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Father Nicholas Gruner
— Publisher, The Fatima Crusader —
— Producer, Heaven's Peace Plan —
Worldwide Daily Radio Program

"It is therefore completely probable that the text of the Third Secret makes concrete allusions to the crisis of the faith within the Church and to the negligence of the pastors themselves."

… Father Alonso C.M.F., S.T.D. Official Archivist of Fatima for 16 years.

November 1, 1988
Feast of All Saints

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

In this issue of the Fatima Crusader, you will find the most complete and up-to-date information ever published by any magazine on the 3rd Secret of Fatima.

As you may know, this crucial part of Our Lady's Fatima message has been hidden from us for nearly 30 years.

Frankly, we believe the hour has grown too late to hide the truth any longer!

Since Our Lady confided the Secret to the three child seers, the world has moved ever closer to the great calamity She solemnly warned us about at Fatima.

In those 71 years, nearly one-third of the earth has been enslaved by atheistic Communism. Over 50 million people have been killed in wars and bloody strife. And more than 500 million babies have been brutally murdered in their own mothers' wombs.

In the 28 years since Pope John XXIII first read the Secret and chose not to reveal it, we have seen our churches become empty, voca­tions to the priesthood decline and heresy, apostasy and blasphemy become commonplace.

The 3rd Secret is Unfolding
Before Our Very Eyes

Those privileged few who have read the 3rd Secret have made it clear that (in Cardinal Ratzinger's words) it "concerns dangers to the Faith."

You and I know only too well that today the Faith is facing the greatest crisis in its history. Indeed, in Europe and America (North and South) it is in headlong retreat.

Perhaps you heard about the announcement by the Archdiocese of Detroit that soon over 40 of its oldest and most beautiful churches would be closed and sold due to a lack of parishioners.

Yet only a handful of years ago, these churches were full to overflowing at 'every single Mass!

Mass attendance is declining in virtually every parish in every state and province in the U.S. and Canada. It has reached an all-time historic low both here and in Western Europe.

And as I mentioned in a previous letter, new surveys indicate that over 200,000 Catholics in Latin America are now leaving the Church every month to follow fundamentalists and other false prophets.

I know you don't have to be told that our Holy Faith is the only real defense we have against the powerful and growing forces of evil that today threaten our freedom, our homes, our lives and, yes, our very souls!

Writing about "the great confusion" in the Church, Sister Lucy herself has said: "The fact is that the devil has succeeded in bring­ing in evil under the appearance of good, and the blind are beginning to lead others … This is like the Lord told us in His Gospel, and souls allow themselves to be taken in."

The Plot to Silence Our Lady

Even as I write you this letter, the enemies of the Faith are working day and night to stop Our Lady's saving message from reaching you and other of Her faithful friends.

The Fatima Crusader and I continue to be the target of scurrilous attacks and out-and-out lies. Many other Marian priests and apostol­ates are also being similarly slandered.

You may wonder where these attacks are coming from? Unbelievably, many are from within the Church itself…

Modernist priests and left-leaning so-called "Catholic" journalists have joined forces to wage war on anyone who dares to tell the whole truth about Fatima!

Even as they dismantle our sacred traditions piece-by-piece, these "wolves in sheep's clothing" speak out against priests and others who truly uphold the dignity and purity of our Holy Mother the Church.

In one breath, they defend foul blasphemies like "The Last Temp­tation of Christ"…

In the next breath, they claim that we are "anti-Papal" or "extremist" or "out-of-step" or even "dangerous".

Ignorance, Apathy and Indifference

As Our Lady's dear friend, you know better than to believe these kinds of outright lies and distortions. But sad to say, there are many others who do not.

Like all Apostolates of Our Lady, we are, as St. Louis de Montfort says, the heel of the Blessed Virgin which crushes the serpent's head. That is why we are being bruised by attacks of satan and his allies as we fight to bring about the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart!

Yet even as the dangers around us mount daily and countless Faithful suffer one deadly blow after another, most people (including most Catholics!) are still unaware of Our Lady's full Fatima Message.

This is despite Pope John Paul II's own statement in 1982 that the Message of Fatima "is still more relevant than it was 65 years ago. It is still more urgent."

The enemies of Our Lady are depending on the indifference and apathy of the Faithful. Their lies are designed to lull us into a false sense of security.

Gloom and Doom?!

Because The Fatima Crusader and I will not alter or distort Our Lady's full Fatima Message, we have been accused of being "alarmist" and spreading "gloom and doom".

But I ask you:

Is it "gloom and doom" to print the facts that prove that communist Russia is — at this very moment — poised to launch an all-out attack against the West?

And is it "alarmist" to present the statistics that show that Russia and her allies outgun the U.S. by five to one?

Is it "extremist" to quote top Soviet military authorities like Marshall Ogarkov who admit that their plan is to strike the U.S. with an all out unprovoked surprise nuclear attack?

Finally, is it "gloom and doom" and "out-of-step" to take Our Lady seriously when She said at Fatima:

"Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation."

Our Lady Needs Your Help!

I wish I could tell you that the attacks by our enemies have not hurt us. Yes, they have taken their toll on me.

But even worse, although we could do so much more to promote the Fatima message if we had the means, these attacks have hurt our ability to bring Our Lady's Message to friends like you and also to millions of others who may not yet have heard Her Words of warning and hope.

Sadly, some of our friends have stopped helping us bear the heavy financial burdens. Others have given less than in the past.

It is only thanks to people like you that we are still able to carry on and not close our doors, but…

To put this issue in your hands, once again we have been forced to put ourselves deeply in debt…

This issue of The Fatima Crusader alone has cost more than $200,000 to print and distribute.

Our Lady's radio program — now on more than 50 stations 6 days a week in North America and around the world on shortwave reaching more than 196 countries — costs $16,140.87 per week to broadcast.

Several readers have written to criticize me for putting out The Crusader on faith alone…

I can only say that the hour is growing so late and the threats to our faith, our freedom, our lives and souls are so dire that we must bring Her Message to you no matter what the personal cost!

Your Prayers & Sacrifices Are Urgently Needed

As you know, we rely entirely on your gifts of love and faith. I pray daily that one day I will not have to ask for your financial help.

But today we desperately need you to help us bring Our Lady's Message to as many people as possible.

Time is so terribly short. Your gift of $1,000, $500 or even $100 means we can reach out to many thousands who have yet to hear Her Fatima words of warning and hope.

But believe me, a sacrifice of any amount is needed and vitally important as I work to pay our bills and spread Our Lady's Message.

Please ask Our Lord and Our Lady to guide you in your decision to help. We need your prayers — especially your rosaries — as we struggle to meet these pressing obligations.

May Almighty God bless you and yours today and always.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. I have prayed hard that you will respond to this urgent plea for help. I know that Our Lord and His Mother will inspire you to give all you can to help Our Lady. As always, I will be praying daily for you. Please include your special intentions on the back of the attached form. God bless you for all your help!

P.P.S. Please use the attached postage-paid envelope to send your tax-deductible offering today. I know that Our Lord will richly reward you for whatever sacrifice you make to help us bring His Blessed Mother's Message to the world.