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"If My requests are not granted Russia will raise up wars ..."

... Our Lady of Fatima


Feast of the Most Holy Rosary
October 1990

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

You may have thought I was exaggerating last year when I wrote you that 1990 was going to be one of the most crucial and dangerous years in history.

But as recent events in the Persian Gulf and here at home have shown, this was no idle forecast. Our Lady's above noted Fatima prophecy continues to be realized before our very eyes. (See "Fatima Is Our Only Hope" in this issue.)

As we send you this new issue of The Fatima Crusader, the world stands poised on the very edge of war and our economy is fast sinking into the deep darkness of recession.

Nearly 200,000 of our young servicemen (U.S. and Canadian) are thousands of miles from home facing a most ruthless and evil foe like Hitler and Stalin. A man who has publicly declared an "unholy" war on Christianity and Christian civilization.

To make matters worse, at the same time that our brave soldiers and sailors are confronting Saddam Hussein's poison gas and Russian-made missles, the Free World's economy is tottering on the brink of economic disaster.

As if rising oil prices, inflation and unemployment were not enough, now there is grave concern that our entire banking system may be on the verge of total collapse.

Time is clearly running out. We are on the verge of a truly horrible catastrophe ...

If we ever needed the assistance and intercession of Heaven, we need it today. If we ever needed Our Lady, we need Her NOW!

Our Lady will Protect Her "Dear Ones"

As you know, Our Lady told us that "war is the punishment for sin." At Fatima and elsewhere, She repeatedly warned us of the terrible trials to come if we did not turn to Her.

Indeed, everything from the war on the unborn to the collapse of our economy has been predicted by Our Lady at Fatima or in other Church-approved apparitions.

And yet, despite the evidence of their own eyes, so few have truly listened to Our Blessed Mother, so few have believed the Queen of Heaven Whom God Himself has crowned.

Today, you and I are witnessing the actual fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima's words of warning, the living proof of Her eternal faithfulness before God and man.

And let me assure you …

Just as Her words of warning have been fulfilled, so too will Heaven's Queen remain faithful to Her promises.

In these times of terrible danger, you and I must never forget that Our Lady has promised Sister Lucy that She will always, always protect and safeguard Her "dear ones."

This is a promise sealed by Heaven. A promise more valuable than all the world's gold, more powerful than all its weapons, more certain and inevitable than the rising of the sun.

And believe me, this promise is our only defense, our only protection!

The Campaign to Destroy the Church

Sadly at the time when we need it most, our own Catholic Church is virtually paralyzed by ever growing internal dissent.

Today, every standard and value that you and I hold as faithful, practicing Catholics is being called into question by powerful forces both within and without the Church.

As I've told you before, their diabolical goal is nothing less than the total destruction of our Faith as taught by Jesus Christ and handed down to us by the Apostles and Saints.

This year has seen the start of the most vicious campaign yet to dismantle nearly 2,000 years of Catholic Tradition and practice.

Starting with the grotesque "Open Letter" in the New York Times on Ash Wednesday, there has been one attack after another this year committed in the name of "reform" or "liberalization."

The newest of these is a so-called "scientific report" by a former Benedictine named Sipes which claims that HALF of all American priests have broken their sacred vows of chastity.

The "Sipes Report" is bogus from beginning to end: it's based on the evidence of a tiny handful of priests all of whom have been under medical treatment.

Sipes' claims are so ludicrous and patently unscientific that they would be laughable if it were not for the fact that his bogus report has received tremendous publicity in all the media.

Because of all the publicity, millions of Catholics and non-Catholics now believe that most priests are not only sinners, but out-and-out liars and hypocrites as well.

The damage that this phony balony report has done to the Church and our traditions is almost beyond calculating … And of course, already the cries for an end to priestly celibacy have started up louder and more shrill that ever!

It's clear that these so-called "reformers" will not be content until every sacrament of the Church is so altered or transformed that they are virtually unrecognizable.

Prayer and Sacrifice — Our ONLY Hope

Truly, what are war and economic crisis compared to the destruction of our Holy Faith?

Looking at world and Church events, can you be surprised that so many people (especially children) have lost their faith and their way?

Yet my dear friend, there is a clear way out of this crisis.

It's the reason that Our Lady came to Fatima and it's the way that She taught us … through prayer, reparation and sacrifice.

Today, the lives of millions are threatened. Even more importantly, the souls and salvation ofhundreds of millions are hanging in the balance.

What you and I do now means everything. The decisions we make today are crucial!

With all my heart and strength, I beg you to pray for God's help and guidance in these troubled times. Please pray as many Rosaries as you can for peace and for the safety of our young men and women in freedom's frontlines overseas.

More … join with us throughout the month of October in offering a special novena to Our Lady of the Rosary, Queen of Peace. I will be remembering your special intentions everyday at Mass both here at home and on pilgrimage in FATIMA and LOURDES.

And yes, I need to ask you to pray for one more thing as well …

The last issue of The Fatima Crusader?

I'm sure I don't have to tell you by now that to put this issue of Our Lady's magazine in your hands (and those of other friends) costs the Apostolate many tens of thousands of dollars.

As tensions around the world have increased and attacks on our Faith have mounted, we have responded by our own great campaign to bring Our Lady's Fatima Message to a world in pain.

With your help, we have reached out to millions with Her words of warning and hope. We have stood up to those who would mutilate our traditions and we have defended our Holy Faith.

Indeed, we have often been the only voice of large circulation "crying in the wilderness."

For most of this year, the Apostolate has been facing a terrible, continuing financial crisis. At times, only prayer and our total confidence in God and Our Lady have kept us going.

Today, we urgently need your prayers and offerings to keep the saving Message of Fatima reaching out across the world through this magazine and Our Lady's radio and television programs.

Only your continued faith and sacrifice can assure that this will not be the last issue of Our Lady's magazine to reach you and millions of others.

Believe me, it is truly that plain and simple!

Listen to Our Lady — Pray and Sacrifice NOW

I beg you to listen to Our Lady and heed the inspiration of the Holy Ghost before it is too late for all of us.

I am praying that you will make your most generous sacrifice ever to keep bringing Our Lady's Message to a world in desperate need. A gift of $1000 or $500 or even $100 can make a huge difference. An offering of only $75 or $50 will mean so much at this time of crisis. But even $5 or $10 will be most useful and greatly appreciated.

And if possible your additional monthly pledge of only $15 or $20 can mean that the words of Fatima will reach out to millions of souls.

But please … the important thing is to give WHATEVER YOU CAN TRULY AFFORD —anything at all will help in this great battle to fulfill Our Lady's promise of peace and to defend our Holy Faith.

Our Lady will never be outdone in generosity by you.

I know you will not fail Our Lady or Her Apostolate in this critical time of need. God bless and keep you.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. 100 PERCENT WRONG!! The events in the Persian Gulf and the chaos in the Soviet Union show just how phony the claims are that the Consecration of Russia has been done. We remain the only powerful voice left urging the Holy Father and Bishops to obey Our Lady and bring true peace to the world.

We must have your help to continue this great effort and to bring the Queen of Heaven's words to millions around the world. PLEASE GIVE AS GENEROUSLY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.