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The Russians Are (Still) Coming

by Donald S. McAlvany, extracts 1992

Readers have called and written to ask if this writer still agrees with his analysis of events in the Soviet Union in the September/October issue of MIA, (see "The Rebirth of an Empire: What is Really Happening in the Soviet Union" in The Fatima Crusader Issue No. 38) in light of recent developments. The answer is: more than ever! Yeltsin is still a hard-core Marxist-Leninist in spite of his rhetoric to the contrary and no one should feel better because he has the "nuclear briefcase" with his finger (instead of Gorbachev's) on "the button."

Eleven of the so-called independent republics are still run by communists and in the 12th, the president of Georgia (Zviad Gamsakhardia, a freely elected anti-communist) has been overthrown by a communist (KGB) backed military coup. So all 12 republics are now run by Communists. None of the republics are free or truly independent. Unfortunately, perception is reality, and most Americans have been misled to believe these republics are really free. They are not!

The Soviet military, the largest in the world, has not been dismantled in any way. It is still under the control of the Russian Republic and the old Communist Party. The defense industry has not been dismantled in any way. Its 600 weapons factories are still cranking out weapons as rapidly as ever, including one highly advanced nuclear submarine every 33 days which has only one function, that is to be a nuclear first-strike weapons launching pad. Senator Malcolm Wallop (R-WY) said recently in USA Today:

"The Soviets Continue to Build Newer, More Sophisticated Weapons"

The KGB has not been dismantled in any way or diminished in manpower except by a few hundred. It has been reorganized into three departments and is still functioning as always within the "old Soviet Union," and all over the world. The three KGB departments are: 1) Central Intelligence Service - in charge of the security of the republics and the Commonwealth of Independent States as a whole and in charge of international espionage, subversion, etc.; 2) Interrepublican Security Service - coordinates the work of the republics' security services, and conducts counterespionage within the CIS; and 3) the Committee for Guarding the Commonwealth of Independent States - consists of unified border guards, for guarding all CIS borders and the CIS' economic zone. The KGB has set up a new disinformation service centrally located within the U.S. which is presently spewing out disinformation all across America.

The Commonwealth of Independent States is the New Federation described in the September/October '91 MIA, predicted by Golitsyn in New Lies For Old, and planned at the 26th, 27th, and 28th Congresses of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in '81, '86, and '90. Gorbachev brilliantly fulfilled his mission (i.e., the dissolution of the Soviet Union) and has brought the script to the present point. His opposition to the Commonwealth was fake - he pushed for it for seven years! Now Yeltsin, another fellow actor on the Russian stage, will carry the plot on for a time. Like the TV soap opera "Dallas" or "Knotts Landing," Gorby has (at least temporarily) been written out of the script.

The current phase is called "planned (but controlled) chaos." Very little in the "old Soviet Union" is happening by chance or accident. The purge is continuing in the old Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the power is still centered in the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Food and other shortages, economic bankruptcy, and poverty are being exaggerated by Soviet disinformation to elicit Western aid and sympathy. The republics will follow the pattern of Eastern Europe, closet communists will continue to rule. They will have to carry more of their own economic weight in the future, however, just like Eastern Europe, and will be given more economic and cultural freedom.

Meanwhile, Western aid continues to pour into Russia even as the West is on the Brink of financial collapse. America, NATO, and much of the West, led by George Bush, are continuing to plunge into unilateral disarmament in spite of the 30,000 Soviet warheads still pointed at us. But be assured, Yeltsin says, they are only pointed at us because they can't think of another good target to point them at. Ominously, at this writing, Russia (or the CIS, or the "old Soviet Union") is now beginning to sell some of its nuclear weapons to its client states around the world (replete with Soviet nuclear technicians). Imagine these weapons in the hands of Iraq, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Libya, or Nicaragua.

Bush is retargeting America's missiles off of the "old USSR"; is planning to stop new production of all planes, helicopters, tanks, and nuclear attack submarines and concentrate only on research & development for future weapons; has cancelled the navy's super quiet Seawolf submarine and cut the Air Force B-2 Stealth bomber production from 132 to 20 planes; has cut the U.S. defense budget to its lowest level (as a percent of the economy) since the 1930's (a move which will cost millions of jobs in the U.S. defense and aerospace industries); and according to U.S. News and World Report(2/10/92) is attempting to "mothball the entire U.S. defense industry."

Something very strange and ominous is taking place. America, under George Bush, has begun a crash program to dismantle its military/defense capability even as the Russian (CIS) war machine, already vastly superior to our own, remains essentially intact. What if Yeltsin turns out to be a bad guy or double-crosses Bush? What if there is a military coup in the old Soviet Union (CIS)? What if the Russian leaders double-cross their American friends in the New World Order?

What if McAlvany Intelligence Advisor September/October '91 analysis of Soviet strategic deception was essentially correct? (See "The Rebirth of an Empire: What is Really Happening in the Soviet Union" The Fatima Crusader, Autumn 1991 issue no. 38). How does the Bush unilateral disarmament differ from surrender? In case any of the above should eventuate, a disarmed America could be highly vulnerable to nuclear blackmail or nuclear attack - the New World Order notwithstanding. George Bush could not be doing more to put America at risk if he were head of the KGB, the Politburo, or the Russian military itself!


Gorbachev's quote from his book Perestroika (pg. 36) should be remembered when one surveys all the "apparent" changes in the "old Soviet Union":

"To put an end to all rumors and speculations that abound in the West about this, I would like to point out once again that we are conducting all our reforms in accordance with socialist choice. We are looking within socialism, rather than outside it, for the answers to all the questions that arise. We assess our successes and errors alike by socialist standards. Those who hope that we shall move away from the socialist path will be greatly disappointed. Every part of our program of perestroika and the program as a whole, for that matter, is fully based on the principle of more socialism."

[MIA Ed. Note: By "socialism," he means "communism" will now be replaced by the term "social democracy." As the French Proverb says: "The more it changes, the more it remains the same."]

The most sophisticated, Machiavellian strategic deception operation in world history is continuing to accelerate in the "old Soviet Union" and new "Commonwealth of Independent States." The Russians continue to talk peace, poverty, and dissolution via their global KGB directed disinformation network, while continuing to plot the demise of the West and to prepare for war. The period from now till 1995-97 could not only be the most dangerous since World War II, but in all of world history.