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"Make It Known To My Ministers, That It Has Been Given to Them That They Follow the Example of The King of France in Delaying the Execution of My Command and That They Will Follow Him into Misfortune."

… Jesus to Sister Lucy of Fatima

Our Lord spoke these frightful words to Sister Lucy in this chapel in Rianjo, Spain because the bishops have delayed obedience to Jesus' very solemn and explicit command given to them through Our Lady of Fatima. It is their grave duty to promptly obey Jesus' command (see the article entitled “The Bishops Must Obey Our Lady of Fatima in this issue) that they, together with the Pope Consecrate specifically Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the solemn public manner specified by Our Lady of Fatima.

They have not yet done this and therefore the fate of the King of France (imprisonment and execution) awaits them unless they soon obey. Pope John Paul II wants to obey this command and has acknowledged that it has not been done.

All of us have a vital interest in this Message because as Our Lady of Fatima Herself says it is "BY THIS MEANS" (that is, it is only through the bishops' obedience to this command of Jesus) that Russia will be converted and peace given to the world. If the bishops do not obey this command in time then the whole world, including the United States will be enslaved by Communist Russia. (See the article entitled: “Today in 1987: Our Only Hope! Our Only Real Defense Program” in this issue.)


The powerful and well financed and highly placed enemies of Our Lady of Fatima as well as some misguided people, have for too long buried the truth of this matter and at the same time circulated falsehoods which have, up to now, prevented the Pope from carrying out this most important Act of Consecration together with all the bishops. (See the articles “Up to Now: TheVatican Moscow Agreement Has Silenced Our Lady” and “The Blue Army Leadership has followed a deliberate policy of falsifying the Fatima Message” in this issue.)

Thanks be to Jesus and Mary and their friends, a great breakthrough has very recently been achieved.

"Heaven's Peace Plan" Radio Program broadcasts the real Fatima Message to millions daily. But your prayers and your support are needed to maintain and expand this great initiative for Our Lady.

All loyal Catholics and people of good will must help Our Lady of Fatima avert the disasters prophesied by helping The Fatima Crusader making known this well documented but well hidden Message of Jesus and Mary to the world. LET US ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!