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Fatima: World Peace 2000

Another Step Toward
the Consecration

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In 1984 the Pope conducted a consecration ceremony that made no mention of Russia and did not involve all the world’s bishops. Since that event the “Fatima is finished” crowd have declared that the Consecration of Russia has been accomplished. The proponents of this view do not seem to be troubled in the least by the ever-mounting evidence that the entire world, including Russia, has been on an accelerated downhill slide since the alleged Consecration more than 15 years ago.

Over the past 15 years the world has seen 600 million abortions, the establishment of a universal regime of contraception under UN auspices, skyrocketing divorce rates (including once-Catholic Ireland, now a member of the amoral “European Union”), advances for homosexual “rights” including same-sex “marriages” in nation after nation, the legalization of euthanasia in the United States and elsewhere, ethnic wars and genocide around the world, the slaughter of Catholics in India, Pakistan, East Timor, Indonesia, the vicious persecution of Catholic priests, bishops and laity in Red China. Yet the “Fatima is finished” crowd continue to maintain that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart was unleashed over fifteen years ago, and that the conversion of Russia is at hand. Any day now. Any day.

And what of Russia in particular? Those who have taken the trouble to follow developments in Russia since the alleged 1984 consecration and the “fall of communism” in 1991 know that the evidence points to anything but the miraculous conversion of that nation. Over the past 15 years Russia has experienced both a spiritual and a material decline of alarming proportions:

  • The abortion holocaust has only intensified since the 1984 consecration ceremony. The latest statistics (November 1998) show that some 79% of pregnancies in Russia end in abortion. According to a report by UNICEF “abortion is a growing reality” not only in Russia but in all of Eastern Europe due to “uncertainties of the future and the disintegration of families.” [Catholic World News Report of November 30, 1998]

  • Alcoholism is on the rise, and 35,000 Russians die each year from alcohol poisoning — a rate more than 100 times higher than in America. As noted in an authoritative study recently published in America, “massive consumption of vodka is the primary reason so many Russians die from falls, murders, crashes and suicide. A Russian child born in 1995 had a 1-in-4 chance of dying from an external cause.”

  • The same study notes that “about 1.8 million more Russians died in 1992-95 than would have died had mortality rates simply remained at the wretched level of Soviet Communism in 1987, rather than deteriorating further. These extra deaths are comparable to the number of Russians killed in the First World War.” [American Enterprise magazine, quoting Eberstadt, Nicholas. Russia: Too Sick to Matter? Policy Review (Jun/Jul/ 99), Heritage Foundation]

  • The Russian economy is a total shambles, and a recent Gallup poll showed that some 60% of the Russian people believe that life was better under communism.

  • In view of the material and spiritual collapse of Russian society and the former Soviet Union since the alleged consecration of Russia in 1984 (and the supposed “fall of communism” in 1991), even the Russian Orthodox Patriarch, Alexy II, has decried what he called “the cult of violence, cruelty, betrayal and lechery” which is growing daily in Russia. Alexy attributed this awful development to the rise of “totalitarian sects, black magic practitioners, astrologers and occultists” in Russia, and warned that Christian culture “is not only being pushed into the background and oblivion, but is also being mocked and ridiculed as something extinct and unnecessary.”

In spite of the massive evidence that there has been absolutely no movement toward the conversion of Russia since 1984 the “Fatima is finished” crowd contemptuously dismiss the work of Father Gruner’s Fatima apostolate in seeking the consecration of Russia. Yet the need for fierce commitment to the Fatima message and for the Collegial Consecration of Russia is more urgent than ever; as was explained either directly or indirectly by the 38 superb speeches from the Conference.

Request for the Consecration of Russia
(by Father Gruner)

Father Gruner discussed the nature of consecration, its profound theological significance, and the undeniable fact that the Consecration of Russia requires that Russia be mentioned and set aside specifically as the thing which is consecrated. Sister Lucy herself publicly declared in Sol de Fatima magazine (the Blue Army’s publication in Spain) that the 1984 ceremony did not satisfy Our Lady’s request for the Consecration since Russia was not mentioned.

The Plot to Silence Our Lady
(by Father Paul Leonard Kramer, author of A Theological Vindication of Roman Catholic Traditionalism)

Father Kramer sketched the determined effort of Fatima opponents in the Vatican to suppress any effective promotion of the Fatima Message — or indeed, any effective promotion of those elements of traditional Catholicism (including the traditional Mass and traditional seminary training) deemed at variance with the new orientations of Vatican II.

Our Lady of Fatima: She Who Crushes the Serpent’s Head
(by Protestant convert and Catholic apologist Gerry Matatics)

A brilliant orator, Mr. Matatics drew upon his deep knowledge of Sacred Scripture to demonstrate how Our Lady of Fatima is none other than She who will crush the serpent’s head, as prophesied in the book of Genesis.

A World View Based on Fatima (
by Catholic Family News editor John Vennari)

Mr. Vennari explained how Catholics must view the world from the perspective of Fatima. The Message of Fatima is a Heavenly summary of Catholic teaching before the Council — teaching which is now dismissed as a “triumphal” relic of the pre-conciliar past: the conversion of souls to the Catholic faith to save them from the fires of hell; the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart throughout the world; the turning away from false religions toward the one true religion established by Jesus Christ, namely the Catholic Church. Mr. Vennari noted that the Message of Fatima is fundamentally at odds with the new “ecumenical brotherhood” of all religions which seems to be current Vatican policy. This explains the fierce opposition to Father Gruner’s Fatima apostolate and the attempt to bury the Message of Fatima or re-write it in progressivist, ecumenical terms.

Teilhard de Chardin: False Prophet
(by John Vennari)

Although de Chardin was much in vogue at the time Vatican II was getting underway, his heterodox writings, which elevated evolution to the status of a super-dogma, were actually under condemnation during the reign of Pius XII. Many, including Cardinal Ratzinger, have noted the influence of de Chardin’s evolutionism on the ambiguous documents of the Council, especially Gaudium et spes. Mr. Vennari’s talk was a powerful and concise analysis of the errors of Teilhardianism — a confused mixture of false and fanciful teachings which has done serious damage to the Church.

The Dogma of Hell
(by Father Kramer)

When was the last time any Cardinal, Bishop or Priest, including those in the Vatican, reminded the world that Hell is a real place where sinners will definitely suffer the torment of both loss of God and pain of sense for all eternity?

The vision of Hell given to the Fatima seers by Our Lady has been forgotten in the “springtime of Vatican II”, and the Pope himself has admitted in his biography Crossing the Threshold of Hope that the pastors of the Church no longer mention Hell in their preaching and teaching. The certainty of eternal punishment for sinners has been replaced by the heretical view of von Balthasar that it is “possible” that no one at all has ever gone to Hell, and that every man will be saved.

Father Kramer provided a forceful and dramatic reminder that Hell is not a mere possibility or threat, but a terribly real place, and that many souls are there already — just as Our Lady showed the seers at Fatima.

The Catholic Church in China: Persecution and Confusion
(by Joseph Kung, Cardinal Kung Foundation)

In this dramatic lecture, Mr. Kung documented the ongoing brutal persecution of the underground Catholic Church in China. He also exposed the official “Patriotic Catholic Church” in China whose bishops are appointed not by the Holy See, but by the Chinese government. In order to receive money from the West, members of the Patriotic Church often pose as true Catholics “loyal to the papacy”. Mr. Kung also spoke of the life of the heroic Cardinal Ignatius Kung who spent 35 years in jail in Communist China.

Five First Saturdays
(by Father Gruner)

Like so many other traditional devotions in the Church, the Five First Saturdays has almost disappeared in the wake of Vatican II, along with the rest of the Fatima message. The Vatican no longer mentions this devotion, much less exhorts the faithful to make the Five First Saturdays.

Father Gruner explained the profound theology which underlies devotion of the Five First Saturdays, including reparation for the five sacrileges committed against the Blessed Virgin.

The Story of the Brown Scapular
(by Father Gruner)

Recent Vatican guidelines have downplayed the significance of the scapular, and no longer refer to the Our Lady’s promise — approved as authentic by the Church — that the properly intentioned wearer of the scapular shall not die in a state of mortal sin.

Generations of Catholics were enrolled in the scapular and given hope by this singular devotion in the life of the Church. But the Scapular is yet another casualty of the new post-conciliar “orientation”. Father Gruner explained the profound importance and necessity of the Scapular in this time of grave danger for souls.

When You See a Night Illuminated by a Strange Light
(by Jim Condit of Cincinnatus PAC, a Political Action Group Based on the Social Kingship of Christ)

Mr. Condit delivered a fascinating talk about the fulfillment of Our Lady’s prophecy at Fatima that “if men do not cease offending God, another worse [war] will begin in the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that it is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine and persecutions against the Church and the Holy Father.” During the reign of Pius XI, on the night of January 25, 1938, a strange light was seen in night skies of Europe, only days before Hitler’s invasion of Austria — yet another sign that the Message of Fatima is no mere “private revelation” but a public prophetic revelation for the benefit of all mankind.

The Third Secret and the Liturgical Revolution
(by Father Kramer)

Father Kramer explained how the Third Secret relates to liturgical crisis in the Church. Fatima expert Father Alonso has remarked that the Third Secret speaks of grave deficiencies in the hierarchy of the Church and the greatest of these deficiencies is the liturgical reform, which revised the Roman Liturgy into a New Rite of Mass. Father Kramer contends that such action was declared anathema by the Council of Trent. “If anyone says, that the received and approved rites of the Catholic Church customarily used in the solemn administration of the Sacraments . . . can be changed into other new rites by any pastor in the Church whosoever, let him be anathema.” (Session 7, Canon 13).

In Search of St. John Fisher (
by Michael Matt, Editor, The Remnant)

Where are the courageous bishops of today, willing to stand fast against a tide of unprecedented “reforms” which make the Protestant “reformation” seem conservative by comparison? The Church seems to be doing to itself what Cranmer only dreamt of. Indeed, Cranmer would probably have viewed with horror what goes on in the typical Novus Ordo parish of today!

Why have virtually no bishops besides Marcel Lefebvre and Castro de Mayer opposed what Paul VI called the “auto-demolition” of the Church? Mr. Matt’s provocative talk explored this thorny question.

An Update on the One World Church
(by renowned Catholic authoress Cornelia Ferreira)

In his apostolic letter to the bishops of France, Notre Charge Apostolique, Pope Saint Pius X condemned the French Sillonist movement for its advocacy of a pan-religious brotherhood for the building of a new civilization, calling the notion “a miserable affluent of apostasy being organized in every country for the establishment of a One-World Church”.

Mrs. Ferreira’s talk described the alarming progress since Vatican II toward the very “one-world Church” condemned by Pope St. Pius. Mrs. Ferreira described how the ultraliberal Bishop Swing of the Episcopalian Church in San Francisco, the United Religions Initiative, the Gorbachev Foundation and the World Conference on Religion and Peace are working together to establish a religious equivalent to the United Nations, another religion Gorby and company plan to impose on the world. This new one world religion will be the “moral” support of the New World Order government.

While the Vatican denies any Church involvement in the movement, Mrs. Ferreira revealed how the Vatican hosted the 6th General Assembly of the World Conference on Religion and Peace in 1994, with an opening address by the Pope himself. She also discussed how Cardinal Arinze, head of the Pontifical Council on Interreligious Dialogue, attended a meeting with Bishop Swing in Dallas, Texas, sponsored by a pan-religious organization called Thanksgiving Square, in which Arinze holds an advisory position.

Mrs. Ferreira revealed Cardinal Arinze’s shocking remarks at this meeting, which were given no publicity by the Vatican. Specifically Cardinal Arinze, in a public interview, made the false claim that it is not necessary to accept Jesus Christ for salvation. This is clearly contrary to the Gospels where Our Lord said, “No one comes to the Father but through Me,” and contrary to the infallible Catholic Doctrine that “outside of the Catholic Church there is no salvation.”

Mrs. Ferreira’s talk left no doubt about the threat to the Faith posed by this movement for an alliance of “world religions” — the very notion Pius X condemned as a sign of worldwide apostasy.

Lenin’s Satanic World Revolution
(by Christopher Story)

Mr. Story is the publisher of Soviet Analyst, and of the books The Perestroika Deception (by ex-KGB agent Anatoliy Golitsyn who claims, from first-hand experience, that glasnost and perestroika are policies to deceive the West, and Red Cocaine, a major exposé of the role played by Russia and Cuba in the international drug trade aimed at the destruction of America). Mr. Story delivered a compelling talk on the satanic nature of the worldwide communist revolution Lenin initiated in Russia, now carried on by the Gorbachev Foundation (Gorbachev to this day is an unreformed Leninist) — a revolution whose spread throughout the world was predicted by Our Lady of Fatima only days before the October Revolution brought Lenin to power in Moscow.

The UN as the Chief Instrument of Russia’s Errors
(by Mrs. Ferreira)

Mrs. Ferreira explained how the United Nations was founded by communists, including American communists, and was designed to accomplish nothing less than the sociological conquest of the world and the end of national sovereignty. Mrs. Ferreira demonstrated that the blueprint for the UN was drawn up by Lenin, expanded by Stalin and refined by Khrushchev.

Incredibly, Popes Paul VI and John Paul II have been staunch supporters of the United Nations, along with the Vatican Secretary of State, even though the UN’s population control programs help promote and subsidize a worldwide regime of abortion, contraception and sterilization — and even though Cardinal Ratzinger himself has publicly decried the UN’s evil agenda.

The Sacred Heart and the French Revolution
(by John Vennari)

Mr. Vennari’s lecture gave the history and the essence of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart, and also discusses how obedience to the request of Our Lord for the King of France to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart could have prevented the catastrophe of the French Revolution. Strong parallels were drawn between the consequences of the King of France not obeying Our Lord’s request, and the consequences to the Pope, the bishops and the world if the Pope does not heed Our Lady’s request to Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

The Message of Fatima: Our Only Hope
(by Father Gruner)

“Only I can help you,” said Our Lady to Sister Lucy. By God’s will, Our Lady of Fatima is the prophet, and the great sign, for this age of the Church. Father Gruner explained that to reject the Message of Fatima, or to dismiss it as a mere “private revelation”, is to abandon the very means Heaven has provided for peace in our age. The Pope himself has declared that “the Message of Fatima imposes an obligation on the Church.” Father Gruner explained precisely why we must adhere to that obligation in order to avoid a chastisement greater than any other in the history of the world.

Why More Priests Do Not Promote the Message of Fatima
(by Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq.)

In this lecture, the case of Father Gruner was used to demonstrate the perils of promoting the “outdated” Message of Fatima in a Church whose leaders seem to think that Vatican-sponsored prayer meetings with non-believers are the key to world peace. It explains how Father Gruner has suffered years of bureaucratic harassment by Vatican functionaries who have systematically sought to prevent him from being incardinated by a benevolent bishop and have then threatened him with suspension for “failing” to be incardinated — when he has violated no law of the Church and committed no offense against faith or morals.

Father Gruner’s treatment was compared with that of notorious heretics, who are allowed to spread their errors throughout the Church for decades without punishment, while being given every benefit of due process under canon law. The mysterious double standard was explored which gives the benefit of the law to those who break the law, while denying the benefit of the law to faithful priests whose only “offense” is to stand up for traditional Catholicism, including the Message of Fatima.

At the end of the Conference, with the passing of its resolutions calling for ever-greater promotion of the Message of Fatima, yet another step had been taken toward fulfillment of Heaven’s peace plan: the Consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart to bring about the conversion of that nation and the world.

As Our Lord told Sister Lucy in 1931, the Consecration would finally be done, but it would be done late, and Russia’s errors would already have spread throughout the world. The bishops, priests and laity who spent a week in Hamilton were united in the fervent prayer that what has been late in coming will soon arrive.

The Church will surely feel the “ripple effect” of the bishops and priests who came away from the conference with a renewed commitment to the Fatima message. Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us!

Speakers and Topics at Fatima World Peace 2000

Table of Contents

The Sacred Heart and the French Revolution

Teilhard de Chardin - False Prophet

A World View Based on Fatima

John Vennari

Lenin’s Satanic World Revolution

Christopher Story

In Search of Saint John Fisher

The Attack on our Children

Michael Matt

Our Lady in the Old Testament

Our Lady of Fatima; She Who Crushes the Serpent’s Head

Gerry Matatics

The Catholic Church in China: Persecution and Confusion

Joseph Kung

The U.N. as the Chief Instrument of Russia’s Errors

An Update on the One World Church

An Update on the Perestroika Deception

Cornelia Ferreira

Why More Priests Don’t Promote the Full Message of Fatimna

Catholics’ Right to Have Conferences

Christopher Ferrara

The Kingship of Christ; Christ vs the Modern World

When You See a Night Illuminated by an Unknown Light

Jim Condit Jr.

The Third Secret

The Dogma of Hell

The Plot to Silence Our Lady

Father P. Kramer

Russia Must be Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Father Hesse Address given by Father P. Kramer

The Story of the Brown Scapular

The Message of Fatima; Our Only Hope - Part I, II

The Third Secret

Five First Saturdays

Questions & Answers

Request for the Consecration of Russia

Fatima Explained - Part I, II, III, IV

Father N. Gruner

The War Against the Blessed Virgin

Archbishop Milingo