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Good News!

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

This is a very important issue of The Fatima Crusader because our public campaigns to make Our Lady's consecration request known to the world are succeeding.

400 Bishops and 10 percent of the Cardinals are convinced that the Consecration of Russia is important, is necessary and has not yet been done.

Furthermore, they are willing to do their part, they are willing to join the Holy Father to consecrate Russia as Our Lady of Fatima requested.

On May 13, 1990 word reached this office from inside the Vatican from private sources, that the Holy Father, to this day, still knows that he has not consecrated Russia and he wants to do it.

At the same time, the Pope feels completely helpless and that his hands are tied because there are certain Bishops' Conferences, particularly in Europe, who are "blackmailing" the Pope into not fulfilling the consecration request.

Pope John Paul II Fears Bishops' Schism

Pope John Paul II praying at Lourdes. Our Pilgrimage this year to Fatima also includes two nights in Lourdes.

The Pope wants to do it but he fears that the anti-Fatima bishops would lead a number of the Faithful away from the True Church into schism if he gave the order to solemnly and publicly consecrate Russia.

Therefore it is because of the fear of loss of souls that the Pope delays and prays, hoping for a solution.

The solution is very simple. We must work and pray. We must pray very hard for the Pope not to be afraid of those anti-Fatima bishops. Our Lady has given him the means to overcome them but he needs the help of our prayers to do what She wants.

But prayer alone is not enough. We must work even more to make the consecration request known to the faithful worldwide. This work is so necessary now more than ever, because in a few short years we have come so far and we have come much closer, but time is running out.

Why This Public Campaign Is The Solution

Because the Pope needs the support of the laypeople against the anti-Fatima bishops.

When the Pope knows he has the support of the vast majority of the faithful he can then confidently command the bishops to join with him in fulfilling Our Lady of Fatima's formal request for the consecration of Russia.

At present, he fears to give the order lest the laypeople follow their disobedient bishops who privately threaten open schism if the Pope were to give the command today.

After our continued public campaign is successful, the laypeople will no doubt support the Pope and Our Lady of Fatima's request. Then the Pope need not fear those few but powerful bishops.

Thus when the Pope does what Our Lady of Fatima awaits from him and gives the order under pain of excommunication to the Bishops to consecrate Russia, he will have nothing to fear from the few anti-Fatima bishops even should they revolt, because no one would follow them.

Furthermore, those bishops' cooperation would no longer be needed as they would, by their disobedience, be outside the Catholic Church.

It is imperative that the Faithful understand that their freedom, their property, their very lives and even their eternal salvation is at great risk if this consecration is not done very soon.

Russia Instrument of Chastisement Unless...

From Volume III of The Whole Truth About Fatima (see page 505) we know that Our Lady told Sister Lucy that "Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation."

But it is only "by this means" that is by means of the Consecration of Russia that, that poor nation (namely Russia) will be converted to the fervent practice of the Catholic faith and away from the satanic religion of Communism, whose goal is world domination under the Antichrist.

When this simple fact is understood widely, then no doubt, the Faithful will stay with the Pope and in fact encourage their bishops to obey the Pope and Our Lady of Fatima.

Once this fact is widely known, there would be very few if any bishops who would even attempt to disobey the Pope in this matter because at that point the bishop himself would recognize that it would profit him nothing in this world or in the next to disobey the Pope in this extremely serious matter.

Why The Disinformation Campaign Now!?

And that explains why this great campaign of disinformation has been conducted for the last six months against the consecration request and against ourselves who are the largest circulation public spokesmen for Our Lady's request.

In the last few months, for the first time since 1962, the cornerstone of Moscow's stranglehold over the Vatican has been shaken.

You see the Vatican-Moscow Agreement of 1962 was basically imposed on the Vatican at the point of a gun. To the Vatican's promise of silence regarding the intrinsic evil of Communism, Moscow promised to lessen the bloodshed, the martyrdom of our Catholic brethren behind the Iron Curtain.

This agreement was never kept by Moscow but they enforced it on the Vatican anyway. Today, however, Our Lady of Fatima is finally being heard in very high places inside the Vatican.

Vatican Cardinals Agree With Us

This, you will see from our very special report coming from Rome from our good friend Arthur Skinner, founder of the Society for the Consecration of Russia (see "Special Bulletin from Rome").

He testifies to the fact that 10 Roman Cardinals, Cardinals near to the Pope, are aware that the consecration of Russia must be done. And they are doing something about it.

Thus the anti-Fatima group in Rome and the pro-Vatican-Moscow-Agreement Cardinals, are worried. They don't really believe the full message of Fatima but they won't tell you that.

The Fatal Fox Consecration Hoax

Rather, they directly or indirectly put out the misinformation and the lies against Sister Lucy and against Our Lady of Fatima's request for the solemn and public consecration of specifically Russia.

They use other journals and false witnesses, like Maria do Fetal, to put their story in the public press. Even 30 Days magazine has been taken in by the fake letters of Sister Lucy. (See, for example, the article "Frère Michel Proves 'Sister Lucia's Letter' is a Fake" by Frère Michel showing that one such letter cannot be by Sister Lucy).

We have much more to publish proving that Sister Lucy has not wavered on this important matter.

Since the dossier on this latest attack on Our Lady of Fatima is so thick and too bulky to publish in this issue of The Fatima Crusader, we decided to publish separately a new book dealing with this subject.

It is entitled The Fatal Fox Consecration Hoax which will soon be available from The Fatima Crusader, but extracts of this book are articles in this magazine: "'NO, Never' ... Sister Lucia of Fatima""Sister Lucy Interviewed by Blue Army Insists 1984 Consecration Does Not Fulfill Our Lady of Fatima's Request""Apostasy in the Church""The 'Inventions' of Maria do Fetal""Frère Michel Proves 'Sister Lucia's Letter' is a Fake""Father Fox's Fabrications".

Time Is Running Out

It is so important for us to act now. For two reasons we can say our time left to work is so short:

(1) It is over 61 years ago that Our Lady said "the moment has come" for the Pope to make the consecration of Russia.

(2) Just 2 years and 2 months after the Pope and bishops at that time delayed, Our Lord rebuked this delay with the dire Rianjo prophecy indicating the Pope and the bishops may well suffer a terrible death due to delaying this consecration of Russia (see "Our obligation to You" in "We Must Love the Pope; We Must Love the Bishops" this issue).

The hour is indeed very late when we consider the vast preparations for war that Russia under Mikhail Gorbachev has enacted even the last couple of years even while he continues to talk "peace". See the special report Mesmerized By the Bear, Part II in this issue which was just published for the first time in May 1990.

Have Confidence In Our Lady

Although there is need for great caution, concern, hard work and sacrifice, we should, above all, have great confidence in Our Lady because we do have Her promise, "But in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me. Russia will be converted and a period of peace will be given to mankind."

Our concern for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters and friends and neighbors is, will the consecration take place in time?

We might only have as little as 6 months to 3 years left before Russia enslaves the whole world. It is most probable that we have no more than a maximum of 10 years and likely a lot less.

However, we personally should never lose hope because if we are faithful clients of Our Lady, as St. Alphonsus explains in "Mary Leads Her Servants to Heaven", Our Lady leads Her devoted and persevering clients to Heaven with certitude, no matter what the difficulty.

Let us thank God and Our Lady for allowing us and inviting us to work for the great cause of Our Lady's ultimate triumph over the devil and his henchmen. Let us thank Her for showing us the sure road to salvation for ourselves and all who would embrace true devotion to Her.