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by Mrs. Coralie Graham, Editor

Our hearts cannot help but be moved by the plight of these precious children living in such terrible poverty and need. And yet, there is an even more fun­damental reason for helping them.

William Fante's background report dramatically shows that the real battle is for the souls of these children. Our work is not merely to feed and shelter their bodies, but also to save them from the pagan and false Chris­tian cults that would prey upon their souls as the lion preys on the lamb.

Our Lord tells us in the Gospel that "it would be better for him that a millstone should be hanged around his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea" than anyone "scandalize one of these lit­tle ones that believe in Me."

The Fatima Message warned us of the scourges and errors that would arise if Our Lady's requests were not granted. These poor innocent children are the most obvious victims of mankind's refusal to obey the Mother of God ... but they are far from the only or the last ones. Will our own children and grandchildren be next?

As Father Gruner has taught, saving souls and saving lives go hand-in-hand in the Fatima Message. Even as we reach out in Christian love to save these precious young lives, we must continue to work and pray for the Consecration of Russia, re­membering that it is only by this means that Our Lady solemnly promises to bring true Christian peace to the whole world thereby immensely facilitating the saving of the lives and souls of children everywhere