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The Holy Father Responds
to the “Open Letter”

by Mrs. Coralie Graham, editor

According to reliable information received from sources close to the Pope, His Holiness has encouraged The Fatima Crusader to publish our “Open Letter” everywhere and anywhere we can.

In these troubled times (both within and without the Church), the Holy Father clearly recognizes the need for a great swelling of grass-roots support from the world’s Catholic Faithful. Indeed, our prayers for him could not be more important than they are at this moment. We must never forget that Our Lady of Fatima told Sister Lucy to “pray, pray for the Holy Father. He will do it (consecrate Russia), but it will be late.”

We can show our support and love for God’s Vicar in many ways. Our prayers and spiritual bouquets offered for his health and well-being are one important way to join our hearts with his. The Curé of Ars tells us that prayer joined with sacrifice is even more effective than prayer alone. And Our Blessed Mother confirms this when She commands us to “pray and sacrifice for sinners.”

Your financial and volunteer sacrifices through Our Lady’s Apostolate, especially in our outreach programs to the Pope and the Bishops, are a powerful way of building a direct line of communication to our Church leaders.

And yet another positive way to reach out to the Holy Father is through petitions like the one you will find on the back cover of this issue of The Fatima Crusader.

Many Catholics have been deceived into believing that they are not permitted to petition the Pope or, that by doing so, they are somehow “telling him what to do.” Nothing could be further from the truth!

The Canon Law of the Church gives the clergy and laity the right to petition the Holy Father. It could not be stated more clearly:

 “Christ’s faithful are at liberty to make known their needs, especially their spiritual needs, and their wishes to the Pastors of the Church.”

The Pope himself gives us an example of his desire and need to hear the voices of the Faithful. Many years ago, when he was the Cardinal of Cracow, he was asked to lead a procession to the shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa. He refused, apparently fearing his presence would incite violence from the Communist authorities, but the event was held anyway. When the crowd marching in the procession swelled to many thousands, the Holy Father suddenly appeared in his full Cardinal’s regalia and proceeded to the front of the procession where he led it to Our Lady's shrine.

It seems manifestly clear that Cardinal Wojtyla was not personally opposed to so pious an undertaking when he initially refused to lead the procession, but rather he felt the need to see the support of the people before he could act publicly against those who urged caution or threatened violence.

Today, our Holy Father seems again to be looking for the Catholic Faithful to act before he feels able to publicly throw his support behind the crusade for Russia’s consecration.

Our recent “Open Letter” ad in Rome's largest daily newspaper and our continuing petitions give the Pope the kind of public support he needs before he can order the world’s bishops to join him in this controversial act. They are powerful ammunition against the liberal Modernists in the Curia who are determined to control the Church’s political and spiritual agenda.

One of the edifying conclusions that emerged from both our Bishops’ Conferences is that the vast majority of the bishops would willingly support the consecration of Russia if the Holy Father asked them. 


The truth of Christ and of Our Lady of Fatima is destined to triumph over evil. But in this era of apostasy and continuing disaffection, the date of that triumph depends on you and me.

It is truly time for us to join together as modern-day crusaders, holding high our holy Faith as a banner against all evil and doubt, fighting in relentless defense of our Holy Church, of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of the Papacy.

We must demonstrate and, yes, we must fight for our Faith!

Please let His Holiness, the Pope know of your love and support. Tell him through your letters, telegrams and petitions that you stand ready and willing to join him in this holy crusade for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.