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"Let the Pope Reveal 
the Third Secret of Fatima"

from Il Giorno Newspaper, July 13, 1995

VATICAN CITY — If applied to the "official" price, the "Fatima Center," with a principal office in the United States, has had to pay out 250 million lire (about $150,000 U.S.) to publish two entire pages in a Roman daily, an "Open Letter" to Pope Wojtyla to communicate to him the intention of convoking a conference of all the bishops of the world and to ask him to reveal the Third Secret of Fatima. The ‘Vatican', declaring that there is nothing to say, distanced itself from this unusual initiative which was signed by the Catholic Bishop of Madang, in Papua New Guinea, by Archbishop Benedict To Varpin, by the "retired" Bishop Anthony Sanusi of the diocese of Ijebu-Ode in Nigeria, by three North American priests and by 9,000 lay persons from the whole world.

The objective of the associations which adhere to the initiative is that of promoting the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary "according to all the details established by the Blessed Virgin in Her Message of Fatima — says a communication of the organizers — as an indispensable premise for a lasting peace in the world." According to the authors of the letter, there would be at least 5 million throughout the world who have signed petitions to this purpose.

In the letter, the signers say to the Pope:

"Lest we be accused of planning in secret or not seeking proper authorization, we here and now — in this public forum — announce that we shall yet for a 3RD time invite every bishop in the world (whether friend or foe of Fatima) to join together in Rome for a Conference on Peace and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, dates and times to be announced by formal letter and publication."

Wojtyla they ask also to agree to grant "the Papal benediction" to the meeting and ask him to take part "in one or more meetings of the same." The letter is accompanied by a "resolution" in 14 points, adopted during the previous Conference, held in Mexico City last November.