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A Fatima Crusader Pilgrim Testifies to:

Another Cure Through
Fatima Water

Dear Father Gruner,

In October of 1986, I was one of the thirty-nine people that accompanied you on a pilgrimage to Fatima, Portugal. I thoroughly enjoyed and loved the beautiful experience of the pilgrimage bringing back several momentos for the family including Holy Water from Fatima.

The year after the pilgrimage, October 1987, my 80-year-old husband Adolfo had developed health problems that required evaluations by specialists who ultimately concurred in their diagnosis that he had a tumor approximately 7 centimeters (3 inches) in diameter in the lower part of the colon. A subsequent biopsy confirmed the tumor as malignant.

Due to the critical location and large size of the tumor, the specialists recommended immediate surgery for my husband, which greatly shocked him and all of the family.

My husband and I have been devout Catholics all our lives, however the devastating diagnosis of cancer of the colon with impending surgery increased our prayers and my husband began taking small sips of Holy Water daily, of water from Fatima that I had brought back to Raton, NM from the Portugal pilgrimage.

After much deliberation my husband half-heartily consented to surgery on November 12, 1987, without ceasing to take daily sips of the Holy Water of Fatima, making the sign of the cross and praying diligently.

The surgery on that 12th day of November was extremely long and tedious, increasing the anxiety of the awaiting family as the hours passed. Finally, eleven hours later after starting the operation, the chief tumor surgeon came into the waiting room to report on the outcome of the surgery. His first comment was that Adolfo, my husband's, condition was stabilized and that he would soon be transferred from the operating room to the Intensive Care Unit on the floor. Then he shook his head and looked perplexed as he stated that it had taken "quite" a while to locate the tumor which was malignant. According to all the pre-operative diagnostic tests, including a CAT scan, it had indicated a growth of 7 centimeters or approximately 3 inches in diameter. When the surgeon finally found the tumor it was 3-3/5 centimeters in size, actually one half the size visualized by the CAT scan pre-operatively.

Consequently although the surgery was the ma­jor category, the ramifications were considerably reduced, due to the diminished size of the tumor.

After the major surgery of November 12, my husband started recovering slowly, steadily continuing to sip the Holy Water of Fatima as soon as he was able to take oral fluids. A few days post-operatively the surgical resident doctors were mak­ing their daily rounds of their patients around six o'clock in the evening. When they came to my husband's bed, one of the doctors happily told him that the pathologists post-operative results of the excised malignant tumor indicated "all the cancer" was removed.

It was indeed a happy day for Adolfo and all our family when the report was given.

His recovery has continued slowly, yet progressively to this very day, which is remarkable for an eighty-year-old man undergoing major surgery of such magnitude with little hope of being successful or totally curative. This was my husband's first and last surgery, he states however he and his family attribute his successful recovery and total excision of the malignancy to the Holy Water of Fatima.

In addition to sipping the Holy Water many prayers and masses were offered faithfully believing in his recovery.

Annie Trujillo

P.S. Please publish this letter in The Fatima Crusader magazine, so people will see how powerful prayers and Holy Water are when said with complete faith.

April 17, 1989

My dear Father Gruner,

I was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease a year ago and through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother I am well today. I know this because when I was having the symptoms of this disease I drank the Fatima Water which I received from you. Thank you Father Gruner for this curative water from Fatima.

Also, thank you for the medals, cards with prayers to Our Lady of Fatima, and the books. I am very inspired by the latest book, The Whole Truth About Fatima.

Enclosed is a small donation of Thanksgiving to Our Blessed Mother for Her most powerful intercession and my good health today.

Our Lady holds you dear to Her Heart.

Jean Greenback, 
Lockport, Illinois

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