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November 1986
Month of the Holy Souls

"If My requests are not heeded, 
various nations will be annihilated."
"If My requests are granted, 
many souls will be saved."

 Our Lady of Fatima

Dear Fellow Catholic,

May Our Lady of Fatima inspire me with the right words to explain to you why you need more than ever to heed Her message at this moment. May Jesus and Our Heavenly Mother Mary inspire you to respond to this extremely important intervention of God in our time.

God, through the merciful design of His Divine Providence has chosen you to bring this Loving Appeal of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary to our brothers and sisters today. Your participation, your cooperation, your support and prayers have tremen­dous importance right now.

You are now being called to help like I was. I, though unworthy of Jesus and Mary's choice, have been urged by the grace of God to work now for over 9 years full time as a priest to make everyone aware of the Peace Plan from Heaven. We are assured by God Himself that only by obedience to the requests of Jesus Our King and Mary Our Queen given through the message of Fatima will we be able to live in freedom and peace.

Only through the obedience of the people and the Bishops will the ANNIHILATION OF ENTIRE NATIONS be averted. As you know this message of Fatima has been endorsed by all the Popes since 1930. Pope John Paul II says it is more relevant and urgent than ever.

To know these things about Fatima in our day is a special gift of God. You now, by knowing just this much, have been given a grace, a loving invitation and a responsibility by Jesus and Mary. They are relying on you to do what you can to help them save many souls and bring peace to the world. It is only through full obedience to this message that world hunger will cease, that the one billion 500 million enslaved behind the Iron Curtain will be freed, that the war upon the unborn, with 50,000,000 (fifty million) casualties each year — will end.

It is up to you. Your response makes a great difference in this war between Heaven and hell for your soul and the souls of all your loved ones.

Just think, that if you respond to Our Lady's Urgent Appeal of Fatima, reechoed here today you will help deliver yourself from either certain death or certain enslavement. At Fatima God gave us the assurance and the clear message that only the Message of Fatima will give the world peace.

Only through it will we here in America avoid enslavement to Communist Russia. Only through it will various nations marked out for certain annihilation be able to avoid this disaster. More important than all this, Our Lady tells us "if My requests are granted many souls will be saved".

Won't you respond? I know you won't refuse Our Heavenly Mother's anguished appeal to you and me to save ourselves and to help save the world from disasters never yet seen in the history of mankind.

I know you, like me, will not be able to refuse Mary who is truly Our Heavenly Mother. Jesus on the cross entrusted us all to Her care, and told us to be attentive to Her. Remember He says to you "Behold your Mother." He wants us to listen to Her now before it is too late for each one of us.

Let us then hurry while there is still time left. Let us do all we can. Your help is desperately needed. Above all and first of all let us together renew our resolve to pray and work to spread the love, the joy, the Peace and the Grace of God everywhere. We must not only pray, which is most important, but also we must work to the extent we can to make this message of Fatima known and obeyed.

Let us recall that the K.G.B., the Communist secret police has a budget of 6 Billion dollars a year to fight against all that Our Lady of Fatima stands for. With such funds, the Com­munists have up to now succeeded in almost totally silencing this Message from Heaven. Where it has been spoken of, often only part of it is made known. The part concerning Communism and Russia is often either minimized or omitted altogether. Yet, Our Lady of Fatima was very explicit in speaking about the errors of Russia being spread throughout the world.

The Pope has noted how skillful the Communists are in spreading their lies, their deceptions even through organizations that are apparently beyond reproach. We must counter their war of lies by broadcasting everywhere the truth. Even though our resources and size, when compared to 6 billion dollars annually, is extremely small we must do our part.

Like David fighting Goliath we shall triumph over this evil empire by means of the help of God, our confidence in God and Our Heavenly Mother's intercession. With our "sling shot" we shall destroy the evil giant of Communism. More exactly Our Lady will do this with our help by converting the Communists away from following the Satanic Karl Marx into fervent practicing Catho­lics, followers of Jesus Christ.

But God through the prophetic message of Fatima approved by the Church tells us that it is only by means of obedience to the full message of Fatima that this will happen. We are the only wide-circulation Fatima Magazine reaching over 1,000,000 people today with this full message. We trust in you and in Our Lady that you will help us continue to reach many people with this crucial message.

When I started this magazine 9 years ago we only printed 10,000 copies. We now print 500,000 which, it is estimated reach over 1,000,000 people. To pay for this issue it will be over $200,000 by the time we pay the post office, the computer list service, the printer, the layout artist, the general office overhead, the color film work etc.

We do not have 200,000 dollars — we are dependent on the generosity of only a few people who give what they can. Our last issue fell short of paying the debt incurred for that issue by about 30,000 dollars. So we appeal to you this time. Please send us what contribution you can to help us mobilize more and more people into this spiritual battle.

We know that not everyone who reads this issue is able to give financial help — still it is important that we reach them with this magazine since we are the only wide-circulation Fatima magazine bringing the general public the Unabridged, complete message of Our Lady of Fatima.

You and I need all the faithful to be mobilized in this Crusade of Our Lady of Fatima against the forces in the East and the West of Militant Atheistic Communism and its allies. If we do not mobilize in time, we shall all be enslaved, if not ANNIHILATED. It is almost 70 years since Our Lady appeared at Fatima. Our time has almost run out.

If you can, please help us mobilize all good Catholics and people of good will everywhere. Since the Vatican-Moscow Agreement, the agreement whereby the Vatican undertook to not denounce the evils of Communism in exchange for the empty promise of lessening the persecution of Catholics behind the iron cur­tain, it is now up to you and to me to sound the alarm. We must pass the word on since Our Pastors have been immobilized by Communist Warfare against the Church.

Please help us, we cannot physically endure the pace or financially carry on this fight without your help. If you can, please send us your tax deductible contribution of $20, $50 or $100 or whatever you can afford. If you are not able, please pray a Hail Mary, a decade or an entire Rosary so that Our Lady will move the hearts of those who can, to support us. You can also help make Our Lady's Peace Plan known. First of all by reading The Fatima Crusader yourself, then by passing it on.

If you wish to continue receiving this magazine, The Fatima Crusader — please send us your name and address. Please tell your friends about us, ask them to read The Fatima Crusader, send us their addresses and ask them to pray for our financial debts to be paid. If they can, suggest they forward their tax-deductible contribution to The Fatima Crusader.

Thank you for listening to Our Lady's Message and for helping make known Her message any way that you can. May God bless you and may Our Heavenly Mother draw you even closer to Her Divine Son, Jesus.

Yours sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. Remember not only do most people, even most Catholics not know the full message of Fatima, most people have hardly heard about Fatima recently. This shows just how successful the devil and the Communists have succeeded in silencing this Most Powerful and Urgent Message. It is only by Obedience to this message very soon that we shall avoid Cruel Communist enslavement and Nuclear Annihilation.

Yet, if the people do not know of it, or are not reminded, how are they going to comply. How will they know and obey unless someone tells them. We, unworthy though we are of receiving such a grace, are in fact the only wide-circulation magazine of Fatima getting the full message out to the people.

Without the help of people like you — we shall not be able to continue. See to it that Our Lady of Fatima is not silenced by the omission of your prayer, of your contribution. Remember, Holy Scripture tells us it is important to give alms. Our Lady of Fatima needs alms now. Please send it to us for The Fatima Crusader.

P.P.S. Please send $20, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford. 
Pray for the spiritual success of this issue of The Fatima Crusader and that we can pay all our bills soon. I shall remember you at my daily Holy Mass. Please use the handy contribution form and the return postage-free envelope in this magazine. Our Lady is awaiting your reply today.

For any contribution over $10.00 we will be glad to send you one of the many Saint Alphonsus books free.