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The Rats of Red

Saint Michael beckoned you and me
Outside the Church which was not free.
He pointed downward to the floor, 
His foot was wedged inside the door. 
His finger to his lips was pressed 
To tell our conversation rest.

He waved us closer with his hand
And whispered, "You're my special band,
'A sacred task we have in store,' 
'Our Holy Church now to restore.'

'There is inside a man in white'
'To save our Mother from the night,' 
'But woe to him and to our dread,' 
'There dwell inside the rats of red.' 

'The rats, a fearsome army are,' 
'For they have taken things too far' 
'And made our Holy Mass a sham' 
'Away from God and turned to man." 

Softly whispered in reply
From one of us who was not shy, 
"Dear Angel, how can we effect?' 
'The rats of red are all elect'.

'And we, but few, stand by you here' 
'Both filled with doubt and choked with fear!'
'What must we know within the heart' 
'To make the reformation start?" 

Saint Michael eyed us, every one, 
And said, "The battle has begun.' 
'These things into your memory bore,' 
'For soon you'll have to hold the door.' 

'A few things first you need to know' 
'To give you courage 'gainst the foe.' 
'A pitfall you must shun the most,' 
'The sin against the Holy Ghost.' 

'Avoid occasion of despair'
'For Holy Mother waits in there.'
'And worry not, your number's size'
'For you are watched by many eyes.'

'The faithful in vast numbers wait' 
'For warriors storming Heaven's gate' 
'And when they see the Mass restored,' 
'They'll come back in a massive hoard.' 

'And now, a thought to fill your head,' 
'A word about those rats of red.' 
'Though many wear their red without,' 
'That's not the red I speak about.' 

'The red, I say, is from within,'
'A poisoned heart that's steeped in sin,' 
'A Godless plan without respect' 
'That stems from darkened intellect,' 

'A noxious cancer from the east' 
'Fell in our Church like baker's yeast' 
'And headed for her very heart'
'To rot our Holy Church apart.'

'The cancer cells each found a home' 
'To make new creatures of their own' 
'With beady eyes and hardened heart,' 
'The red renewal for to start.'

'So do not look for red outside,' 
'Instead find blowhards, choked with pride."
He closed his eyes, a moment's lull, 
As carefully his thoughts did cull, 

"You need some weapons with you here,'
'But not a rifle, sword or spear.'
'You must have with you, ere you start,' 
'Christ's Blessed Mother's purest heart.'

'Consecrate yourselves this hour'
'To give yourselves the Vital Power.' 
'Against this force they can't prevail' 
'And their defence all will fail.'

'To block Her out, they have intended' 
'And our dear Lord is most offended.'
'Now, make this sign before we post,' 
'The Father, Son and Holy Ghost' 

'And gird your fearless hearts with prayer'
'For when we get inside of there,' 
'Our holy mission is not done.'
'In fact, our work has just begun.' 

'First, the dreaded rats we'll rout,' 
'Crush their heads and hurl them out.' 
'And when the man in white we've found,'
'He'll turn the tables all around,'

'Facing God, as God had meant' 
'To house the Blessed Sacrament,' 
'The Crucifix again to show'
'How God did love His children so.' 

'And Mary and Her Blessed Spouse' 
'Again be honored in God's house.' 
'And with the closure of this feat,'
'The man in white must this complete:' 

'Obey dear Mary's strict command,'
'To consecrate that wicked land' 
'From which the reddened cancer comes'
'Which makes the scoundrels, rats and bums.'

'With this accomplished, then, of course,'
'We'll kill the cancer at its source.' 
'The Church rebuilt will thrive again' 
'In holy sunlight, not in sin."

The Angel then did look around
To see the hearts his words had found. 
Then, glancing briefly at the door, 
He turned to us and spoke once more, 

"The Church's door I've opened here' 
'So brace yourselves and do not fear.' 
'For if you'll hold this door for me,' 
'I'll kick it in and set her free."