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"Fatima, Reveal the Third Secret”

La Stampa Newspaper, July 13, 1995

VATICAN CITY – A group of U.S. Catholics, led by two bishops, has found a way as showy as it is original, to ask the Pope to reveal the Third Secret of Fatima and to denounce "the plots of a small but influential lobby of anti-Fatima bureaucrats nestled in the sacred palaces.

Yesterday, the readers of the Roman daily Il Messaggero ran across two full pages advertising carrying an Open Letter to the Pope, to all Catholics and all men "lovers of peace." A letter of such expensive cost if one reads the the official list price, the publication of the Open Letter would have reached many tens of millions of lire. The bishops, first signers, are the Archbishop of Madang, in Papua New Guinea, His Excellency Benedict To Varpin and the retired Nigerian Bishop, His Excellency Anthony Sanusi. They are followed by another 9 thousand signatures above all, of Faithful of U.S. associations. (Asca) wire service.