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"Jesus wishes to make use of you to make me known and loved. He wants to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart." 

... Our Lady of Fatima

May 13, 1991,
Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

During the last twelve months we have broken through tremendous obstacles and succeeded in making Our Lady's Urgent Fatima Message better known than ever before in history.

These victories would not be possible without the help of faithful friends of Our Lady like you.

Did you ever stop to reflect that it is a special grace given to you in these times to know and appreciate the full Fatima Message? You have been chosen through this special grace to make it known to others by your prayers, works and sacrifices.

You and I must be faithful to Our Lord and Our Lady Who have called us to this special work in these terrible times of apostasy and heresy. Let us pray for each other that we remain faithful. We must never give up …

If there was ever a battle to be won … this is it. The future of millions of souls and of the whole world depends on it.

But that is why I must write to you this morning with a very heavy heart.

You see, I have to tell you that Our Lady's Apostolate is in the gravest danger. In fact, we are facing the most serious threat to our existence in the 13 years since we began.

While our TV and radio programs are bringing the Fatima
Message into the homes of millions, they nevertheless continue to
cost Our Lady's Apostolate tens of thousands of dollars PER WEEK.

Add to this the additional thousands it costs to publish even a single newspaper ad or to pay the costs for our telephone ministry or of Our Lady's book service or to answer the thousands of mission requests we receive from overseas …

Consider that this issue of the Crusader (like others) that you have received free of charge costs a minimum of $150,000 to print and mail to you and other dear friends of Our Lady.

The Recession Has Hit Us Hard!

As you already know, even in the best of times, we barely have enough funds to get by. But now, after months of deepening recession, we are facing a true financial emergency.

Some of our most generous supporters have drastically reduced or even eliminated their regular offerings. The funds that we normally raise have dropped nearly in half!

To be frank, the situation is so bad that the only reason I've been able to put this issue into your hands is because a few friends have generously provided the money to print and mail it.

Believe me, I give thanks daily for this special generosity, but even with it, we've still had to severely cut back our normal printing, limiting copies only to our closest friends like you.

Despite every cost-cutting measure (including reducing our already tiny staff), we continue to fall thousands of dollars behind with each passing month of recession.

As a result, some of our best TV and radio stations are now threatening to take us off the air if we do not IMMEDIATELY pay our overdue bills.

After all our sacrifices and years of working to build an audience, can you imagine what a tragedy it will be if Our Lady's program suddenly goes silent virtually overnight?

This is the Hardest Thing I Have To Do!

There is nothing harder for me than to have to come to you again today and ask for your help.

Everyday I pray that we will find the means to make fundraising appeals like this unnecessary, but until then I have no other choice but to humbly and prayerfully ask for your help.

And today — with our very survival at stake — I am forced to do even more … 

Right now, I must plead with all the strength I have for your prayers and financial assistance to help us make it through these lean, difficult times.

Your prayers now (especially your Rosaries) are crucial. Please ask Our Lord and Our Lady to mercifully provide the funds we need to continue the urgent work of the Apostolate.

And just as importantly, we desperately need your most generous offering ever: Your special gift to Jesus and Mary to keep the Fatima Message reaching out around the world.

Your sacrifice of $1000, $500, $250 or even $100 can meanEVERYTHING as we struggle to survive through the current recession.

Indeed, a gift of any size will make an important difference as we work to pay our bills and spread Our Lady's saving words.

Even if you can't afford $50 or $100, a monthly pledge of just $10 (33 cents per day!) can assure that the Message of Fatima will continue to be heard loud and clear by millions.

And, my dear friend, if these millions ever needed to hear the words of hope and warning that Our Lady gave us at Fatima, then surely they need to hear them NOW!

" Peace … Peace … 
Will There EVER Be Peace?"

Only a year ago, the liberal mass media and politicians around the world were proclaiming that peace was at hand (just like Neville Chamberlain did right before World War II!)

Even some so-called Fatima "experts" joined the chorus, claiming because the Pope had supposedly consecrated Russia as Our Lady requested, world peace was "breaking out all over."

You may remember that only a few voices were raised in protest against these outrageous and false claims. It is no exaggeration to say that our voice was the loudest.

We were truly "a voice crying out in the wilderness." That is why The Fatima Crusader, Our Lady's Apostolate and Father Gruner were singled-out for persecution, harassment and ridicule.

And what about today?

After the Gulf War … after the crackdown in Russia … after the skyrocketing rise in abortions and crime … after more millions have left the Church … TODAY IT'S CLEAR THAT OUR LADY'S FATIMA PROMISE OF PEACE IS FAR FROM FULFILLED!

Even the former editor of the New York Times has had to admit that "realistic" politics has gotten us in an even worse mess than before. In an April 16th article called "The Fear of Morality", he wrote: 

"Just see where realpolitik has gotten us in the Mideast: Iran in the hands of religious fanatics, Syria and Libya ruled under terrorist fascism. Saddam Hussein still in power, marauding — and a million Iraqi refugees clawing for food, crying out their hunger and betrayal."

The Triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart
— N O W !

How many more wars? How many more abortions and murders? How many more losses of souls before the world listens to Our Lady?

You and I know that the Message of Fatima is the ONLY possible answer to the spiraling violence, chaos and turmoil in our world, in our nation and especially in our Holy Church.

Sadly, there are still millions upon millions who have not heard this "good news" of Our Lady's Fatima Message. Millions who do not realize that God Himself — through His Mother and ours — has freely offered each of us true, lasting peace.

Today, the true fulfillment of that promise rests in your hands and mine. Our Lord Jesus Christ has told us so when He commands each one of us to make His Mother's Message known.

My dear friend, we must act now and we must act quickly!

Time is Growing Short — 
The Threat from Russia

At Fatima, Our Lady solemnly warned us that "Russia would be the instrument of chastisement" if we did not heed Her requests.

Just as all of Gorbachev's talk about democracy and freedom have been shown to be outright bald-faced lies, so too his promises of peace are now revealed as diabolical inventions.

Despite the economic ruin of his own country, Gorbachev is spending more than 35 percent of his gross national product on expanding his military (conversely, we spend about 3 percent).

At a time when our defenses are being cut and our strength is spread thinly across four continents, the Russian military is better prepared for a bloodless victory than ever before.

But don't take my word for it ... ask the people of Lithuania or Soviet Georgia or the Catholics of the Ukraine. In one voice they will tell you that the danger is real and it's growing!

You Can Prevent Our Lady's Messenger
from Being Silenced!

Even as we face these growing threats, the immediate danger today is that Our Lady may be silenced. Never forget that our Apostolate is the only large voice for Her full Fatima Message.

God has given you and me much to be thankful for. If ever, NOW is the time to show our gratitude by making certain that His Mother's Fatima Messenger is not crippled or even destroyed.

I need you by my side today as we continue to work day and night for Our Lady. Remember always that She has promised to richly reward all those who remain faithful to Her.

I know you will show that faithfulness today through your prayers and offerings to help us through these next crucial days.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,


Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. If God has spared you from the worst of the recession, won't you show your gratitude by making the largest possible sacrifice you can today to help us pay our most seriously overdue bills (including to the printer of this issue)? We are truly desperate. PLEASE, I beg of you to help now.