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Feast of Mary's Assumption 1987

"Only I can help you."
Our Lady Of Fatima

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

In this issue, we give you some very important articles dealing at length with the consecration of Russia. It must be done now or else we shall soon be enslaved.

We stress this point particularly because by recent current events we can see clearly that we are moving rapidly toward the fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima's prophecy of the annihilation of various nations and the enslavement of the whole remaining world to Communist Russia. Our situation in North America grows more precarious each day. (See “Nuclear Advantage of Russia Over U.S.A. Now 6 to 1” in this issue).

The Russian Communists have not changed one iota of their plans for world domination. We have been misled and misinformed by Russian disinformation tactics for so long that our danger is now very great and many people do not yet realize it.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that Russia is the greatest military power in the world. In every important military category it outnumbers the United States and its allies by huge margins. Their regular forces and reserves are nine million strong, compared to three million for the United States.

They have 195 Combat Divisions, compared to America's 16. Even Soviet Cuba has more than the USA; it has 25 Divisions. The Russians have a nine to one lead in armored personnel carriers, and a ten to one lead in tanks: 51,900 to 4,960.

Military experts estimate that Russia now has the power to destroy our military and up to 90% of our citizens in a surprise nuclear first strike. Russia also has between 300,000 and 700,000 tons of chemical warfare agents ready to use against us. Russia's lead over the USA in nuclear arms is now six to one!

The present Russian military buildup is the greatest ever known in human history. It far exceeds whatever they need for defense. Recently the Supreme Command of the Russian Military for the first time since World War II has set up four 'Wartime High Commands'. The Russian military is now operating as if it were at war!

We cannot afford to cherish any illusions about the Communists' intentions to use their immense military superiority. Our Lady told Sister Lucy that "Russia would be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation."

Sister Lucy has explained that Russia will even overcome the United States if Our Lady's request to the Pope and the bishops to consecrate Russia is not done in time.

To remove any doubt about the Communists' intentions, we need only consider the appointment in May 1987 of Marshal Nikolai Ogarkov to the (de facto) highest military position in all of Russia. A new position was created for him in Moscow to be at the right hand of Gorbachev.

Ogarkov is the extremely dangerous and brilliant Russian military strategist who is well known for his many books, articles and speeches calling for all-out war against us. He has even proposed that Russia win World War III by launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike, even without any provocation or excuse.

Picked out for this first strike, are all the major centers of National military and civilian leadership, as well as all the major ports.

Cities such as Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Boston, Washington, Norfolk, Omaha, New Orleans, Galveston, Columbus and many more now have Russian missiles aimed at them waiting to be fired.

By this plan, Ogarkov intends to create such devastating destruction that the United States could not respond with any effective counter-attack. Clearly, we are surrounded militarily by an aggressive, predatory and powerful enemy whose intention to destroy us is manifest. There is only one way out. Convert Russia before it is too late.

The only way the conversion of Russia will come about is through the act of consecration. We must stress also the need for prayers, especially the Rosary, and the need to heed the other requests of Our Lady, especially conversion. But the reason we especially stress the consecration of Russia is:

(1) It is still not clearly understood by so many — including even bishops. (Recently a bishop wrote one of our readers and the bishop's apparent lack of knowledge in his letter on this subject is frightening.)

(2) It is the only means which will directly affect the conversion of Russia. All the other requests of Our Lady, if they are fulfilled by the people, will help towards compliance with this major request — but will not directly cause the conversion of Russia.

(3) Since our resources are very limited, and only a small number of people in the world are aware of these things, we must concentrate our efforts where they will have the most effect.

Remember, it was one solitary woman who was able to get through to Pope Pius XII in 1952 to get him to consecrate Russia, but alas not in the exact manner specified. Perhaps one of our readers will be able to get through to our Pope before it is too late for him and all of us.

When the famous general, Simon de Montfort, was surrounded by an army of Albigensian heretics, outnumbering him 20,000 to 700, what did he do?

Since he was safe for the night behind the walled city, he spent the night in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, with all his men. His first priority was prayer — powerful prayer — the Rosary prayed before the Blessed Sacrament. To this he joined the sacrifice of fasting.

Next morning he went into battle. Work was joined to prayer. He did not expect God to do everything, he did what he could. But he didn't do just anything, he used his intelligence.

He formed a clear battle plan. He sized up the enemy, figured out where his weakest point was and how he might overcome that. Then he went into action.

Simon saw where the opposing general was, took all 700 of his men, and made a concentrated effort to attack the enemy general. With the loss of only 51 men, Simon de Montfort reached and killed the enemy general and the battle was over. Seven hundred men defeated twenty thousand, with the help of Our Lady guiding his intelligent actions.

Today we are in a much more precarious position. The victory God has reserved for us will only come about in one way — through the consecration of Russia by the Pope and bishops in the manner specified.

As it is, we are surrounded. As each day passes, our situation becomes more and more untenable militarily. While the Soviet Union adds five new nuclear warheads to its arsenal each day, we continue to disarm ourselves unilaterally.

Our Lady's faithful followers resources are very limited. We have very little compared with the billions and billions of dollars that Russia spends on armaments, military hardware and disinformation. Therefore we must use our resources well.

We must do several things: (1) Fulfill all that Our Lady requested us to do in our personal lives. (2) Be informed about the full Fatima Message so that we can inform others, especially the bishops. (3) Act intelligently by seeing that Our Lady's requests are fulfilled soon before we are enslaved.

Our intelligence tells us that there is only one way to victory. That is by applying the battle plan of Our Lady — which is to get Russia consecrated.

Then we should act — but how? First we must tell others what the clear requirements for victory are. This applies first of all to the bishops. They must be informed! We simply cannot allow them to remain uninformed.

Telephone them, write them, talk to them in person. Be informed on every aspect of this subject so that you may be able to prudently answer whatever questions or difficulties they might have.

Similarly, you need to do the same with all Vatican officials that you can reach.

Next, you can inform your Senator, Member of Parliament, Representative, even your President or Prime Minister of the urgent necessity of doing what he can to prevail upon the Pope to consecrate Russia — before it is too late.

Finally, continue to support us by your prayers, sacrifices and contributions.

Help us continue to make people aware of our only hope: the full implementation of the Fatima Message.

Remember, it will never be implemented if it is not known. Nor will it be acted upon today if the urgent reality of our precarious position is not made known.

The Communists understand the value of misinformation and disinformation in their schemes to enslave us. In other words, they understand that for Russia to keep the American people asleep in a false sense of security, a most effective means is to hide the facts from them.

Thus not only have the military facts been hidden from you, so has the full message of Fatima. For your protection you need to make these facts known. You must help us enlarge our circulation of this magazine and also to continue to broadcast Heaven's Peace Plan radio program, to millions of souls.

People now are beginning to wake up to the danger. But to overcome the peril we must continue publishing and broadcasting the truth. We are the only large-scale magazine promoting the full Fatima Message — especially the absolute need to consecrate Russia.

This issue cost us about $195,000 to publish. As before, we have launched out in trust in Jesus and Mary, and your generosity. Please, see to it that our voice is not silenced.

Your contributions are desperately needed to keep this magazine alive. We have prayed with you that we can continue our fight for Our Lady of Fatima, but we cannot do it without you.

We have been gratified by your generous support in the past. Your continued support in the future is more urgent than ever.

I remember you in my daily Mass and I know that Our Lady blesses you and prays for you in Heaven.

Sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. Please send whatever you can afford to help this work of Our Lady. Your need and our need is great. Remember if we do not succeed, soon the Russians will invade us and your dollars will be useless.

P.P.S. As well as a great host of Christians fully committed to God's work, who will give $10.00, $25.00, or even $100.00, because the rewards of eternity are so great, we also need people who will sow bountifully. People who will say before God: "We want our treasures to be where our hearts are." We need those who — because of the signs of the times — will give joyfully $1,000, $10,000, or even more.