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Father Nicholas Gruner
Producer — Fatima: "The Moment Has Come" 
(Weekly Television Program)
Producer — Heaven's Peace Plan 
(Worldwide Daily Radio Program)
Publisher — The Fatima Crusader

As I write this letter, I am facing what may be the most difficult decision I have ever had to make in the 14 years since I was ordained a priest.

It is a decision that I cannot make without your help.

That's why I am praying with all my heart and strength that you will read this letter from beginning to end!

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

This issue of The Fatima Crusader comes to you at a critical time for Our Lady's Apostolate and indeed for everyone who truly loves Jesus and Mary.

As you may know, over the last two months nearly all of our energy and resources have been dedicated to a great campaign to free Sister Lucy from over 30 years of enforced silence.

Our goal has been nothing less than to bring the authentic testimony of Our Lady's chosen witness to you and the world and to finally end the confusion surrounding the Fatima Message.

Thanks to God's grace and your prayers and help, our efforts have been truly blessed. In just the last few weeks alone …  

… Thousands of Sister Lucy's friends have come forward to ask that she be given the right to speak her mind freely.

… Thousands have sent post cards and letters to the Holy Father, Cardinal Ratzinger and Cardinal Lubachivsky.

… Thousands have helped us distribute the facts about the "Cover-up" that is preventing Our Lady's full Message from reaching the world and keeping Sister Lucy silent.

But these early accomplishments have not come without a terribly high price … and one that is growing by the day!

Since our campaign began, the attacks against Our Lady's Apostolate and me have intensified beyond anything we could have planned for or even imagined!

Wild rumors and outrageous accusations are being spread in parishes across North America. Crazy, distorted stories have already been published in newspapers in California and New York.

And now our enemies are trying to destroy our reputation by a vile "whispering campaign" that presents our holy crusade for Sister Lucy as a battle between this Apostolate and the rest of the Catholic world, including our beloved Holy Father!!

The Toll on Our Lady's Apostolate

Before I say anything more, let me say once and for all that these charges and accusations are — WITHOUT EXCEPTION — totally false, totally invented and totally malicious.

Having said that, I must also tell you that these constant attacks are nonetheless taking a terrible, costly toll on the Apostolate and especially on our efforts to help Sister Lucy.

Just as our enemies have planned, these constant attacks have distressed many of our friends. Indeed, some have become so frightened that they have even begun to withhold their support.

To make matters even worse, this new wave of lies and accusations has come at a time when Our Lady's Apostolate is critically short of funds after our most productive year ever.  

In fact, the situation is so bad today that we have barely been able to scrape the money together to bring this issue of The Fatima Crusader to you. And even then we have been forced to cut back on the usual number of copies we normally print.

But worse still … the future of our campaign to free Sister Lucy is now at serious risk. Simply put, we are fast running out of the means necessary to continue our efforts.

What's behind these new attacks?

You know that the one thing that the enemies of Fatima fear most is the truth.

It's the reason why Sister Lucy has been silenced for more than 30 years and why (despite Our Lady's command!) the Third Secret of Fatima remains hidden.

The success of our campaign to free Sister Lucy and reveal the Third Secret has scared Our Lady's enemies more than anything else we have done in the past 10 years.

Our campaign for Sister Lucy has "called their bluff" and they'll do anything to prevent us from letting the world know it.

ASK YOURSELF: "Who's Fooling Whom?"

Clearly, our enemies do not believe Abraham Lincoln when he said that "you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

As we have shown, they're attempting to convince all the world's faithful that Our Lady's crucial request for the Conse­cration of Russia has been accomplished and that the "period of peace" She promised us at Fatima has already begun.

Tragically, millions of Catholics have been taken-in by this outrageous hoax. Wrongly believing that Our Lady's request has been granted, they've put all their hopes and faith on the line, waiting for Her promised peace to break out all over the world.

You don't need a Ph.D. to figure out that, if this promise is not fulfilled, the faith of millions will be crushed.

ASK YOURSELF: "Is Peace Breaking-Out?"

By the time your read this letter, we may already be in a full-scale war. We are certainly closer today than in many years.

In the sands of Saudi Arabia, nearly 500,000 of our young soldiers are facing a desperate foe armed with RUSSIAN guns, missiles and tanks and guided by RUSSIAN advisors.

Experts estimate that casualties in a Persian Gulf war will be in the tens of thousands at least. Others are warning that it will be impossible to prevent such a war from spreading across the entire Middle East and possibly around the world.

New evidence shows that Russia (far from being "converted" as some would have you believe) is currently supplying its old ally Saddam Hussein with everything from food and guns to the intelligence data he will use to kill American and Canadian troops.  

Already, Kuwait has been crushed by Russian tanks and helicopters. What other nations must disappear before the "Consecration hoax" is exposed and Our Lady's request is finally fulfilled?

Will it take thousands of our soldiers coming home in body bags before all Catholics join us in working for the Consecration of Russia and the triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart?

We must pray with all our strength for Our Lady's intercession now, asking Her to beg God for mercy and patience.

ASK YOURSELF: "Are We Closer to Peace?"

But even if our prayers are answered and this new crisis is resolved without bloodshed, can we say in truth that we are any closer to peace today?

Consider that the war on the unborn continues unabated day after day … millions upon millions of babies are still murdered in their own mother's wombs every year.

Consider that the war on our faith continues unabated day after day … our churches and seminaries growing emptier, our sacraments perverted and misused, our values fast disappearing.

Consider that the war on our children continues unabated day after day … drugs, A.I.D.S., pornography, gangs and violence, our streets becoming warzones and our cities cesspools.

These facts speak for themselves. If anything, we are today farther from true peace than at the very moment Our Lady first appeared to Sister Lucy and the other children at Fatima!

We MUST End the Confusion Now!

Despite these facts, Our Lady's enemies continue to spread discord and confusion throughout the Church. Many decent, faithful people no longer know what to believe.

On the other hand, our position is direct and very simple:  

Only when Sister Lucy can speak and the Third Secret is revealed can Our Lady's full saving Message of Fatima be understood and lived. Only then, can Her promise of peace be fulfilled. Only then, will we be truly secure.

We must end the confusion now. The life and soul of every human being is at risk. No issue can possibly be more important!!


As I told you at the beginning of this letter, I am facing a very difficult decision. The most difficult I can ever remember.

We have been deeply wounded by the continual attacks and false charges made by our enemies. Our funds are practically depleted now after a year of tremendous activity. We are tired.

This new campaign for Sister Lucy is the most ambitious we have ever attempted. It is costing the Apostolate many tens of thousands of dollars. And it will cost much more if we go on.

I need you to help me decide now whether we should continue or not. Without your prayers and offerings, we cannot keep the campaign up to free Sister Lucy and reveal the Third Secret.

Because so much is at stake, I am praying hard that you will say "Yes, Father, I am still with you! YES, my prayers are with you. Yes, my sacrifices are with you."

And I need to know your decision as soon as possible. In these difficult days, any gift you can make is critical. I beg you with all my heart to help now, even if you have given before.

I know that Our Lady will reward you richly in graces for your help today and that Our Lord will bless you in this New Year.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,


Father Nicholas Gruner


No matter how tired or discouraged I become, I cannot ever forget that it is for Our Lady that we are working to free Sister Lucy. Turn to Her now and pray with me for the means and strength to complete this great campaign and bring the full Message of Fatima to the world. PLEASE HELP!