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Our Lady of the Well


On the night of September 26, 1256, a well in the stables of Cardinal Pietro Capocci overflowed and flooded the surrounding area. The servants were awakened by the noise of the terrified horses and ran to the stables. They found a heavy stone bearing an image of the Virgin Mary floating on the water. After attempting in vain to lift it, they called the Cardinal. He prayed and then picked up the stone without difficulty. He then placed it in his private oratory.

Our Pilgrimage visited the
The Shrine of Our Lady of the Well.

The following day the Cardinal narrated this unusual event to Pope Alexander IV, who approved the miracle after consultation and ordered the stable converted into a chapel. When the chapel was completed the Pope with the clergy and faithful of Rome accompanied the painting in procession and enthroned it near the well. From that day to this Our Lady has granted countless favors to the faithful who devoutly drink the water of the well. This water is frequently brought to the sick.

In 1452 the church became a parish and since 1513 it has been in the care of the Servites. Since 1551 a cardinal priest has been its titular pastor. The miraculous image was crowned in 1646 by the Chapter of the Vatican, Basilica.

The principal feast is the 8th of September. A vigil is kept on the night of the 26th of September.

Miraculous Image of Our Lady of the Well

Most Holy Virgin, loving Queen and Mother, we come to Thee with filial gratitude, to offer our tribute of love for having chosen to manifest Thy power in this humble place, causing Thine image to appear miraculously on the waters of this well.

In this sanctuary Thou hast reigned as Mother of Mercy and Mediatrix of All Grace for seven centuries, ever ready to understand our needs and lighten our burden. We offer Thee not only our humble supplications but also our thanks for the signal favors Thou hast bestowed on us.

Receive our devotion and the promise to remain always united to Thee for we shall surely perish if we separate ourselves from Thee.

May Thou be our only thought, the most tender affection of our heart, the dearest object of our desires every day of our life, until we are united to Thee with the bonds of that perfect charity which is reserved for the blessed in Heaven. Amen.

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