to escape the liturgical three-ring circus at the local parish? Curious indeed. But such is the way of things in this, the "springtime of Vatican II."

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