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Dear Father,

I would like to thank you for the magazine you sent me, Only I Can Help You, Issue 56. It is a very beautiful booklet which I have already read about four times. The world needs people like you, to spread the devotion of Our Lady.

... Father Mary Joseph,

Dear Father,

I left my parish of 32 years in July of this year because the pastor is just not receptive to a lot of things and we simply do not see eye to eye on many counts like the First Saturday devotions - he called this "playing mathematics with God"...The only thing I can say to you which might help, is that although I was raised in Catholic schools in Britain, right from kindergarten, and taught by nuns 90% of the time, and given good instruction in my Faith by my Mother and Father, I would credit you with giving me the instruction in the devotion to Fatima and sending me information to further my knowledge of Fatima, and I am sure that there are many thousands of people like me. It led to my starting and leading the First Five Saturdays in my parish ...Surely your devotion to Our Blessed Mother will soon be rewarded and you will triumph over your enemies.

... Helen,
Whitby, Ontario

Dear Father Gruner,

I have been reading and enjoying The Fatima Crusader as well as the letters you write and prayers you send for me for way over two years. Thank you. I have just received the Rosary Crusade Newsletter. I read the Crusader from cover to cover immediately when I receive it.

Such good information I have not found anywhere else.

I pray two Rosaries every day that the Fatima Center will keep going on and that Pope John Paul II and all the bishops of the world together at the same time will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I am 75 years old and remember vividly when I joined the Roman Catholic Church at 18 years old after studying under a very good priest for almost 5 years. I joined against my dear father’’s wishes because I knew it was the one true Church of Christ.

I am giving The Fatima Crusader and other pieces of literature you send me to others here who know what the "One True Church" is.

... Virginia,
British Columbia

Dear Father,

I wanted to thank you for coming to Denver, and giving us such a wonderful talk on Fatima. It was such an eye opening experience to hear you tell the story of the three seers and how they were so willing to serve Our Lady for the salvation of souls. The messages of Fatima are not as known as they should be, so it was refreshing to hear you explain each message and the 3rd Secret which is as of yet not revealed...Thank you so much Father for coming, you remind me of St. Athanasius... fighting for the Kingship of Christ the King and Queenship of Our Lady of Fatima... I have since then read your book (Fatima Priest) and I was very impressed on all the work you’’ve done and most of all the sacrifices and spiritual warfare you’’ve endured.

... Glen,
Denver, Colorado

Dear Rev. Father Gruner,

Reverend Father, when I receive your letters it is better than winning the lottery.

... Mary Agatha,
Cotyrone, England

Dear Father,

Here’’s my prayer for Father Gruner and all the staff.

Father in Heaven, please help them all to carry on the work of Our Lady. That it may be heard even by the hardest of hearts. In times of discouragement may it be more meaningful. And all evil obstacles only serve as more of a time of winning than losing.

Help them to rest at night in your arms of security, and wake up even more determined to carry on.

Bless them financially that every penny will be blessed and multiplied and even tripled. Bless Father Gruner, that the burdens he carries will be lifted so high. Like balloons they disappear never to be seen again.

May our Holy Mother pat his head that he may feel the warmth of it, as a mother pats her child for doing what he knows is right.

May St. Joseph always be there to guide him as he was with our Blessed Mother when they traveled during hard times, so our Savior could be born.

And may the stars at night be a reminder of all the people in the world and Russia. They can also shine if only we will all consecrate our hearts to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

... Patricia,
Taylorsville, Utah