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March 19, 1987
Feast of St. Joseph

'Many nations will disappear from the face of the Earth ... Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion
of that poor nation'...
Sister Lucy of Fatima
December 26, 1957

Dear Catholic Friend,

Thanks be to God and your sacrifices and prayers great progress has been achieved for Our Lady of Fatima since our last issue. As you know, your life, your freedom, the possession of your own home still hangs by a thread in 1987 because Our Lady's Message given at Fatima has not been sufficiently heard.

As you can see from Sister Lucy's words on page 6 of this issue, we shall all here in America be enslaved by Communist Russia unless Our Lady's message is heard and obeyed very soon.

The great progress that we have to report is that finally after 70 years since Our Lady's appearance at Fatima we have with a few people's great sacrifices been able to put Our Lady's message on the radio 5 days a week, Monday to Friday on 40 different radio stations reaching 45 states in the United States and reaching 9 provinces in Canada.

Besides this, each week we broadcast on the weekend on 42 radio stations reaching all 48 states in continental U.S.A. and reaching all 10 provinces in Canada. The potential listening audience is over 20 million people each weekday and over 250 million souls each weekend. There is still much to do to establish the Fatima message in the minds and hearts of many of our neighbors. Most people today still do not knew that the message of Fatima is not simply something to encourage pious people but it is much more. It is a warning, an ultimatum, a crossroads in each one of our lives. If we ignore it, entire nations will be annihilated, and worse yet many souls will apostatize and go to hell for all eternity.

If we are successful in making it known in all its rich simplicity and profound wisdom then you can be certain the people will listen and obey. Should this happen soon, then you will see in the very near future the conversion of Russia and an era of peace and prosperity given to the whole human race.

The stakes are very high. You need to now continue to help keep Our lady of Fatima on the air. We have been on he air nationwide for about 3 months. Our current expenses are ever $5,000 each week. If this can last another 3 months you shall have established a beachhead in the media battle for Our Lady.

You indeed have reason to hope since this is the first time Our Lady of Fatima has ever had a daily radio program. You and people like you have made it possible by your prayers and

When was the last time you heard about Fatima in a sermon or in a Catholic weekly paper? When was it mentioned last by the world's daily newspapers? Everyone is concerned about peace, justice, nuclear war, world hunger, and defense of our country from Communist aggression which comes ever closer to us.

Furthermore, the crisis of faith and the attack on the Papacy is cause for concern for thinking Catholics. All are threatened by the spread of the AIDS epidemic which may well be as bad as the Black Death which wiped out a third of Europe in the 14th Century. It threatens to infect and kill both the innocent and the guilty. Yet Fatima, which is the solution to all these problems is never mentioned. How strange!

Many people concerned with these problems try to solve them while ignoring the most essential part of any real solution. They often forget Our Lady of Fatima. The various chastise­ments of the world such as: the persecution of the Church, the persecution of the Holy Father, earthquakes, typhoons, wars, tornadoes and AIDS will be stopped when we listen and obey with docile heart the maternal warning of our Mother at Fatima.

The Message of Fatima is ignored by far too many as if it didn't matter. Even some priests and bishops seem to be unaware of its existence. There are some who feel that we can ignore and despise Fatima. Yet Sacred Scripture tells us not to despise prophecy. (1 Thess. 5:19), Pope John Paul II said the message of Fatima is more relevant and more urgent than ever. At Fatima the Pope told us this message is addressed to every human being.

I have spent 10 years now as a priest working full time with the conviction that if only the full Message of Fatima was published and explained to all the people — they would respond.

Our Lady of Fatima condemned the criminally perverse ideas of Russian communism. You can be sure that they and their sympa­thizers have striven hard to keep the public ignorant of Our Lady's words at Fatima. By their silence, inaction, incorrect reasoning and false information the misguided leaders among the clergy and laity have up to now succeeded in keeping hidden from many of your friends the full message of Fatima.

We've made a breakthrough this year! But the next few months, especially the next two months will be most critical. Either I'll have to start cutting back Our Lady's radio program due to lack of support and contributions or else we'll finally be able to reach many members of the general public on an ongoing basis. This is because the radio program should start to be self sufficient.

Your help at this time in the 70th Anniversary year of Our Lady's appearance at Fatima is most critical. Please be as generous as you can. Anything you give will be put to work for Our Lady's cause. Please use the postage free envelope I have provided in this magazine for you. This is the year we mast establish Our Lady's message in the public's mind.

Without your support I'll have to close our apostolate and leave it to the Russians to take over the world as we couldn't continue to broadcast Our Lady's full message. This is because it is only through the Fatima Message being widely known and obeyed that we'll avoid being enslaved by communist Russia. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, so Our Lady is asking you to support this work now.

I am confident that you will recognize the urgency of responding now. I have been led over these past 10 years to know that Our Lady and Our Lard have many friends who love them not just with rice words but who prove it by their actions and their contributions. If it were not for you and people like you we should not have survived one year much less 10 years.

Each issue of our magazine costs us over 200 thousand dollars to typeset, print and mail to you. Your help is most urgently needed. Support the Fatima Crusader and "Heaven's Peace Plan" radio program since they are the only vehicles of the mass media giving you the full message of Fatima. They are so necessary today to overcome Our Lady of Fatima's enemies who have succeeded for too long in keeping Her full Fatima Message hidden.

It is only by obedience to Our Lady of Fatima that many of our dear Catholic Bishops will avoid being imprisoned and exe­cuted and martyred by the enemies of God. Jesus warned that this kind of thing would happen. (See the article "Make it Known to My Ministers ..." in this issue.) It is through our obedience to Our Lady of Fatima that the Pope will avoid further suffering. It is to help and save you that Our Lady of Fatima came with Her very serious warning to tea world and to show us all the only way out of the crisis now facing us.

It is for this reason I've striven so hard to bring it to your attention so that you'll respond before it's too late. I look forward to working even more for Our Lady of Fatima but if support is not forthcoming then I can look forward to a brief rest before the Soviet troops come to our land seeking to execute you and me and all faithful Catholics.

Please I beg you in God's name who authenticated the message of Fatima by one of the most stupendous miracles of all time to heed this message and to help pass it on before it is too late.

Recently due to the intercession of St. Jude, a great oppor­tunity, has providentially been given to us. The house next door which we have been praying for is now up for sale. It is ideal for me and visiting priests to live in. Upstairs there would be place for about five Volunteers to live.

There are many projects and even some backlog of week that awaits more helpers. I and my present staff of volunteers can hardly do mere since we are already working ten to twelve hours each day, six days a week. With this house we could spend more time in common prayer in the chapel as well and still get sere work done.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please continue. I remember you in my daily Mass. Mary Our Mother prays for you every day and will richly bless you for your continued support. Our Lady of Fatima will protect all who support this work since Sister Lucy said Our Lady will protect all Her dear ones.

Above all Jesus will reward you now and in Heaven for all the kindness you show Him by bringing this vitally important massage of His to the attention of all your brothers and sisters. Only in Heaven will you know how great was the good you did by supporting this work.

Father Michael Jarecki, and Father Victor Soroka join me in sending you our priestly blessing.

Yours sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. Remember the fight today for year freedom, and your peace is primarily in North America a media battle. More specifically, on one side it is a struggle to make known the full Fatima Message while your enemies seek to hide and distort the Fatima Message. As proof consider these facts. Most people do not know that they are now in an undeclared but very real physical and spiritual total war against Communism. Most in America do not knew that they shall certainly be cruelly enslaved by Communist Russia unless they heed Our Lady of Fatima.

We can be certain that rather than willingly endure all those terrible hardships inflicted on them, Americans and Canadians would rather mobilize and defend themselves by obeying the full Fatima Message which is really so easy to do. Only The Fatima Crusader and Heaven's Peace Plan widely publish these truths and the full message of Cur Lady in North America.

That is why it is so crucial that you support Heaven's Peace Plan radio program and The Fatima Crusader, this magazine. Because God Himself tells us there is no other way to ensure our peace and freedom except through obedience to Our Lady of Fatima. Our Lady told us moreover, "If people do what I tell you many souls will be saved."

 It is essential the people be told. God and Our Lady have chosen to tell you. By your response, we shall be enabled to tell others. Please, please, be as generous as you can. Send us your contribution of $25, $50, $100 or $1,000, or whatever you can afford. Your reward will be great in Heaven and on earth.

P.P.S. The providential opportunity to purchase the property next to our office will not last long. Our Lady has an urgent need to accommodate Her volunteers who have already offered to come and help me at my office, but we need a place for teem to stay.

We are praying for this property to St. Jude the Saint of the impossible and St. Joseph who has already provided so much for us. Please send us your tax-deductible gift of $50, $100 or $500 or whatever you can afford. This project is not too diffi­cult to achieve. Only 700 persons sending $100 each will enable you and I, to complete this project.

Please send your tax-deductible gift today so that Our Lady of Fatima can expand her work force, which so desperately needs extra help. You'll thereby enable us to better spread the most urgent Message of Fatima. It is only through the knowledge of and obedience to this God-given message that mankind which is so threatened by apocalyptic menaces, will survive.