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Incredible Expedient of an 
Antifatimist Hierarchy at Bay

A False Lucy Substituted
for the True? 

by Brother François de Marie des Anges,
CRC, October 1992

This incisive article was written shortly after the interview with "Sister Lucy" took place. There are still more facts emerging about the plotters in Fatima behind this interview. There are still several theories about it. Here we present one view which articulates the possibility that "Sister Lucy" of October 11, 1992 was in fact a fake — an impersonator — an actress.

Frère François has also in another later article described the possibility that the witnesses were lying. It seems that both theories are correct. This is borne out by news that has come to The Fatima Crusader since we returned from Fatima.

Subsequent to this article Father Pacheco, one of the two witnesses, who spoke Portuguese, has accused the chief propagandist Carlos Evaristo, of lying about this "historic" interview. See more about this in "Editor's Comments".

To listen to the testimony of Cardinal Anthony Padiyara, Archbishop of Ernakulam (India), of Most Reverend Francis Michaelappa, Bishop of Mysore (now deceased, RIP) India, of Father Francisco V. Pacheco, Brazilian priest, and of Carlos Evaristo, young man of about 30 years of age, resident in Fatima, it is clear that an amazing event took place at Coimbra Carmel on Sunday, October 11, 1992. Yes, their declarations leave us envisaging what we had hitherto thought unimaginable: a criminal substitution in this holy place.

I had arrived at Fatima a few hours before with a falangist friend. There, we learned on the evening of October 10 that Cardinal Padiyara, one of the members of the Congress organized by Father Nicholas Gruner, would attempt the next day to gather from the mouth of Sister Lucy of the Immaculate Heart a declaration on the act of offering of March 25, 1984. On their return from Coimbra, on October 11 and 12, that prelate and his three companions testified to what they saw and heard at the Carmel convent during an interview with a religious who was presented to them as being the seer of Fatima.

This is an abridged account of our conversation with Carlos Evaristo on his return. "Just before noon, we entered the chapel of the Coimbra Carmel. I said to an extern Sister: 'Cardinal Padiyara is here and would like to meet Sister Lucy.' 'Why did you not announce in advance your coming?' she asked me. 'Because a Cardinal is a prince of the Church and has no need of authorization for a meeting.' 'I am well aware of that. But all our parlors are occupied. Wait. We are going to get something ready ... but is he a real Cardinal?' 'You want us to confirm his identity. You think he is not a real Cardinal?' 'Oh, no, no, no.' The Religious left, then she returned saying: 'Sister Lucy will receive you.' They opened the door. Sister Lucy was there, on the right, and the Mother Prioress on the left. I presented the Cardinal to Lucy, and we went into a room where there were some chairs and a large statue of St. Theresa. The Mother Prioress did not utter one word during the conversation. She came and went. Sister Lucy had said to her: 'You may stay. I would like you to be here'." I asked: "How much time passed between your asking to see Sister Lucy and the moment you actually met her?" Evaristo: "Five minutes." "Were Father Gruner's entourage and the bishops participating in his Congress — were they informed, like us, as early as Saturday, that Cardinal Padiyara would go to the Coimbra Carmel the next day?"; "Yes, they knew ... At the Carmel, the Cardinal, the bishop and the priest were very nervous. The Cardinal put the two questions to Sister Lucy — questions which you had drafted. Firstly: 'Was the Consecration of Russia done as Our Lady wishes it?' I translated, and Sister Lucy answered: 'Yes, yes, yes!'" three times. Carlos Evaristo added objections: "Sister Lucy, John Paul II did not mention Russia specifically?" — "IT WAS NOT NECESSARY. It is the intention that counts and God knows that the intention of the Pope was to consecrate Russia. Those persons who say that the Consecration and the conversion of Russia must be something of the greatest importance are mistaken. That is disinformation." I interrupted: "What proof can you give us that you were in the presence of Sister Lucy?" — "I took some photos." — "What distinctive signs enabled you to recognize Sister Lucy?" "It was her. There is no doubt about it. I touched her face. I embraced her. Sister Lucy said: 'Our Lady never wanted the Third Secret to be revealed to the world. The Secret is for the Pope'.' I said ..." — "So it wasn't the Cardinal who spoke during the interview?" — "The Cardinal asked your questions and then seemed to be almost asleep. Sister Lucy said: 'Only 2 wars are mentioned in the Message of Fatima.' I asked her: 'So there will be no more wars?' She replied: 'Oh, no ... But Our Lady spoke of two wars, that of 1914-18 and the Second World War, which was a very bad war, against God and against the Jews who are also God's people. Our Lady never mentioned civil or political wars'."

Our friend and I were astounded. It was going too far. It is a contradiction of one of the essential prophecies of the Secret: "Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars ..." Our falangist friend burst out: "It was not Sister Lucy!" Carlos: "I beg your pardon ..." I emphasized: "All possible hypotheses must be envisaged. You have no decisive proof that you were in the presence of Sister Lucy." Carlos explained: "She was seated opposite me. She held my hand like this for two hours." Brother François: "Your hands; she held your hands?" The falangist: "A cloistered nun holding his hand, like that, for two hours ..."

Carlos Evaristo, Bishop Michaelappa and the Brazilian priest testified to having heard several other more than surprising declarations from the alleged seer. But before quoting them, let us place this interview in context, for several important events took place at Fatima on the eve of the liturgical celebrations of October 12 and 13. We will relate them while giving our testimony, since we arrived in Portugal in the evening of October 8, in order to participate in "The First Fatima International Pastoral Symposium", organized by the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Cosme do Amaral. 

Jacinta, before she died, indicated that Lucy would one day be allowed to speak
to the world and that when she did, Lucy must take the opportunity to tell everyone that God gives His graces through the Immaculate Heart
of Mary. Let us pray that soon, Sister Lucy will be allowed to speak fully and release the Third Secret to the
whole world.

Two Visits in Lisbon

October 9, at 9:30 a.m., we were at the Nunciature in Lisbon where we had a meeting with Monsignor Luigi Pozzuto, the "adviser" to the Nuncio, who had himself been in Rome on vacation since September 12. Immediately he warned us against Father Gruner: "You are going to 'The Pastoral Symposium of Fatima'. Be careful, because there is at present in Fatima another meeting organized by Father Gruner who is forbidden to exercise his priesthood ..." (Ed. Note: See Papal Blessing of Father Gruner and The Fatima Crusader in "Letter to All the Catholic Bishops".) But apart from that, Monsignor Luigi Pozzuto would tell us nothing concerning Fatima, Sister Lucy or her declaration to the Nuncio of March 21 last: "I don't know ... I am not informed ..." When I asked him if he could obtain permission from the Holy See for me to meet Sister Lucy, he replied: "Ask the Bishop of Fatima."

The reception on the part of Dr. Francisco de Lacerda, in his office, in the Regional Social Security Centre, was very different and very warm. This great devotee of Our Lady of Fatima has allowed himself to be persuaded by the authorities of Fatima that the Consecration of Russia was accomplished by John Paul II. But when we showed him the apocryphal letters of Sister Lucy he balked at the erroneous statements and made a face. Dr. Francisco de Lacerda was present for most of the conversation between the Nuncio and Sister Lucy last March 21. Yet, after two hours of conversation, he was unable to tell us clearly what the seer had said to the Nuncio on that day. So, I offered him a sheet of blank paper and asked him to write: "During the visit of March 21, 1992, concerning the act of March 25, 1984, Sister Lucy said that ..." But Dr. Lacerda refused: "I cannot write that for you. I would have to see the Nuncio first ..."

Our Interventions at the Meeting 
on the Pastoral of Fatima

We arrived at Fatima at 3:00 p.m. About five hundred persons participated in this international meeting at the Paul VI Center. They were mainly priests and members of religious orders with a few bishops and people from every race and nationality: Portuguese, Americans, Africans, Filipinos, Italians, some French, some Slavs, including several confessors of The Faith.

On October 9, after the plenary session, at a conference by an Italian Professor on "The Message of Fatima and the Holy Trinity," I presented my respects to Bishop do Amaral, then I greeted Monsignor Luciano Guerra, the rector of the sanctuary. I soon learned that he had read my latest article on Fatima. He was aware, therefore, of the accusations I had made in it: "Under the authority of Bishop do Amaral, three ecclesiastics, residing in Portugal, were directly implicated in the fabrication and spreading of these apocryphal letters: Father Luis Kondor, Father Messias Coelho and Monsignor Luciano Guerra. We think that Monsignor Guerra personally wrote several of these letters, including the one dated November 21, 1989, we have made our accusation and justified it in our books, Fatima, Joie Intime, Événement Mondial (cf. p. 240, note 1, p. 377).1 (Fatima, Intimate Joy, World Event. This book in French will soon be available in English from The Fatima Crusader.)

At 4:30 p.m. the Congress broke up into five separate sessions in different rooms, each followed by its own discussion. Our falangist friend went to hear Father Miller, editor of the American section of the Blue Army magazine Soul. Here are two leading ideas from his talk: "The nucleus of the revelations of Fatima is a call to conversion. The Message of Fatima in 1992, is the new evangelization being preached by John Paul II." The debate began. Father Miller disparaged the work and campaigns of Father Gruner. The falangist protested: "You are softening the revelations of Fatima. They announce that the Holy Father will make the Consecration of Russia, but it will be late ... Since the act of offering made in 1984, there has not been the miracle of the conversion of Russia and peace has not been given to the world."

I myself went to hear Father Schulte Staade speak on adoration. His conference focused entirely on the message of the Angel. Then a communication from Father Pierre Caillon gave me the opportunity to intervene in the debate immediately after him:

"Speaking of the decline in vocations in France and in Portugal, Father Caillon quoted two dates: 1946, 1989. Now, between those two dates a notable event took place: the Second Vatican Council. I am a disciple of Father Georges de Nantes and am therefore convinced that the Reform undertaken by that Council is the cause of the present decadence. It would seem to me, therefore, that a study of the concordances and oppositions between the themes of the Fatima Message and the main orientations of the Second Vatican Council, would be most useful. Father Caillon had asked this question: 'Why in France do we not yet see the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which will also be the triumph of Christ and His Church? What is the explanation? In fact, why is this adoration of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, presented by our Lecturer with such mystical fervor, still so little practiced throughout the world?' In my opinion this is the answer: 'This triumph has not yet come because the Holy Father has not yet consecrated Russia according to the conditions requested by Our Lady. John Paul II has only pronounced acts of offering the world. Sister Lucy has explained that such acts could not have a decisive character.'

"I have quoted the declarations she made, before and after 1984, in the book, Fatima, Intimate Joy, World Event. One Pope only, as far as I know, has formulated an explicit Consecration of Russia, but not exactly as Our Lady wills, and that was Pius XII, in 1952, exactly 40 years ago. Curiously, Cardinal Sodano omitted to mention this in his homily of May 13, when he mentioned the consecrations made by the Popes ... I propose that the final message of this Congress should exhort all the devotees of Fatima to pray that Pope John Paul II, eventually, respond to Our Lady's requests."

Whereupon Dr. Ascenso Pascoal closed the session. On Saturday, October 10, at another such session, our falangist friend explained why reparatory Communion of the First Saturdays is the salutary recourse for obtaining peace in the world.

"I propose therefore," he said finally, "that this Congress terminate with sending a request to the Holy Father begging him to approve and recommend the reparatory Communion." At the same time, in another session, I ventured to quote the speaker, Dom Jean-Nesmy, from his own book The Truth of Fatima published in 1980 where in note 22 he writes: "The devotion of the Five First Saturdays has not yet been made the object of any official act by the Chancellory of Leiria." A young man stood up and said: "I approve of what has just been said. The hierarchy has not replied to the requests of Our Lady." The woman moderator said: "What is your name? And your diocese? Please, your papers?" Yes, it was indeed as Bishop do Amaral had indicated: a matter of "strengthening the ecclesiastical communion and of neutralizing the frequent deviations in this kind of apostolate!"2

Fox, Kondor and Guerra Confounded

Sunday, October 11, in the main amphitheater, with Father Luis Kondor presiding, Father Fox presented his work: Fatima Family Apostolate.

The discussion began, and there were interventions from an Orthodox priest, of a lady from Angers, then from our falangist friend:

"It is as the father of a family that I wish to share my experience with you. Since 1989, Father Fox, you have been announcing the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Now, in this year 1992, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is still very much neglected in France. On the other hand, what is preached and exalted by the hierarchy, is the rights of man, all human rights including the right to religious freedom. These human rights have been rightly denounced, it seems to me, by theologians such as Father de Nantes, as a monstrous impiety. In practice, they lead to revolt against God and against all social authority representing Jesus Christ. As the father of a family, I notice that the rights of children are always used firstly to emancipate children from their parents and then to incite them to revolt. This exaltation of the rights of man even in the Church convinces me that we have not yet reached the time of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary announced in the great Secret of July 13, 1917. This Secret, which programs the entire history of the 20th Century, develops according to a chronological order. The third part was to have been divulged in 1960, for then, according to Sister Lucy, it would be clearer. It seems to me that we are not yet come out of that period dealt with in the third part of the Secret, which announces a spiritual chastisement; the loss of faith. We are in the thick of the diabolical disorientation, according to the expression often used, after 1960, by Sister Lucy in her correspondence.

"I am confirmed in this conviction by the fact that the Consecration of Russia has not been done as Our Lady wishes. I know indeed that you, Reverend Father Fox, have announced in the U.S.A. that the Consecration of Russia had been accomplished on March 25, 1984, and in so doing you have appealed to the alleged testimony of Sister Lucy. Now Fatima experts, such as Brother François of Mary of the Angels, have demonstrated that the alleged oral declarations of Lucy which you have reported, were nothing more than fables. Five letters of Sister Lucy in which it is said that the consecration was done, have been propagated since August 1989. Now these letters have been denounced as fakes. They are apocryphal. Brother François has published proof of this and no one has contradicted him ..."

The falangist concluded, and a few people applauded. There was a brief intervention by Father Kondor, who added some historical details concerning the Third Secret, and then I spoke:

"Allow me to introduce myself: Brother François of St. Mary of the Angels. It seems to me, Reverend Father, that there are some inaccuracies in your account of the Third Secret. Firstly, concerning the date of its publication: in 1946, Lucy had asked Bishop da Silva to promise that the Secret would be revealed to the world at her (Lucy's) death, or, at any rate, not later than in 1960. I refer to the testimony of Canon Galamba.3 To justify not divulging the Secret, Cardinal Ottaviani claimed in 1967, after the event, that this Third Secret was meant only for the Holy Father. In truth, however, it had been entrusted to the Portuguese hierarchy, for them to learn and to reveal.4

"I listened attentively to the testimony of the Russian Orthodox priest. But the prophecy of the conversion of Russia does not announce a rebirth of the Russian Orthodox Church. The official expert of Fatima, Father Alonso, wrote: 'Lucy always thought that the conversion of Russia does not extend only to a return of the peoples of Russia to the Christian Orthodox religion while rejecting the Marxist atheism of the Soviets, but it refers simply and fully to its total and integral conversion by a return to the one and only true Roman Catholic Church.'5

"As for the act of offering made on March 25, 1984 and for Lucy's thinking on the subject, I maintain what I have said, following the example of my Father Superior, the Abbé Georges de Nantes, despite a communiqué from the Lusa agency in this morning's Portuguese press reporting a declaration by Father Geraldes Freire that: 'Sister Lucy considers the Consecration of Russia to have been done.'

"Father Freire does not say when and in the presence of what witnesses the seer of Fatima declared this. To my knowledge, Sister Lucy has made no such declaration in the presence of several reliable witnesses. As for the accusations concerning the apocryphal letters of Lucy, I am prepared to justify them or if need be, to retract them if my criticisms of those letters are refuted in a decisive manner.

"Finally, it seems to me that, throughout this Congress, the Divine Plan for our century, revealed by Our Lady, has been obscured. For it is through the amazing miracle of the conversion of Russia, obtained in striking manner through the all-powerful mediation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that God wishes to establish in the world devotion to Her Immaculate Heart."

The lady moderator addressed a few words of congratulation ... to Father Fox, and the session was closed. As though nothing had been said!

On Monday, October 12, 10:30, closing session. Bishop do Amaral makes a brief but very firm final declaration. "This is the norm which I propose to all those here present. The communion with their bishops' demands that they be in communion with Peter. Omnes cum Petro per Mariam ad Jesum. There is no other way. It is the only way."

The amphitheater empties. But here is Father Laurentin! He has arrived for the closing of the Congress: "What are you doing here?" he asked me. "Did they allow you to participate ..." — "Yes, and yesterday in the presence of Fathers Fox and Kondor, I was able to denounce publicly the apocryphal letters of Lucy." — "What did they answer you?" — "Nothing."

I approached Monsignor Luciano Guerra. The conversation began: "Can you swear to me on the Gospel that you did not draft the apocryphal letters of Lucy?" — "No, I don't wish to, I cannot now, not under these conditions." "Internal criticism of those letters proves that they could not have been written by Sister Lucy." — "I will not discuss it with you. You have no heart!" — "If you show me my errors, I will retract them." — "You have no heart!"

Father Kondor arrived. "Do you know that I accuse you of being implicated in the fabrication of the apocryphal letters of Sister Lucy?" I held out to him my latest article.

"What letters?" he said with a laugh. I showed them to him and he began to read them. I interrupted him: "But you are very well acquainted with them since you have fabricated them." Laurentin who was present at the scene wanted some photocopies of them. "Ask for them at the St. Joseph House."

While leaving the Paul VI Center, we met Father Fox. "I love you in the Lord," he said to me. Brother François: "They delivered my articles to you this morning?" — "Yes, I know Father de Nantes." — "I am talking to you about the articles denouncing the fabrications and apocryphal character of the letters you have published. I am awaiting your retraction." He remained silent. I left him.

Each of us can say with St. Alphonsus, "If I had sinned one sin less then Jesus would have suffered less in
His passion." As Sacred Scripture says, "He was wounded for our iniquities, He was bruised for our sins: the chastisement of our peace was
upon Him and by His bruises, we are healed ... the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all ... For the wickedness of my people, have I struck Him." 
(Isaias 53)

Father Gruner Ostracized

In order to make known Heaven's wishes not yet satisfied, Father Gruner had organized from October 8-12 in Fatima a Congress dealing with the theme: "Peace in the World and the Immaculate Heart of Mary." He had invited the bishops from all over the world, paying, at his own expense and that of his movement, The International Fatima Rosary Crusade, all their expenses of the trip and stay in Fatima. Now, while about a hundred bishops, including Cardinal Padiyara, were arriving in Fatima in order to participate in that Congress, Father Gruner was viciously discredited and even sanctioned by ecclesiastical authorities. Wednesday, October 7, Cardinal José Sanchez, prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Clergy, signed a declaration specifying that Father Gruner "does not have faculties from the Diocese of Leiria-Fatima to perform ministerial acts." His Congress "has not been approved by the competent ecclesiastical authority." (Ed. Note: See correction to this error by three Archbishops in "The Bishop of Fatima Makes Our Bishops Peace Conference Official".) As for Bishop do Amaral, he put pressure on the prelates who had accepted Father Gruner's invitation, to desert his Congress on "Peace and the Immaculate Heart of Mary," and to rally to the "Fatima International Pastoral Symposium." He even sent them a letter, large extracts of which were published in the Portuguese press. (See articles: "A letter to All the Catholic Bishops" and "Strange Goings On in Fatima" in this issue for further clarification.)

An Odious Sham

However, about 40 bishops refused to dissociate themselves from Father Gruner. It was then that the idea of a meeting between Cardinal Padiyara and Sister Lucy came out. I was personally informed of this plan by Carlos Evaristo in the evening of Saturday, October 10.

Not suspecting that a plot was being hatched, I suggested asking Sister Lucy two questions. That same day, Father Kondor gave the Lusa agency a communiqué announcing that Sister Lucy was saying that the Consecration of Russia was done. On the next day, Sunday, October 11, while that communiqué was being published by the Portuguese dailies, Cardinal Padiyara was on his way to the Carmel of Coimbra.

On their return to Fatima in the evening, those accompanying the Cardinal, namely Bishop Michaelappa, Father Pacheco and Carlos Evaristo, related how they had been able to meet Sister Lucy and what she had said to them. The next day, Cardinal Padiyara made a declaration to the 40 bishops: Sister Lucy affirmed yesterday that the Consecration of Russia is done and that the Third Secret is destined exclusively to the Holy Father. Father Gruner was therefore in error. It was necessary to comply with the orders of Bishop do Amaral.

But had the Cardinal really met Lucy? Terrible uncertainty! We have already quoted the account of Carlos Evaristo. Here are some other words of the Carmelite reported by the witnesses to the interview:6

"Our Lady is still appearing to me and says that God has accepted the consecration of 1984." And she added that she herself wrote those letters: "I know what is in them." As for Father Gruner, "he wants too much. He is too hard." She let it even be understood that Our Lady had said to her ... "Conversion [of Russia] does not mean conversion to the Catholic faith, it means world peace."

No, Sister Lucy Has Not Failed

Let us come straight to the point and say that it is impossible for Sister Lucy, the real one, to have made such declarations, and for several reasons:

Firstly, because such an aberration on the part of a witness chosen by God is unthinkable. The fraudulent and heterodox commentary on the prophecy of the conversion of Russia is an example. "When God has a great mission of extraordinary proportions to be accomplished in history, He is wise and prudent enough to choose and prepare adequate instruments, and, without violating their freedom, to enable them to fulfill with His grace the essential mission to which He has destined them from all eternity."7 Besides, on June 13, 1917 the Immaculate Heart of Mary promised Her messenger to never abandon her.

Secondly, Sister Lucy cannot have spoken in that way of the apparitions of Our Lady and of certain themes of the great Secret, of the different wars announced in the second part for example, because she is actually not permitted to speak of them without the express authorization of the Holy See.8 To our knowledge, on the rare occasions when Lucy has expressed her mind on the act of offering of 1984, saying that it did not satisfy the request of Our Lady, she always did it with caution.9

Thirdly, if Sister Lucy had said such words, those who claim that the Consecration of Russia is not done, would already have been invited by the authorities of Fatima to talk with her. Now the Diario de Coimbra reports that October 11, after the meeting with Cardinal Padiyara, the prioress telephoned to Fatima for instructions, and the Cardinal was warned that if he should present himself at the Coimbra convent accompanied by Father Gruner, he could not have a conversation with Lucy. On October 12, at 11:00 a.m. the seer had a long-standing appointment with Cory Aquino, ex-president of the Philippines. But Father Gruner had been previously chased from the Chapel of Carmel when he wanted to see Lucy in order to verify the authenticity of the words which had been reported to him on the previous evening.

If Sister Lucy had yielded to the pressure of her superiors, if she would agree to say: "The Consecration has been done." Monsignor Luciano Guerra and Father Luis Kondor would then have proposed when we spoke together, that authorization be obtained to meet Lucy so that I might learn from the seer herself, just how wrong are the accusations that I brought against them.

Conclusion. In order to discredit the work of Father Gruner and to stop Pope John Paul II being "importuned" with the request for the Consecration of Russia, did the authorities of Fatima, after circulating the apocryphal letters of Lucy, organize at the Carmel of Coimbra, on that October 11, 1992 a meeting with a "false Lucy"? Until proof to the contrary, we are not rejecting such an hypothesis. For on this there is no possible doubt: if Cardinal Padiyara and his three companions actually met a person in the Carmel who spoke the words they have reported, then the person was not the seer of Fatima, Sister Maria-Lucia of the Immaculate Heart.


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