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Father Nicholas Gruner
 Publisher, The Fatima Crusader —
Producer, Heaven's Peace Plan —
Worldwide Daily Radio Program

Our Lady's Day and the  
13th Anniversary of my Ordination
August 22, 1989     


"Remember My word that I said to you: The servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you."
(John 15:20)

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

I suppose you can say it was bound to happen.

As we have been more and more successful in our efforts to bring the Fatima Message to you and millions of others around the world, Our Lady's enemies have become just as determined to stop us ... no matter what ittakes!

In fact, looking at what we've accomplished over the last year, you might say it's been a miracle that they've waited this long to unleash their newest and worst campaign of lies and slander against us.

But whatever the reason, satan and his earthly allies have chosen thiscrucial moment to go after Our Lady's Apostolate ...

And believe me, this time they are playing for keeps!

If you think that I am exaggerating or that my fears are unfounded, I beg you to turn to "Some Vatican Officials Attempt to Silence and Suppress Our Lady of Fatima and Father Gruner" in this issue and read for yourself just how serious this attack on Our Lady's Fatima Apostolate really is!

But before you read that article, let me give you some additional facts that may help you understand why Our Lady's enemies will today stop atnothing to destroy me, other Marian priests and this particular Fatima Apostolate.

Millions are hearing Our Lady's 
full Message for the first time!

With the help of Our Lady's most faithful friends — people like you — we have been able to bring Her Fatima Message to tens of millions of souls around the world.

Just consider:

... In 10 years, the circulation of The Fatima Crusader has grown from a tiny handful of devoted friends to more than one million readers per issue!

… In 3 years (again because you and so many others helped), "Heaven's Peace Plan," Our Lady's daily radio program has expanded from a few local stations to more than 40 outlets across North America and around the world, reaching out to as many as 25,000,000 souls per program!

... In the last 12 months, more than 80,000 copies of my book "World Enslavement or Peace ... It's Up To The Pope" on the Consecration of Russiaand Brother Michel's book The Whole Truth About Fatima have been distributed, including copies to the Holy Father, every Catholic bishop and many top political leaders.

... In the last six months alone, we have answered nearly 18,000 calls for prayer, spiritual advice and information on Fatima from callers on our toll-free Fatima telephone line. We have received more than 37,000 pieces of mail from almost every country on the globe.

Through Our Lady's Apostolate, the words of warning and hope that She gave at Fatima are today being heard loud and clear by MORE people in MORE places than ever before!

For the first time — with God's help and yours — the full Fatima story is being told to millions of our fellow Catholics and others ...

And let me tell you, people are listening!

Countless Miracles of Grace and Healing!

Every single day, we see more and more priests and religious, lay men and women, the young and the old, coming forward to join this great crusade to save the world through the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

We have received literally thousands of calls and letters from people whose lives have been changed by the Grace of Our Lord working through the Fatima Message of His Blessed Mother (see "Dear Father Gruner ... 'Don't Give Up'" in this issue).

Whether telling of miraculous cures or conversions, returns to the Faith or prayers for work and vocations answered or of marriages saved and abortions prevented ...

The truth and awesome power of Our Lady's Fatima Message is being realized daily in the lives of people just like you!!

Satan fears Fatima on Television Most

One thing I don't have to tell you is that satan fears and hates the Fatima Message more than any single thing on earth.

It shouldn't surprise you that as this Apostolate has grown, satan and his allies on earth have re-doubled their efforts to stop the Fatima Message from reaching you and so many others.

As you probably know, we are currently working day and night to bring Our Lady's Message to many more millions of souls through the tremendous power of TELEVISION.

We have already produced the first eight programs of this wonderful new weekly series and, with your help, they will soon be on TV in cities and towns across North America!

Our programs feature such important and informative guests as Prof. Robert Morris on Soviet plans for world conquest, Malachi Martin on the current state of the Catholic Church and Dr. Paul Cameron on the A.I.D.S. cover-up.

We also have programs on the radical feminist agenda in the Church, the 3rd Secret of Fatima, on the fight against abortion and yes, on the terrible, growing threat of satanic cults.

Now I ask you:

Is it mere coincidence that this newest and worst attack on OurLady's Apostolate should have started NOW ... just as we are coming soclose to putting Her Message on weekly television?

Believe me, it's no accident. Our enemies realize full well just how vulnerable we truly are!

This is a "Life-or-Death" Struggle!

You may think that Our Lady's Fatima Apostolate is just too big now to be silenced ...

But I can assure you that each and every attack against us takes a terrible, terrible toll!

Every time we are attacked, we lose many supporters. Perhaps they believe that "where there's smoke, there's fire" or perhaps they are merely afraid.

But just as our enemies have planned, the result of their lies and deceit is to further delay our urgent efforts to bring the Message of Fatima to you and others.

Any delay in obeying Our Lady's solemn Fatima requests is fraught with appalling risks. The times are just too dangerous for delay.

And you don't need a prophetic gift to see the risks are growing!

Our Lady's Dire Predictions Fulfilled

As you will read in this issue, the recent events in China, including the murder and imprisonment of thousands of young students, is merely thefirst of many more massacres to come.

Just as Our Lady foretold, communism continues to extend and tighten its hold over the minds and bodies of countless millions.

Even as the Free World sinks further into lethargy and indifference (lulled by soothing words about peace and openness), the Russian military colossus is poised to strike at our very hearts!

The crack-down in Russia has already started! New reports indicate that more than 100 people were recently killed in the Georgian city of Tbilisi when police and army units used POISON GAS to enforce Gorbachev's policy of "perestroika" and "glasnost."

Do not be deceived by the liberal news media. The communistthreat to our families and homeland is greater today than ever before.

Father Svarinskas, a Lithuanian priest who we first told you about in 1986, has recently been released after years of imprisonment in Russia for the "crime" of practicing his priestly duties.

Now free in Rome, Fr. Svarinskas' first public statement was to solemnly warn us that "glasnost is a fraud."

"The Smoke of Satan"

Sister Lucy of Fatima has told us that many priests and even bishops have been infected by a great "spiritual disorientation."

Before his death, Pope Paul VI confirmed that "the smoke of satan" has indeed entered the highest levels of the Church.

In some parishes and dioceses, satan is using the good will of many clergy and lay people to spread disharmony and dissention within the living Body of Christ itself.

Look at your own parish today and compare attendance at Mass, priestly vocations, devotion to Our Lady and the Saints and respect for the Sacraments with the way it was even a mere 20 years ago.

Do you wonder that abortion, drug addiction, criminal violence, divorce and sexual perversion are at all-time historic highs?

Our Lady warned repeatedly at Fatima that only by obeying Her solemn requests (especially for the Consecration of Russia) could the persecution and torture of our Holy Father and the Church be prevented!

More than ever before, the Church needs Our Lady's help today!

Do not let Our Lady be Silenced
in these critical times!

Our Lady's enemies will do anything to stop the Message of Fatima from reaching you and others.

They will lie, cheat and steal. They will use any ploy or deceit.

As I struggle against those who would silence Our Lady, your prayers and support are more important and more urgent than ever.

If there was ever a time when I needed to know that you are with me and Our Lady's Apostolate, that time is NOW!

Your prayers and offerings are the best defense we have against these diabolical efforts. to silence the Fatima Message forever.

Urgent Plea to All who love Our Lady

PLEASE pray for us during this critical time. Your Rosaries especially are more vital than you know as we work to defend Our Lady and bring Her words to you and so many others.

And while I wish (and pray) that I did not have to ask again ...

Your financial sacrifices are desperately needed as well.

To print and send you this single issue of The Fatima Crusader has cost the Apostolate well over $150,000 ...

Combined with the costs for Our Lady's radio program and our great effort to bring the Fatima Message to television, we are facing a staggeringfinancial burden!

I am praying very hard that you will stand by us in these difficult days. Your prayers and offerings are absolutely essential!

We are truly facing a LIFE-OR-DEATH battle today ... and your help means everything!

I know you will not fail Our Lady in this time of danger and need.

Please ask Our Mother of Good Counsel to guide you in your decision to help today. With Her assistance, I know that all will be well.

We are depending on YOU. May God bless you today and every day.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S.  These diabolical attacks on me and Our Lady's Apostolate are already hitting us hardest where we are most vulnerable ... in the pocketbook. Even if you have recently given, please consider making another special sacrifice to help us defend Our Lady and continuing bringing Her Fatima Message to millions around the world.
P.P.S. I cannot emphasize too stronglyhow vital your prayers, volunteer efforts and financial sacrifices are at this critical time. In September, the month of St. Michael, I will be celebrating a very special Novena of Masses in Reparation for the Nine Great Sins of our time. Please join your prayers with ours, asking Our Lord and Our Lady to defend and protect us against all evil and harm. I have attached a form to list your Mass intentions alongside this letter.