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An Exalting Call to Holiness

Jacinta: The Confidante of the
Immaculate Heart of Mary

by Frère François de Marie des Anges

Jacinta is the one to whom the Blessed Virgin had granted, with a greater abundance of graces, a better knowledge of God and of virtue.

In fact, although she was the youngest of the three seers, she is the one who seems first of all to have benefited from the greatest intimacy with the Most Holy Virgin.

Sometimes Jacinta would call (as if she were awaking from a dream): "Francisco! Francisco! Will you pray with me? We must pray a great deal in order to save souls from Hell! There are so many who go down there! So many!" Other times, after reflecting for a moment, she would say: "So many people fall into Hell! So many people in Hell!" In order to reassure her, Lucy would say to her: "Do not be afraid, you will go to Heaven." - "Yes, I will go," she would say peacefully, "but I would like all people to go there also!"

Among the ejaculatory prayers which Father Cruz had taught them, Jacinta had chosen: "Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation!" Sometimes, after saying that, she would add with that simplicity so natural to her: "I love so much the Immaculate Heart of Mary! It is the Heart of our little Mama of Heaven! Do you not love to repeat often: Sweet Heart of Mary, Immaculate Heart of Mary? Me, I love that so much, so much!" Sometimes, she would gather flowers from the fields, and at the same time sing to a tune that she had made up: "Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation! Immaculate Heart of Mary, convert sinners, save souls from Hell!"

Some weeks after the death of her brother, Jacinta was sent to Saint Augustine hospital at Vila Nova de Ourem.

During the two months her stay at the hospital was to last, Jacinta suffered a great deal, and more than everything else, from her cruel solitude.

Lucy asked her then if she was suffering a great deal. "I suffer, yes. But I offer everything for sinners and in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." Then she spoke enthusiastically of Our Lord and Our Lady, and said: "I love so much to suffer for Their love and to make Them happy! They love very much those who suffer for the conversion of sinners."

In December 1919, Lucy relates, the Most Holy Virgin deigned to visit Jacinta to announce to her new crosses and new sacrifices. Jacinta informed her of the news: "Our Lady told me that I will go to Lisbon into another hospital; that I will never see you again, nor my parents either; that after suffering a great deal, I will die all alone; but that I should not be afraid, because She will come to get me in order to go to Heaven." On February 2, 1920, on the Feast of the Presentation of the Child Jesus, Jacinta left Our Lady of the Miracles Orphanage for the hospital Dona Estefania.

"Purulent pleurisy of the large left cavity, with fistula; osteitis of the seventh and eighth ribs of the same side." Such was the diagnosis of Dr. Castro Freire who received her at the hospital.

On February 10, Jacinta was operated on. She had much to suffer, for they could not give her chloroform, because of her extreme weakness, and they had to be content with a local anesthetic, a method which was still very imperfect at that time. They withdrew two ribs from her left side; the wound was as large as a hand; she suffered a great deal from it, and the pain was revived each time it was necessary to bandage the wound. However the only groan was: "Ow! Ow! ... Oh! Our Lady!" She added: "Patience! We must all suffer in order to go to Heaven!"

As a good Mother, the Virgin Mary had pity on Her child and soon came to soften her trial ... She appeared to her at the foot of her bed: "Our Lady told me that She would come to get me soon and that I will not suffer any longer." In fact, since that day, Jacinta no longer manifested any suffering. She knew the day and the hour of her death.

On February 20, 1920 Jacinta died alone, with no one to assist her in her last moments.

All was accomplished. The prophecy of the Blessed Virgin Mary had been fulfilled.

Taken from Fatima: Mary’s Immaculate Heart and Your Salvation