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"To save them (sinners) God wishes to establish in the world Devotion to My Immaculate Heart.”
... Our Lady of Fatima


July 13th, 1990
73rd Anniversary of
the Fatima Secret

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

Before I sent this letter, I offered many Holy Masses for this work of Our Lady's and for you, begging Our Lord and His Blessed Mother to reach out and touch your heart today because we need each other now more than ever. 

The world is even closer to the brink of disaster (see the article “Mesmerized by the Bear: the Great Soviet Deception, Part II in this issue) and only the full Message of Our Lady of Fatima will deliver us.

That is why I especially begged and prayed for help and relief from the overwhelming problems that beset both of us today. These problems are a result of our successes up to now.

You see the increased publicized attacks of more lies against this Apostolate are an indication that our public efforts are more and more effective against the devil's empire. (See the article “Good News!” in this issue.)

However, as a result of these attacks we are in grave difficulty ... We have suffered great losses financially which have forced us to cut our radio programs back drastically.

Today as I'm sending you this issue of The Fatima Crusader we are at what may well be the most critical and dangerous time for Our Lady's Apostolate since we first began more than 12 years ago.

Now is the time when everything you and I have worked, struggled and sacrificed for may be swept away before our very eyes!

That's why it's so important, so vital that Our Lady give me the right words to move you (and others) to action today ...

Because what you do in the next few minutes may determine whether Our Lady's Fatima words of hope and warning will reach the world or be silenced and smothered for millions of souls forever.

What's At Stake 

As you probably know, over the last 18 months (with your help and prayers) we have been able to truly do 'the impossible'.

Despite very limited funds, staff cutbacks, health problems and almost constant persecution and attacks, Our Lady's magazine, world-wide daily radio programs and weekly television series have managed to bring the full Message of Fatima to literally tens of millions of souls.

In fact, in just this last year, more people have heard Our Lady's words than probably all the preceding 73 years combined!

Never before has the question of the consecration of Russia been so widely published in the world. And the devil is concerned that the truth that we are publishing is finally being understood and accepted and acted upon. But that's just the beginning ...

Through our telephone ministry, volunteer programs, pilgrimages and public appearances, we've also succeeded in personally touching the lives of tens of thousands more —— helping lead many of them through prayer and sacrifice, to closer consecration to Jesus and Mary.

In addition, this last year we've also completed our translation and printing of Brother Michael's monumental trilogy, The Whole Truth About Fatima.

With your help, we have sent out to every Catholic Bishop, Archbishop and Cardinal and Patriarch in the whole Catholic world, Volumes I and II of Brother Michael's as well as my book, World Enslavement or Peace... It's Up to the Pope.

And believe it or not, I've only given you a partial list of what we've accomplished in the past 18 months —— I didn't even mention our missionary work or the more than 150,000 letters we've answered or the many other projects and programs we're working on both in North America and around the world.

Everything for Jesus and Mary!

I can tell you that, without God's help and your continuing prayers and support, not a single one of Our Lady's workers (especially me!) could possibly have withstood the strain of these last months.

I confess that often, after working days with only a few hours sleep in between, I myself wondered whether I had the physical strength to go on ...

It was only my faith and the knowledge that you (and other friends of Our Lady) were with me in this great crusade to bring the world Her Fatima promise of peace that kept me going. And believe me, I am so grateful for you!

Our Successes Have Not Come Cheap

Today, once again, I urgently need to know that you are standing by my side as we go out to do battle for Our Lord, Our Lady and our Holy Catholic Faith.

As you can imagine, all the activities I've just described have cost Our Lady's Apostolate many, many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that we do not have huge trust funds or bulging stock portfolios to fall back on. In fact, we don't even have tiny ones! And unlike many other "religious" organizations, we refuse to ask you or other friends to ever give more than you feel you can truly afford.

But the simple fact of the matter is that the great successes of the last 18 months have left us virtually without funds and facing stacks of unpaid bills.

As I write you this letter, the bills for these successes, (over $200,000 of them are sitting on my desk in front of me ... PAST DUE ... PAYABLE IMMEDIATELY!

Just to print and put this magazine alone in your hands has cost Our Lady's Apostolate an additional $165,000... and beneath that bill is another from one of our TV stations and, beneath that, is a telephone bill and beneath it, one from a radio station and so on ...

The Fatima Crusader Is For The Salvation Of Souls

I know I have come to you so many times with my hand outstretched, but never, never for myself.

When I ask for your alms and sacrifices, it is only for Our Lady and in obedience to Our Lord Jesus Christ Who commands all of us to make His Mother's Message known, loved and obeyed throughout the world.

Sometimes I dream that God will send us the means to pay all our bills without my having to ask you repeatedly for your financial gifts.

But until that day, I must keep asking and asking again and reminding you that it is your prayers and offerings of love and faith that keep Our Lady's Fatima Message reaching out around the world.

Sadly, our successes have made enemies of Fatima all the more de­termined to stop us bringing Our Lady's saving words to you and others.

With each new month, the persecutions against us have increased until its become a full-scale campaign of slander, lies and distortions.

Their Vicious Attacks Cripple Us

Three months ago, just after we published the last Crusader, Father Frank Sheedy published a vicious attack on the Apostolate and me in Our Sunday Visitor.

Virtually every single word he wrote was an out-and-out lie or factual misrepresentation. And to make it worse, Father Sheedy never even bothered to call me and ask for my comment or for copies of our documents, before he published his false charges.

In “A ‘Pro-Vatican-Moscow-Agreement’ Newspaper Attacks The Fatima Crusader” in this issue, you will find my letter to the Editor of Our Sunday Visitor setting forth the true facts and demanding a retraction —— which thus far has been refused.

Just last month another priest attacked us. He is from the Archdiocese of Toronto. Despite the fact that all bishops from Toronto had photocopies of my original document proving my good standing (see photo in the article “A ‘Pro-Vatican-Moscow-Agreement’ Newspaper Attacks The Fatima Crusader” in this issue) in their hand, he nevertheless published a completely false and misleading statement against me and the Apostolate. The wire services picked it up and the secular press published it.

But here is the ludicrous part ... Msgr. McCormack of Toronto, who signed this slanderous and false statement is the same one who has publicly attacked the Church's 250-year-old ban on Freemasonry!!!

But Father Sheedy and Msgr. McCormack are only two examples ...

Many powerful forces, both in the Church and out, are bound and determined to stop us no matter what it takes!

Right now, we are so weak and financially vulnerable. Because of these attacks, we lost more than $80,000 in publishing and mailing the last Fatima Crusader. We cannot survive that again.

You Must Decide

I can assure you that I was not exaggerating when I told you that this may be the most critical and dangerous time ever for Our Lady's Apostolate.

Today, I need you to decide whether or not Our Lady's Message will continue to spread around the world or if we will be forced to surrender to those who seek to silence Her and destroy our only real chance for peace.

If we have to stop now it will only be because you chose to not help us at this critical time.

But before you decide, keep in mind that your decision affects everyone you love —— your family and friends, and even your children and grandchildren ...

Because it is truly the future of the entire planet and the eternal salvation of billions of souls that's at stake today!

Pray for Us

Your prayers mean everything now as we fight for our survival. Please pray as much as you can that God will protect us and give us the means we need to continue.

And yes, I must also beg you as hard as I can to give as generously as you can possibly afford to help us pay our bills and keep Our Lady's words reaching out to millions.

We especially need your monthly pledges and whatever extra gift you can afford from the blessings God has given you.

Anything —— anything at all —— will help, but please be as generous as your means will allow. Our Lady will richly reward your alms.

You are in my prayers daily and I continue to thank Our Lord and Our Lady for all your help and support at each and every one of my Masses. God bless you.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. Please pray that this is not the last issue of The Fatima Crusader that we will be able to send you. Your gifts are more important than ever as we fight to survive and bring Our Lady's saving Fatima Message to the world! Please Help.
P.P.S. See our "Open Letter in Defense of the Catholic Faith" in this issue.