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Father Gruner leading the Rosary procession
at the Fatima Center on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

My Rosary

Down deep within my pocket
Everywhere I go
I keep a small reminder
Of seeds I'm called to sow.

It calls to mind the message
He taught by word and deed;
The love His life has shown to us
The truth by which we’re freed.

It starts with heavenly tidings,
A Savior has been born
In a cave in Bethlehem,
On this very morn.

Its cross keeps ere before us
The love of Calvary;
Its beads a help in counting
The pains He bore for me.

May I never be discouraged
Whatever life may bring;
For trials give way to glory
In that eternal spring.

Whenever go my thoughts astray
As fingers tell the beads
And tiredness makes it hard to pray
My longing heart He reads.

O Mother dear I’m gratified
For all you’ve done for me;
This gift from You I cherish so
My blessed Rosary.

Author Unknown

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