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Mother Teresa
Gives Her Views on 
Communion In The Hand

The American Catholic Weekly The Wanderer, March 23, 1989, reported on an interview with Father J. Emerson of the newly formed Society of St. Peter. When Father Emerson finished his address, he answered questions from the audience.

Perhaps the most striking answer came in response to the question, "What is the proper way of receiving Holy Communion — in the hand or on the tongue kneeling down?" In reply Father Emerson said, "Well, I have only one comment on that, and I am glad to be able to give it, ... I am absolutely certain that this is true, because I have heard it from priests who were present ... Mother Teresa of Calcutta was asked — within the last year at most — what she considered to be the worst thing happening ... in the world today; what was the great tragedy of the world today? and they obviously ex­pected her to perhaps say abortion or to perhaps say famine and so on.

"The answer: 'The worst thing is Communion in the hand.' Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that." This answer was greeted with applause.