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Some of Our Distinguished Speakers

Father Paul Trinchard S.T.L. was born in New Orleans, and after graduating with a Degree in Physics from Loyola University, he earned a Masters Degree in Philosophy from Spring Hill. After earning his Masters Degree in Physics, he specialized in the Philosophy of Science.

He received his Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL) from St. Louis University in 1968.

He is the author of Apostasy WithinGod's Word and The Awesome Fatima Consecrations.

Father Trinchard has been a guest on Fatima, "The Moment Has Come" several times and his book on Fatima has been widely acclaimed.

Deirdre Manifold who comes from Galway, Ireland, is the author of several books including Karl Marx: True or False Prophet? and Fatima and the Great Conspiracy. In this latter book which has now sold over 60,000 copies, she examines the internationalist conspiracy to achieve a materialist world dictatorship in our time. She points out that it is much closer to us than most people realize and offers us the solution in applying the full Fatima Message to overcome the satanic plans of these evil men. She has recently published a new book exposing the grave dangers of the "New World Order."

The Bishops Speak ...

"Very gratefully I received your letter dated first Friday in August 1992, signed Father Nicholas Gruner.

As a great lover of Our Lady of Fatima I highly appreciate your endeavors to promote the devotion and love for Our Lady of Fatima, and I am grateful for your complete and valuable information and incitements I received in the past.

I support your praiseworthy action with my prayers.

If I can do something to sustain your Crusade, I am very willing to do so with great pleasure.

Finally I thank you for your extremely important work, and united with you in the love for Our Lady of Fatima, I will offer the Holy Mass for the success of the Peace Conference."

Yours sincerely in Christo,

Bishop of Manado, Indonesia

* * *

"You are right it is the seventh time in four years that you have been communicating and I am grateful for that.

More I thank the Lord and Our Lady of Fatima for your perseverance, courage and patience in promoting the consecration of Russia to Our Lady.

I beg to be excused for the delay of my answer due to the pressure of works and I gladly would like to attend the Fatima Peace Conference on October 8 to 12, 1992 at Fatima.

It is for me a privilege and honor to attend the 75th anniversary of the miracle of the sun on October 13, 1992."

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Protacio G. Gungon, D.D. 
Bishop of Antipolo, Philippine

* * *

"It is very agreeable to acknowledge receipt of your letter of June 26, Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Really this is the seventh time in four years that I have the satisfaction to receive a letter from you.

By your letter I am informed of the great and important event, the Fatima Peace Conference on the next October 8. I thank you sincerely for such a fraternal invitation and I am sorry to communicate that I cannot participate because, 1) I am only a simple emeritus bishop, who represents nobody or nothing. 2) I am 83 years. I have many pastoral commitments with which I can't entrust to others. But, in exchange for my nonparticipation I assure you my presence in spirit and my prayers for the total success of the Conference.””

With my cordial greetings, I remain fraternally Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Bishop Emeritus of Illapel, Chile

* * *

"Replying to your letter about the Fatima Peace Conference, I will let you know that I, in the spirit of the Holy Father John Paul II, will pray for the good success of the above mentioned conference.

Unfortunately I cannot leave the Vatican at the time the conference is being held."

With kind regards and good wishes,


Bishop Peter Canisius van Lierde 
VICAR GENERAL of Vatican City

* * *

"In September of 1954 I spent three happy days in Fatima, met the parents of Jacinta and Francisco, also a sister of Lucia. Arriving on the evening of 12th I was present 13th, 14th and left after Mass on the morning of 15th, had the privilege of celebrating Mass in the small chapel of the apparitions.

You have my prayers and good wishes in your work for the Mission of Fatima."

Yours fraternally in Jesus Christ,

Bishop of Cairns, Australia

* * *

"Peace and joy. I am most grateful for your personal invitation to attend THE FATIMA PEACE CONFERENCE to be held from October 5th onwards. You can be sure, Fr. Gruner, that I support your efforts to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as per Her appeal. My prayers and sacrifices are with you for this purpose.

Please do pray to Our Lady of Fatima for me and for our diocese, as I too shall pray for Her mission and for the success of your work."

With fraternal good wishes,

Devotedly Yours,

Bishop of Ajmer-Jaipur, India

* * *

"I thank you for the inspiring letter you forwarded to me on the Feast of the Sacred Heart this year.

I am fully convinced that a true devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and the acceptance of its message can stimulate spiritual life for the good of the Church.

With God's blessing on your apostolate for peace in the world. I remain"

Sincerely in Christ,

Apostolic Pro-Nuncio' 
Papua New Guinea

* * *

“Thank you very much for your recent letter in connection with the Fatima Peace Conference, and by which you invite me to attend.

It is indeed gratifying that men and women are giving so much their energy, talent and time promote peace and to invite all to the same by seeking the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary Mother of Our Lord and of the Church. I am therefore deeply touched by your most kind invitation to me to attend this Conference for Peace."

With every prayerful wish for successful conference, I remain, Yours very sincerely in Christ,

Archbishop of Tamale, Ghana