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Father Nicholas Gruner
— Publisher, The Fatima Crusader —
— Producer, Heaven's Peace Plan — 
Nationwide Daily Radio Program

"Regarding the matter of Russia, I think it would please Our Lord very much if you worked to make the Holy Father comply with His wishes."
... Sr. Lucy to Father Goncalvez

Ash Wednesday, 1989

Dear Friend of Jesus and Mary,

As Our Lady told us at Fatima, if the consecration of Russia is not done in time then the whole world, including the U.S.A. will be enslaved by Russian Communism.

God's time of mercy is clearly running out.

By now, we have all heard about the savings and loan crisis that has required the immediate attention of the new president, George Bush. Obviously, it is a major emergency.

If the U.S. financial crisis worsens, as many economists and analysts now predict, then it could well be the end of our freedom.

Soviet analysts have already stated that the "right time" for Communist world conquest is when the Free World is so discouraged by financial depression and hungry from food shortages (See The Fatima Crusader Issue No. 26.) that we no longer have the will or ability to resist.

With the Russian 6 to 1 advantage in nuclear arms, faced with economic ruin and mass starvation, the decision of the new administrat­ion is obvious ...

To those who accuse us of being alarmists, I respond with Saint Augustine who says: "Being myself frightened, I frighten others."

Yet we should not despair because we have much cause for hope. As I write you today, more than 200 bishops have responded to publicly confirm their willingness to consecrate Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart.

Thanks to your support, the consecration of Russia is closer than ever before.

But we should not be deceived. The opposition to Her plan for world peace is growing stronger and stronger.

Scripture Warns Satan Will Send
"Painters of Lies" Against Us

The only weapon that satan has to use against us is to spread lies, innuendoes and deceit against Our Lady and Her Fatima Apostolate.

In previous issues, we have fully answered the absurd and totally false allegations made by irresponsible detractors (many of whom hide behind anonymity) ... Should you have missed these issues or require further documentation, I will gladly forward it to you.

And again in this issue, we answer a Cardinal who apparently has been misled by the disinformation and smear campaign against us and the Message of Our Lady.

Meanwhile, the lies spread against me and The Fatima Crusader continue to stop us from making the truth as widely known as it must.

Satan knows that this magazine and Our Lady's radio program are the only widespread forces in the media telling the truth about the urgent need to consecrate Russia before millions are annihilated and the whole world is enslaved!

In 1982, Sister Lucy of Fatima said that an intense preparation by the bishops of the world was needed ... in other words, the bishops were not sufficiently informed about the consecration request of Our Lady.

As you know, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing this crucial information to both the bishops and to people of good will everywhere.

There is still much we all must do, but with the help of Our Blessed Mother and your faith and support, we have achieved great things already!

Prayer and Work go Hand-in-Hand!

Your prayers and also your active efforts are urgently needed. Prayer only would be quietism ... work only would be the heresy of Americanism.

My dear friend, we must pray and work. As Saint Ignatius said, "You must pray as though everything depends on God and work as though everything depends on you."

To make the Church and its leaders informed, we need to continue to publish and explain Our Lady's words.

This is where your help is so urgently needed ...

It costs over $150,000 to print and distribute just one issue of The Fatima Crusader. We need your help to pay these bills so we can continue to print the truth and make even greater progress in this crucial year.

The enemies of God, the Secret Societies, the Communist party, Gorbachev and company have budgets in the billions of dollars with which to subvert our efforts and work towards world conquest.

Believe me, they will succeed unless you and I convince our bishops of the need to consecrate Russia in the near future!

Your bank account, paper money, even gold will be useless in the event that we fail. Communist conquest will start with the confiscat­ion of all your assets, including the home in which you live.

As you know, our enemies are attacking us not only by military might, spying and disinformation, but also by a direct assault on our moral fibre. (See the article “The Soviet Orchestrated Global Drug Network” ... in this issue.)

Attacks on the Faith Intensify!

We saw last Fall how, for the first time in history, Jesus Christ was blasphemously portrayed as a sinner in the film "The Last Temptation of Christ."

This year there are several movies in the planning stage that will attack the dignity of Christ even more viciously ... but that is only the beginning!

The enemies of God are not content to attack the sacred persons of Jesus and Mary alone.

In fact, Our Lord Himself specifically warned us: "If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you."

... From across Canada and the United States, we continue to receive reports of good Catholics being persecuted for their faith, even in their own churches. These attacks on the Faithful continue unabated ...

In Florida, one man has been forcibly removed from his parish church by the police because he protested against illicit changes in Sacred liturgy, including a belly-dancer performing at Mass.

Incredibly, today he and his wife are "legally forbidden" to attend Mass and take the Sacraments in their own parish church across the street from where they live!

You and I know in our hearts that God will not allow these indignities to be perpetrated much longer ...

We must redouble our efforts. The Russians are stronger than ever, the attack from within is increasing! We must get the consecrat­ion done as soon as possible.

Only This Apostolate is Bringing 
Our Lady's Full Message to so Many People!

There is no other Apostolate of Our Lady doing what we are. We have the only daily radio program bringing Her full Fatima Message to millions around the world.

And we have the only publication that reaches over one million souls per issue with Our Lady's Fatima words.

But we cannot continue to broadcast and publish without your help at this critical time. Without the public campaign which we are leading, there is little or no possibility that the Consecration will be done in time.

Today, even the enemies of Our Lady both in the Church and out are talking about it. This public campaign is succeeding as never before:

We cannot, we must not stop now.

Please do not let Our Lady's Messenger be silenced and stopped for lack of funds.

Help Our Lady to reach all of those who have not yet heard Her Message. Give as generously as you possibly can afford.

Please, your help is needed today more than ever!

      Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

      Father Nicholas Gruner 


A wealthy individual has told us not to try and obtain the consecration and conversion of Russia because, in his words, "the world does not deserve it ... we deserve punishment."

I pray that you do not agree with this reasoning. Our only hope to avoid enslavement is the consecration of Russia. No one can be certain that he or she will be able to withstand the torture and persecution of the anti-God Communists. Your very souls are at stake!

Even though we do not deserve world peace, we must do all we can to obtain it, especially since God has invited us to do so through His Mother's Fatima Message.

Do not refuse or delay to accept this great gift of God's Mercy. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate. During this Holy Season of Lent, let us pray and give alms. Please be as generous as you can.

Your Tax Deductible gift of any size is most useful and necessary at this time. Your gift of $5, $50, $500 or $5000 can be the difference between freedom and slavery.


The devil has succeeded in silencing many voices working for Our Lady. We are the only wide circulation magazine and daily radio program promoting the whole truth about Fatima.

Do not allow us to be silenced by lack of support. It is only your prayers and gifts that enable us to bring Our Lady's Urgent Message to all Catholics and others of good will.

We appeal to our readers, rich and poor to be as generous as you can because the time of mercy is fast running out. We must do everything we can to bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.