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Straight is the Road 
and Narrow is the Gate 
that Leads to Victory

by Father Nicholas Gruner

Father Gruner, during a previous trip to India, administers food for the body and soul to the sick and needy. See the report of opening our new orphanage in India.


Our Lady’s and My Dear Friend,

Thanks be to God and Our Lady, we have been able to publish this our VICTORY issue, our 50th Fatima Crusader.

It has been a struggle over the past 18 years to bring you this number of magazines, and this present issue is no exception. This, however, is an even greater victory because of the two major events that you and I and above all Our Lady, have accomplished in 1995. These landmark incidents are:

1) “The Open Letter to the Pope” published in the largest daily Roman newspaper — Il Messaggero and

2) The Opening in India of the “Immaculate Heart of Mary” Orphanage.

These events, though thousands of miles apart, are indeed little triumphs toward the great Triumph that Our Lady has promised.

The Rome Ad

It was with a great sense of accomplishment and relief that I returned from Rome on July 13, 1995, the 78th Anniversary of when Our Lady revealed the Great Secret of Fatima and promised that in the end Her Immaculate Heart would triumph.

On July 12 over one million readers, including high officials in the Vatican and in the Italian State, read our Open Letter to the Pope. We can be reasonably certain that by now, the Pope has also read it. This Open Letter took months and months of planning, fundraising, writing and editing. The final stage was the translating of this document into the flawless and elegant Italian that appeared in Il Messaggero.

This is a photo of the actual Open Letter to His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, that appeared in the largest Roman daily Newspaper, II Messaggero, on July 12, 1995. It was read by more than 1,000,000 readers.

Some people have asked why is it so important to publish this Open Letter.

First of all, I think the Letter itself explains its urgency and necessity. As is obvious, two Catholic bishops and three priests, two of whom possess advanced degrees in Theology also thought it important. I am in agreement with all of them, as well as with the faithful supporters who signed this historic document. Since the Letter, in part, dealt with defending my work and reputation, I thought it more appropriate that I not sign it.

But to add my own reasons to those who signed the Letter — I believe that publishing this Open Letter was not only a victory — but perhaps a necessary step that had to be taken in order to continue to give whatever thrust possible towards the Consecration of Russia by the Pope and bishops according to Our Lady of Fatima's requests.

I don't want to exaggerate, but since Our Lady's enemies in the Vatican showed themselves so desperate to stop our second Bishops Conference by circulating lies which are easy to demonstrate as total fabrications, it became clear that they fear the truth being made known to the great majority of the bishops.

Our Lord said that the children of darkness and of the devil, are wiser than the children of light. They realize that if the Bishops were actually able to hear the truth about the consecration, the vast majority of these bishops would do all they can to ask the Pope to set the stage for the actual consecration. The devil knows that his time is short so he pulled out all stops to stop our Conference in Mexico. He almost succeeded.

Yet despite this, the Conference was held, the final fruit being the 14 Resolutions completed and signed by bishops present.

Setting the Record Straight

However, there was more work to do. There was the problem of the lies circulated against us to the Holy Father and to almost all the bishops around the world. These falsehoods had to be addressed and rectified.

Without this public response, the lies, innuendos and underhanded tactics used by those desperate Vatican bureaucrats would have ruined our reputation, resulting in our credibility being lost in the eyes of thousands of bishops throughout the world. If the lies of these Vatican bureaucrats, trading on the prestige of the Pope, were not openly challenged, they would have continued to poison many more bishops against us. Had we not responded in a dramatic and forceful manner, the damage done by the enemies to Our Lady's apostolate would have been practically irreparable.

We now know from private sources, from bishops and internationally well-known lay people that the Pope supports our efforts but feels that he cannot come out publicly in support of us. Perhaps that is why, although I have been living in fear for over 5 years of some public denouncement for some ecclesiastical crime I have never committed, it has never come. And why, despite the concerted efforts of very powerful bureaucrats since 1981 to the present to silence me, I have to this day been able to speak out about Our Lady's full Fatima Message.

A Dark Influence

Certainly it is no secret and well documented that a number of Cardinals and bishops have joined the Masonic lodges in total and absolute contradiction with their most sacred vows.

The Pope knows the truth about Fatima but seems to allow himself to be persuaded by these liberal and Masonic prelates surrounding him. These bishops tell the Pope not to do the Consecration of Russia because they say the bishops will oppose him. Apparently the Pope feels he has to rely on groups like ourselves to reach the bishops to tell them the whole truth about Fatima.

You see, it is because Jesus Himself has insisted on the co-operation of the bishops together with the Pope — as you will read in Father Alonso’s article Meaning of the “Consecration” of Russia, that it is so essential that we are able to write, meet and talk to individual bishops and groups of bishops in order to obtain their co-operation.

Saint Thomas Aquinas points out that the way to get rid of error is to let the truth be known and then error dissipates itself. That is why we must publish the truth so widely, so that the error of Our Lady of Fatima's enemies will be overcome. The Open Letter to the Pope is indeed a great victory towards that goal.

Our Fatima Duty

Now, we know that Our Lady is so powerful, so good, so holy that if God let Her, She could, all by Herself, bring about the final Triumph.

But She imitates Her Son and They both leave something for us to do. Our efforts are quite little compared to all They do. But our part is also necessary because God Wills it so before Victory will be given.

That is why Our Lady asked the children to pray.

That is why Our Lady told the children to offer sacrifices.

Our Lady made it clear that our co-operation with God's grace and Our Lady's intervention and intercession is necessary. She said “If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and a period of peace given to the world.”

Our Lady also said, “If people do what I tell you, many souls will be saved and there will be peace.”

Obviously Her Triumph will be realized when we do our little part. We must continue to pray the Rosary, we must sacrifice, we must continue to give financial and moral support to the continuous publication of Her full Fatima Message. If we continue to do this, if we remain faithful to our baptismal vows, to the commandments of Jesus and to the Holy Catholic Faith and to Our Lady of Fatima's requests, then we shall see the victory.

I believe it is much closer than it looks, but I also believe that terrible suffering awaits us around the corner first, unless we bring about the Consecration of Russia very soon.

The book Tragedy and Triumph which we published last December explains just how close these events are to us. I urge you to read at least the last 30 pages to help you to understand this.

But we are on the winning side. We have seen these little victories in 1995. So I urge you, and beg you, to help us as this little band of stalwart supporters feels more and more the pressure that our enemies have placed on us.

Jesus tells us that we must carry our cross. So this is our way, the way of the cross. Day by day, take up our cross, of prayer, of fasting, of almsgiving, of thanksgiving, of work, of enduring ongoing persecution and of going on forward. Through this, Jesus and Mary will sanctify us if we remain faithful. Let us not lose patience. The great victory of the Consecration and world peace, as well as the greater victory of attaining eternal life, are just around the corner.

We thank God and Our Lady and you for the taste of Victory given us in 1995 — but the struggle is not yet over — please help. Please continue to help. Ultimately nothing else will work in the long run. Not politics, not diplomacy, not economics, not medicine, not science, not the military nor government.

Victory and Peace will only come from Our Lady and Her sons and daughters who hear Her cry, Her appeal for help, who fulfill Her requests for the Five First Saturdays, who pray and sacrifice for Her Victory which comes through the Consecration of Russia.

You are on the winning side, please recruit others to Our Lady's cause and redouble your Rosaries, reparations and sacrifices to finally bring about Our Lady's prophetic victory.

“In the end My Immaculate Heart will Triumph.”

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. Also read about the orphanage in India which we have helped Archbishop Arulappa start and pay for — it is a great work of charity — and the prayers and sacrifices of these children, just like the children of Fatima's prayers and sacrifices, are so important towards the spreading of Our Lady of Fatima's Message. Read the articles "Orphanage of the Immaculate Heart Opens in India" and "Why India?" which explain so well why this orphanage is so important.