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Father Nicholas Gruner

Producer - Fatima: "The Moment Has Come" 
(Weekly Television Program)
Producer - Heaven's Peace Plan (World-wide Daily Radio Program)
Publisher - The Fatima Crusader


"Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God."

June 26, 1992
Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

In the article “Historic Fatima Meeting of Bishops” in this issue, you will find a letter which I recently sent to every Catholic bishop in the world. This letter — written in your name — is an invitation to all 4000 bishops to attend a great worldwide conference in Fatima to openly discuss Our Lady's request for the Consecration of Russia.

This conference, to take place in October 1992, will be the first opportunity ever for the bishops to publicly address this issue on which the future peace of the world depends.

It is not enough to say that this conference may well be the most important event in the Catholic world this year. In point of fact, it may be the most important event in the last 75 years! For it was exactly 75 years ago that the Mother of God gave us Her solemn promise that, if Her Fatima requests were granted, peace would be given to mankind and millions of souls saved.

Of Our Lady's Fatima requests, only a SINGLE ONE today remains unanswered and ignored, only a SINGLE ONE remains "too controversial" or "too difficult" to obey. 

Yet it is this request that the Holy Father with the bishops solemnly consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart that remains the key to world peace and the answer to our prayers!

Incredibly (and tragically), Our Lady's promise of peace is today being held hostage by the deliberate obstruction of a few Church bureaucrats and the inaction or fear of many bishops.

This conference in Fatima can be our best chance ever to finally break the bureaucratic logjam that has prevented Our Lady's request from being answered. We will finally have the chance to confront the lies and the obstructions face-to-face.

But even more, it is a stupendous opportunity to finally present the truth to the bishops in an open forum and to give them the facts and support they need to do as Heaven commands!

That's why we're working night and day to make this con­ference happen, why all of Our Lady's workers are devoting hours upon hours to organizing and arranging details, to booking hotel rooms and conference halls, to writing and calling bishops and to the thousand other things that need to be done.

I have told all of our staff and volunteers that I expect them to put in ONE THOUSAND PERCENT effort, that no sacrifice of time or energy is too much. We must not falter on this major project.

And what I have told our staff, I now need to tell you ... 

This great conference cannot take place without your help, specifically your prayers. As never before, I am relying on you and every friend of Our Lady to pray daily for the success of this historic effort.

And yes, I am depending on your love for Our Lady to translate into financial help as well. The only way this great conference can occur is if you sacrifice as you have never sacrificed before. Your gifts (and especially your pledges) are absolutely critical!

That is why you will find in this magazine a special pledge form to help sponsor a bishop from a poor country. I urge you to sign it and send it to me today.


My greatest fear about this conference is that, in the excitement and desire for it to happen, our other on-going efforts will be forgotten.

THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN! You and I have spent too many years and given too much to see Our Lady's magazine or Her daily TV and Radio programs suffer through neglect. 

So please, even before you consider a gift for the Bishops Conference, set aside your most generous offering for the support of our regular Apostolic programs.

As we work towards the October conference, believe me, your regular prayers and gifts are more important than ever!

As always, I am praying for you daily and remembering you and yours in every Mass that I say. God bless and keep you.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,


Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. We have only been able to put this magazine in your hands because of the special generosity of Our Lady's friends. Even then, we've still had to borrow over $50,000 just for postage to mail it to you. PLEASE give whatever you can afford to help!