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The Fatima Message
Must be Made Known

Free Fatima materials, Scapulars and Rosaries are
distributed wherever Our Pilgrim Virgin statue visits.

The establishment of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was requested by God in the Fatima Message. Our growing readership shows that many among the Catholic faithful are eagerly heeding this request.

Our Lord Himself requested something else that will powerfully promote this devotion worldwide, and that request has so far gone unheeded. What we refer to is the solemn and public Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This consecration must be performed by the Pope together with all the bishops at the same time, in a solemn, public ceremony.

At every Bishops Conference we have held, many bishops informed us that before attending our conference, they had known very little about this request and expressed their gratitude for the in-depth knowledge they gained about the Message of Fatima.

Up until then, much of the Catholic world perceived that the Consecration of Russia had not been done because of some sort of non-cooperation of the bishops with the Holy Father.

But we do not believe that is true. It is clear that many bishops have not heard the full message. How could they then be expected to cooperate with something like Fatima which they had very little knowledge of, other than that it was an inspiring and pious happening.

Thus, the goal of our apostolate is to make known the whole Message of Fatima, make it understood; and then the fulfillment of all the requests of Our Blessed Mother would follow simply as a matter of course, with the powerful assistance of Our Lady’s prayers.

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